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Old Soul

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Love can happen at any time. Devilyn and Alexi are anything but a perfect match. Nevertheless, Old Soul is a story about how two people from different times and worlds come together. Devilyn Makintire is the world’s most notorious, handsome, rich bachelor and not to mention an Emperor. With the world at his fingertips, he can have anything he wants. Everything he wants is easy, until one day he meets Alexi. She is so beautiful and sexy that he cannot wait to take a chance with her. So, he spends the night with her. One time should be enough, right? But Devilyn cannot seem to get enough of Alexi and in return, she wants nothing more than to be with the intimidating, mysterious man no one really knows. Devilyn and Alexi’s story is anything but simple. While juggling his job, his friends, and his unusual lifestyle, Devilyn has to now worry about his new romantic interest. First Alexi was just a conquest, then a distraction, but now…she is a luxury. She is an indulgence he has never had before, a woman who does not pry or push herself into his life, which should be a blessing with the deep, dark secret he carries around inside him. After a journey full of disapproving eyes, crazy exes, secrets unleashed, and enough passionate affairs to last a lifetime, will Devilyn and Alexi’s purely sexual relationship grow into something more?

Romance / Erotica
T. C. Gates
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Let me begin with three words that describe me, after all I have been the leader of the world for fifty years today, and should share a little something about myself to all of you. First and most importantly, I am powerful. I control the whole world, from America to China, and from Sweden to Australia. All countries are under one power, my power. I keep all of us in one, peaceful nation. Nobody questions me; nobody questions my power. Secondly, I am brilliant. I keep everyone at ease, foreboding all wars, violence, and poverty, and I do not rule with an iron fist. I control our world pretty loosely, and yet there is no threat of corruption to our world. It is my mind that does it; it’s my brain that knows all the tricks. Lastly, I am old; so very, very old. My body looks twenty-seven, but according to my birth certificate, I am seventy-six.

Has it only been fifty years? It feels more like I have lived two hundred years, even though I can remember my days before being frozen clearly. That special water I drank half a century ago has frozen everything; my age, my body, and my mind. And what a journey it has been watching the world and time pass me by like being trapped in a perfect little snow globe. This is the life I am living, and I will continue to live it until time itself stands still or someone figures out a way to kill an immortal. Whichever comes first.

I stop typing and look over my last few sentences. Shaking my head, I hold down the backspace key, erasing the little that I have of my first attempt at my anniversary address. I delete it all and close the window, opening another document to work on. I suppose I am not ready for that speech yet. Then the curtain that divides most of my private jet from the small area where my staff sits moves, revealing Liam Quaker, my head of security. He looks down at my open laptop and half-empty glass of a mimosa. “Still working on that embargo?” He asks.

I nod, picking up where I left off with the document. Ukraine and Serbia have had an unreasonable number of trade disputes in the last six months. I am flying back from a meeting with the two countries, but even though things seem to be moving forward, I do need to punish them. Other countries have to see this and know it’s not acceptable. Their discrepancies have disordered the world’s economy quite a few times lately. So I am enforcing an embargo on both the countries until further notice. “I am now, I was trying to write that speech.”

Liam waves it off. “Ah, you have plenty of time for that. It’s not for another few months.”

It’s in June on the fiftieth anniversary of the Makintire Empire. It might be five months away, but I know it will come fast. I do not respond, just keep typing away, so Liam clears his throat. “We will be landing in Paris in about ten minutes, Emp. Makintire.”

“Good to hear.”

Now my secretary, Jill Jarvis squeezes through the curtain to pass her phone to me. “Sir, it’s one of the Thailand advisors. He wishes to speak with you if you are available.”

I do not pause. “Put them on speaker and leave us to it.” She sets the phone on the table and the two staff members disappear. I greet the advisor in his native language, but switch back to English since he is calling me. “What is it, advisor?” Even though countries are not independent anymore, I cannot run every single one all the time so I appoint advisors to run each one, multiple depending on the size of the country.

“Um...I’m actually surprised you’re in the office tonight, Emp. Makintire.” He opens.

I decide against pointing out that I am not in my office. “The world doesn’t take a holiday.” Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and last I checked, it’s around ten-thirty. My friends all went to New York this year to see Time Square and I was invited, but turned it down. I had the trade disputes and other issues to deal with and it’s not like I haven’t seen Time Square on New Year’s Eve before. That bucket list was finished decades ago.

