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I needed to have my burning desire fulfilled because I longed for my love. I am Valencia and I have come for sweet revenge......... There is nothing like first love but then there is nothing like true love also. A love that stands there for you even in the worst times, that is what love is. I only understood it afterward when I was left alone. Love has what held me tight but when it was taken away from me brutally by everyone who loved me I was initially lost. But then he came, he was there standing beside me, with me. All I had was him and the life I took on. However when the time came to face him and his love I ran away to destroy others. I didn't care who they were to me, what they once meant to me. I just had one thing on my mind and that was to burn them with my hatred and will of revenge. But the path isn't easy, not when there are too many emotions involved and there stands a burning desire inside of you for the man who made you see what love is. Valencia had her life turned into a hard one in just months. The ties were broken and love just vanished even from those who she had grown up looking up to. However, she came back just to break them. hurt them like they did by being influenced. But would she be able to do it? Would she go against their wishes and do the unwanted

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“How dare you slap her Valencia? When all she has been nothing but more than calm and forgiving. How could you? ” Alexandro ’s voice laced with anger while his blue eyes burning with nothing but fury. A tear trailed down my cheek with his harshness.

I remembered that day, his face filled with anger and fury I pressed my foot on the accelerator a little extra on the convertible Bentley of mine. The wind swayed my fiery red hair pushing them back as I gained speed. The pricey sunglasses of mine shielding me from the bright rays of the sun. It was thriving to drive with its roof down. Swiftly changing the gear I drifted the car on these steep mountain roads.

“You are choosing her over me,” I asked while shouting at the top of my lungs.
“Yes, I am because she is much more to me than you ever can be. You know she is the one who is pushing me to be with you when you have nothing but mean to her.” Alexandro sneered at me while favouring her, my enemy. I could see a hideous grin masking the face of the woman standing beside my love, Alexandro.

He chose her over me. He never had loved me enough to see past that woman’s vicious game. He discarded me as one of his torn shirts. He had never loved me the way I did. I would have happily killed myself to prove my love but I was glad to know that his love was nothing but a waste at the right time.

“Claire is good for you Alexandro. I know you love Valencia but you can see her true colours now. She has degraded your love to what? Nothing and she don’t even care for Claire. Valencia is nothing but a stuck up bitch brother. If she would have loved you then she might have accepted your happiness anyway. She is cruel and selfish bitch brother. She is not worthy of your love and you.” Said the sickly sweet voice of my sister in law who held too much hatred for me. I saw him nodding his head with a heavy sigh while I stood there feeling heartbroken. I watched them through the creak of the door as my sister in law filled his ears with words of raw hatred for me.

Making a sharp turn I changed the gear and increased the speed of the car by more. My sister in law and her devil of a friend Claire had been the harbinger of my pain. They were the one who had destroyed my love for anyone and anyone. They made my belief in love weaken and shatter. They were truly the devils in sheep skin.

“Please move away from here Valencia. We want you to go somewhere else. somewhere far away for the time being till we tell you to be back. This will be only for your own go. So please just leave without any commotion and drama. It will be the only thing that I would ever ask you to do for us.” She said staring right at me while all the others stood beside her giving their consent in this decision. They all wanted me to leave and a single me couldn’t do anything about it. I was all alone with no one with me. I still remember that heart-wrenching pain that I felt right then and there.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you all doing this to me? Don’t you love me even a bit? What have I done to deserve this and that too from you people?” I had asked them while crying and sobbing because of that heart-wrenching pain. I still remember that reflection of mine with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“We do Valencia, We do love you but this for yours and everyone’s else happiness. You don’t deserve any of this and neither does anyone else, that is why we ask you to leave. If you care and love us then leave.” I was stabbed in my heart, betrayed and was given up on. I was left on my own to look after my broken self.

“We are sorry.” Their last words echoed in my mind.

I still remember their words like it was yesterday not three years back. I turned up the volume of the music to the top letting the voice of Lana Del Reys’ burning desire evading the silence of the mountains and calming me. It was all about everyone’s happiness but mine. I hadn’t seen any of their faces for long and neither have I tried to contact them anymore. Not after that one time when I was shunned out like a trash. They never even tried to know about my whereabouts, it felt like I was dead for them. It wasn’t the hurt and pain that existed anymore, it was this burning hatred inside of me that I wanted to have get rid of. I wanted to see them all in pain and most of all him because he betrayed me and my love by not only trusting me but ripping me away from his life. He didn’t believe me and left me behind in pain.