The advisor moves on. “I was just wondering how the merger is going.” Of course that’s what this is about. I get at least a dozen calls a week from the Asian advisors about this issue.

Myanmar and Laos want to merge like so many other countries have done or attempted to complete in the last fifty years. They don’t always work, and I personally have only forced one merger because it made sense but I do not prevent countries from doing it. “Slow and steady as all mergers tend to move. It won’t happen overnight, these things take time.” Some of the other countries are unhappy about this merger because the new country will be bigger and have more resources until my department sorts it out and makes them equal like every other country. They’ll be a little wealthier for a year or two until we catch up.

He sighs on the other line. “I didn’t know if you were stepping in.”

“No reason for me to step into something mutually agreed upon by both sides. I know Thailand doesn’t want this merger, but unfortunately it is out of my hands.” It isn’t; I could step in at any time, but I could care less if Myanmar and Laos are separate or apart.

The advisor pauses again. “I know, could you just let us know over here if things change? Like if it looks like the merger’s gonna go the other way?”

I roll my eyes at his request and down the rest of my drink. “Of course, but I’m sure, as always, the press will know before I do.”

“Thank you, Emp. Makintire. Have a good night, and have a Happy New Year!”

I nod and grab the phone. “You as well, advisor.” I end the call and finish up the embargo.

As the jet lands, I look out the window and notice the familiar skyline of Paris immediately. The airport is actually quite far from the city, but I purchased a private airstrip near downtown when I moved here almost seven years ago. Out of all the cities I have lived in since I became the Emperor, it has been my favorite. Paris has something special I never saw in Cairo, Moscow, Delphi, London, New York, or Berlin. It’s classy and has all the hustle and bustle of a city but is quieter than New York, London, and the others. Growing up in the countryside of my home country, Scotland, I could never leave the city. That’s for sure.

Carter and Jackson, two of my security detail, collect my things as I walk down the stairs to the limo waiting below. Security starts driving me towards my home into the heart of downtown Paris, but I pick up the phone to reach them in front. “Actually, stop at Hotel Du Louvre before you drop me off.” Instantly the limo turns, heading south towards my request.

The bar at Hotel Du Louvre is one of my favorite ones. It’s usually quiet and private with not too many tourists, just locals and hotel goers. Even tonight on New Year’s it’s not that crowded. There are maybe half a dozen people in the room, four at a table in the corner and a couple at the other end of the bar. I sit at one end alone and the bartender recognizes me immediately. “Emp. Makintire, what can I get for you, sir?”

I take a seat on the stool, removing my black wool coat to reveal my black three-piece suit, white shirt, and red tie underneath and lie it on the bar next to me. “Just a bourbon for now.” He pours my drink and sets it on a napkin. “Thanks.” When I lift the drink to my lips and do not say anymore, he leaves to tend to his other customers.

I pull out my phone since I have not looked at the thing since I left Ukraine. I have already received multiple texts and pictures from my friends in New York who appear to be having a good time. My email inbox, as usual, is overflowing with messages from it seems every single person in the world who needs me for something. I could filter through them, answer some while I am sitting here and start the work that will be awaiting me tomorrow. Instead, I switch the thing off and leave it face down on the bar, deciding to call it a night for work. Funny, as an immortal you would think I have nothing but time. Unfortunately I have the one job in the world that requires almost every second of my time. Maybe I should take a vacation, it’s been a while.

I down the rest of my drink and set it on the bar. When I look up to find the bartender for a refill, I see her. A young woman enters the bar from the lobby, walking right towards me. She is easily one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She is not the type of girl you see every day, the type men and women stare at when she walks by them. She is young, probably in her early twenties. Her long, light blonde hair runs down to her shoulder blades, falling in waves on her shoulders and chest. Her small, round nose sits atop a pair of full, plump pink lips. Her flawless skin is golden and smooth. Then, there are her eyes. Even from here, as we make eye contact for a brief second, I can see their unique color. A pair of sapphire blue eyes stare back at me as her steps falter, realizing who I am. I look away, but only for a second. I can’t help it. When I look back, she is removing her long green winter coat and giving it to a waiter for hanging.

If I thought her looks were killer, she has a body to die for. She is probably showing too much skin for the chilly Paris weather at the moment, but you will not hear me complaining. The woman is wearing a no sleeve white blouse, leather black skirt, and black sandal heels. The outfit reveals her nice size breasts, curvy hips with a matching ass, and legs that go on forever. Fuck me. Please. She is absolutely stunning, and I can’t stop staring. Neither can the bartender or few other guys in the room. She meets my gaze again and takes a tentative step towards my half of the bar. I watch her take a seat exactly one seat down from me. The bartender is on her in seconds. “What can I get you, Miss?”

“Screwdriver, please.” Her voice is just as flawless as the rest of her. Not too high and the perfect amount of throaty, making her sound sexy.

The bartender grins. “Coming right up.” I try to look anywhere but at her as he makes her drink. I was not planning on picking up any women tonight, but can I pass this up? Besides, I basically just decided I am free the rest of the night. I should not let my night off go to waste. The bartender sets her orange drink on the counter. The woman leans forward, wrapping her lips around the straw and taking a sip and I linger on the image longer than I should. Why do I find that sexy? “Another, Emp. Makintire?” The bartender breaks my thoughts.

I tear myself away from the woman and nod towards him. “Yes.”

He pours me another bourbon. “Tell me, what’s the Emperor doing in a small, random bar in Paris on New Year’s Eve?” He questions curiously.

I watch the dark liquid fill the tumbler, thinking over my past New Year’s Eves. This is definitely not the most interesting one I have had, but it’s not the lamest. Sometimes I have worked straight through the holiday season. I tap my fingers on the counter. “Working, not everyone gets the day off.”

He shrugs, putting the bottle back under the bar. “You’re the Emperor. Just take it.”

I raise the glass to my lips. “Just more to do tomorrow then...” He leaves for the other side of the bar when I take a long sip.

“You too?” The woman says to me as I swallow.

I meet her deep blue gaze and set my glass down. “Excuse me?”

She smiles shyly at me, touching her glass. “I had to work today, too. All my friends are out partying right now, but I’ve been working all day. And since I’m the only one with a job, they gave me a lot of shit about it.”

Turning my body slightly towards hers, I return her smile with my practiced, dashing one I always use on women. “And yet instead of joining them, you came here.”

She shrugs, her slender shoulders moving under her thin blouse. “Yeah, I guess I didn’t really feel like partying tonight.”

“I know the feeling. My friends are all in New York at the moment, and even though I worked, I do not really envy them.”

She sips her drink and hums. “I’ve always wanted to see New York.”

I nod, missing the city since I have not visited there recently. “Yes, it’s a great city. Good food, a lot to do, you can’t go wrong.”

I look up at her and she is staring at me, looking stunned or mesmerized by me. I pretend not to notice, but that is hard to do when all I want is to stare at her. She catches herself and shakes her head. “Sorry, I don’t mean to stare you just look...much younger in person, Emp. Makintire.”

My title kills the mood, so I move to get rid of that. “That is what people tell me, and please. Call me Devilyn. And you are?” I work that in, dying to know her name.

She blushes and seems flustered. I make her nervous. Good, I can use that to my advantage. “Uh, Alexi.” Alexi, a pretty name.

I turn to completely face her with my elbow on the bar. “So,” I polish off the remaining bourbon in my glass, “Alexi, you are not hanging out with your friends tonight. No boyfriend to spend the holiday with?” I hate small talk even though I am good at it. She seems interested, but hesitant because of who I am. Not an uncommon response I get. When it comes to women, they either throw themselves at me or shy away from the challenge. She seems to be in the middle, but I think seducing her will not be a problem.

Alexi seems taken off guard at my pass, and her blush deepens. She takes a long drink before replying. “I...uh...no. I actually just broke it off with my boyfriend about a month ago.” My mood dampens at the threat of her fresh broken feelings preventing any action tonight, but she does not seem too upset about it.

I press my luck. “Huh, his loss.” I offer her a crooked smile and she smiles back.

“Yeah, well, Will and I...it was doomed from the start, I knew that. We had zero chemistry, and even though he was great at the emotional part of our relationship, the physical part...not so much.” Translation: he was awful in bed. My smile widens. So she will be looking forward to good sex...that will not be a problem.

I run my finger along the top of my tumbler. “I too also just got out of a relationship a few weeks ago. My friends all told me to wait until after the holidays to end it, but I decided I would rather spend the holidays alone than put up with Dominique any longer.”

“Will asked me to stay with him until after New Year’s, but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to pretend, you know? It just seemed...pointless.” Alexi finishes off her drink, licking her pink lips and it arouses me. I want to kiss that mouth and her to lick me like that.

“Yes, I figured I would meet someone else before the holidays. I guess I was wrong, but it seems I am not entirely too late.”