" Alexandro please listen to me, Just please for once hear me out this once. I beg for you not hang up. Please listen what I have to say it’s goddamn important.” I pleaded while clinging to the phone for my dear life.

“I can’t Valencia, Not now and I don’t think I could ever in the unseen future. I can’t even bear to hear you voice, it disgusts me. Just leave me the hell alone!!” He yelled demanding me to give up on him while hot tears trailed down my cheeks. He gave up on me, his words stung like needles in my heart.

The cool breeze over my cheeks calmed down the anger that grew inside of me.

Every Saturday night I seem to come alive for you, baby
Santa Monica, I’m racing in the lights for you, baby
I drive fast, radio blares, have to touch myself to pretend you’re there
Your hands were on my hips, your name is on my lips
Over over again, like my only prayer

I’ve got a burning desire for you, baby
I’ve got a burning desire, come on tell me boy
I’ve got a burning desire for you, baby
I’ve got a burning desire, come on tell me boy

I drive fast, wind in my hair, push it to the limits ’cause I just don’t care
I’ve got a burning desire for you, baby

A smile crept on my face as the words of the song reached my ears. I loved this song because it was the one that played when I found him, that one true love. Our last time together was ingrained in my soul. Tumbled in sheets, tangled in each other, the passionate steamy kisses and the never ending love. Together we were content, we were each other’s and we owned and possessed each other in every way. His last words to me made my heart rate spike with anticipation, he had opened a new world for me and opened a new passage for me. It saddened me that I didn’t give him anything in return besides a promise that is written on a small note.

“I love you Valencia,” He spoke huskily with his Russian accent making me grew weak. His one hand at the nape of my neck, his grey eyes piercing my soul, his breath fanning my cheeks and his other hand trailing down to my core.

“I fucking love you Valencia, more than anything in this world. BE mine and I will give you everything you ver desired. I would fucking kiss and worship the ground you walk on.” His male hardness had me burning with uncontrollable desire. His words, his touch, his aura nd his love made me lose myself, clouded my mind, I lost all my judgement and consciousness when he was this close. Fuck that his mere presence had me lost in a world where only he existed. His face chiselled to perfection with a cut just above his right brow giving him that mystical, suspenseful and dangerous aura that had me on my knees. His firm jaw and straight face with those dark brown locks screamed of masculinity. That sharp nose and his kissable plump lips on his pale skin made him the most handsome man in the world in my eyes.

“You are all I want ever. I will be your king and you will be the queen who would rule over me, my love. I have placed heart under your feet now it’s for you to decide what to do with it.” His words had me high. He was my drug and I was his addict.

He loved me more than anyone ever could. He gave me all, everything his mind, his soul and even his fucking desirable body. I had his heart but I was yet not ready to give away mine to him. I longed to be his, to give myself purely to him like he did. The only thing that stood in between that was the hatred and revenge that burned in my heart. I wanted to give him my heart filled only with love, not with the burden and burning revenge that I had harboured for so long.

Shifting the gear to the top, I accelerated the car speed to the maximum. The speed didn’t faze me but where it was leading me did. I had learned to drive from the best and by the best, he had taught me that, the man who owned me by all means but my heart. I was going back to put and end this to all and nothing is better than the old sweet revenge, that burned inside of me. I had burning desire to destroy them, to hurt them like I did and to have them burn in the agony of the pain like I did. I no more belonged with them but I was their fucking nightmare that they themselves made. I needed to have my burning desire fulfilled because I longed for my love.

I am Valencia and I have come for sweet revenge.........


Hey to all those who have read this.

I would surely love to know your input and views on it.

It is a new story, new idea. It is filled with steamy romance.

Where exist love there comes jealousy and when jealousy exists possessiveness follows.

A blend of all hatred, betrayal, love, burn and revenge and steamy romance.

Welcome to the world of Valencia.........

There exist no boundaries for revenge.

Stay tuned for more of her burning desire......

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