She catches on to what I am implying and blushes again, the pink on her golden cheeks looking lovely on her. Oh, the things I want to do to her. An image of us hits me like a freight train; us naked in bed together, me pumping roughly into that small, soft body of hers as she moans my name in her throaty voice with her beautiful legs wrapped around me... I am instantly, painfully hard, and I shift in my seat, trying to get comfortable. Fuck, I want her. Badly.

The bartender returns at just the right time. “Another, sir?”

“Yes, and another drink for the lady.”She smiles as he gives us our drinks, still blushing and thinking of a response.

I sip as she grabs her screwdriver. “So...no plans after this? Just stopped for a drink after work?”

I smile as I walk through the door she just opened. “That was my intention, but the night is still young. Now I have other ideas.”

“And those other ideas include..?” She wants me to come out and say it. No beating around the bush, no messing around with this girl.

Fine, I can play that way. My grin widens. “Are you staying in this hotel?” I assume she is a local since she just got off work.

Alexi shakes her head, sipping her drink. “No.”

“Would you like to?”

Her blue eyes widen and her breath hitches at my invitation. Her small fingers start to nervously play with a strand of blonde hair, the hair I want to bury my hands in as I kiss her senseless. “I...yes.” She breathes, her expression filling with hunger and her tongue running across her lips.

Snatching my glass off the bar, I down the rest of the bourbon and welcome the burn in the bottom of my stomach. “I will be right back.”

I head to the lobby, dropping off my coat and getting a room upstairs. No charge, of course, since I am the Emperor. I pass a mirror and catch sight of my reflection. I smooth my dark brown hair, making sure my short ponytail is in place. My dark gray eyes are on fire with lust. I look like I am about to take a bite of someone, and I am.

When I return to the bar, Alexi’s glass is empty and she is playing with the zipper of her purse. I come up behind her and touch her elbow. She turns into me; we are so close all I would have to do is lean in to kiss her. I want to, but I will wait until we get upstairs. “Ready, Alexi?”

She stands up, brushing her soft body against mine. “Yes, Devilyn.”

I smile and place my hand at the small of her back. “Right this way.” I lead her to the elevator, and as we wait, I try to adjust myself. There is no sense in hiding my arousal since we are going upstairs to have sex, and I can tell by Alexi’s blushing and slight squirming her desire is stirred as well. I can tell how it’s going to be between us. We have barely touched each other, and we are already on fire. We are going to tear each other apart, and I cannot wait. I have not been with anyone since Dominique, and even then the sex was not amazing. Obviously, since I dumped her crazy ass, willingly giving up physical access to a Parisian model’s body.

As we step onto the elevator, Alexi reads my mind and says “It’s been a long time since I’ve had good sex.” Suddenly, I feel it. There is some kind of feeling between us, like electricity in the air. My erection gets even harder and it suddenly seems too warm in the elevator, and I am overcome with the need to touch her. I loosen my tie.

She is standing in the middle of the compartment while I am against the back wall, leaning against the railing with both my hands resting on it. My hands fist the railing to keep from attacking her. “With a body like yours? That’s a damn shame.” I mutter.

I can see in her eyes that she feels it too. Alexi comes up to me, holding my gaze until both our chests are just not touching. Her eyes switch to my mouth and she licks her lips; I know what she is thinking about right now. I see the kiss coming, and I do not dare fight it. In heels, she comes up to my shoulder, so Alexi leans up on her tiptoes. I meet her halfway, leaning down and catching her mouth with mine. The second our lips meet, it’s like a bomb goes off or some barrier between us shatters. We are suddenly all lips and hands, my mouth crushing hers and my hands on her ass, forcing her body against mine. She tastes amazing, and is kissing me like her life depends on it. It’s so fucking hot. My lips grip hers, and when her tongue greedily touches mine, I groan into her open mouth.

The doors open to our floor and we both break apart at the same time, gasping for air. Her hand goes to her heart while I rest both of mine on my knees. “Holy shit.” She breathes heavily.

I inhale and hold out my hand. “Come on.”

We get to our room in a rush, and I fumble with the keycard. I have never been more turned on in my life, and my excitement to get her clothes off almost exceeds my need for it. Almost. I get the door open, and before I can even shut it Alexi has her hands all over me. Her hands are in my hair and her tongue is in my mouth and our teeth clash in our ferocity. Shrugging off my jacket and vest, I suck on her tongue. Her hands undo my tie and start unbuttoning my shirt, and Alexi is moaning into my mouth nonstop. I push her blouse up and we break the kiss for a second so I can whip it over her head, exposing her white lace bra. “Oh, fuck. I would say slow this down, but I want you so much.” I breathe through her kisses.

She moans. “I want you inside me. I’m so wet.” Her hands shove my shirt off my shoulders, revealing my bare muscular chest. Alexi stares at my chest in admiration and pure female longing. She probably assumed my job keeps me too busy to workout. It does, but immortality has its perks.

While she is busy gawking, I find the zipper on her leather skirt and undo it, letting the fabric fall down her legs. Alexi stands in white lace launderette and black fuck-me heels. Yeah, really glad I did not pass this up. My mouth finds hers again, my lips tugging and sucking on her bottom one mercilessly. I walk us backwards towards the bed. When her legs hit the bed and she falls backwards onto it, I slip off her heels and toe off my oxfords and socks. Alexi moves up the bed, and I follow, prowling up her body, kissing her smooth skin as I go. My hands zero in on her bra clasp and throw it to the floor as soon as I have it off. Her breasts are fucking gorgeous. Golden and smooth like the rest of her body with little, pink nipples already hard from her arousal. My mouth latches onto her left breast and my hand goes to the other. Alexi cries out in pleasure. I roll her nipple between my fingers as my mouth takes care of the other one, my teeth scraping and my tongue sucking. My mouth starts making sucking noises as my hand pinches her nipple. Her hands are in my hair, tearing and holding my face against her chest. I switch breasts, giving the right one the same treatment until Alexi begs me to stop or she will come.

Oh, I would love to make her come simply by playing with her breasts, but not at first. My erection is straining painfully against the front of my pants. I will not last long inside her, but I do not care. I just need to feel her gripping me, squeezing me. I sit up and Alexi’s hands go to my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping to reveal my gray boxer briefs. The tip of my cock is peeking up against the waistband. “Oh, god.” Alexi moans.

I move over and slide her panties down her legs. As I settle in between her thighs, I run my hand through her sex to find it scorching hot and soaking wet. “Fuck, Alexi, you’re so wet.” I curse.

“For you, I need you. Now. Please, Devilyn.” I like the sound of my name on her lips, especially when she is begging for my cock. I shove my pants and briefs off, wanting to be completely naked with her, skin to skin.

I line my erection up with her entrance, and slam all the way into her in one thrust. Alexi cries out, my thick cock too big for her small slit. She fits me like a glove; a really tight glove. I groan and rest my hands on either side of her head, taking a second to absorb the most sensual feeling I have ever felt. “God, you are so fucking tight!”

Her hands grasp my back, running up and down the bare skin. “Keep going.” I pull out and thrust inside her once again, but this time I do not stop. I pump into her at a fast, hard pace, shoving every thick inch of my cock along her sex. I screw my hips against hers, and Alexi bucks her hips back in sync with my deep thrusts. Leaning down, I kiss her, forcing my tongue inside her. Her tongue meets mine eagerly, tasting and touching with equal fervor. Alexi’s nails rake my back, causing a mix of pain and pleasure that makes me groan. Wrapping her legs around my pumping hips, I pick up the pace, needing her to come more than my next breath. She grips me closer so her nipples rub against my bare chest. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Like I could even imagine stopping this.

I keep going, thrusting in and out of her soft sexy little body. A layer of sweat breaks out onto my forehead and chest, my muscles straining under the moisture. Alexi looks so hot, her breasts bouncing from my thrusts, her mouth parted as her sexy moans fill the room, and her sapphire eyes are so striking. I feel her sex contracting, gripping me like a fist. “Come for me, Alexi.” I grunt on a deep plunge of my hips. Her eyes glaze over as her orgasm hits her and her whole body tenses under mine. “Devilyn!” She yells my name, her beautiful body writhing in pleasure as she falls apart.

I pump into her once, twice, and three times, then I lose it. A long, pained groan leaves my mouth and I am coming inside her. I rub out my climax and then fall on top of her, my face buried in her neck. We both struggle to catch our breaths and I am...reeling. That was by far the best sex I have ever had, and I have never come so hard in my life.

After a few minutes, I think we have recovered and I sit up. Then I realize I am still inside her, and hard as a rock as if I had not just come enough for a whole night. Alexi’s blue eyes widen, staring up at me. “You can go again? After that?”

I grin, more than pleased I get to have another round with her. “I guess so. Like I said, we have all night.” I thrust inside her and devour her mouth, picking up where we left off.

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