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Unchained Torture to Bliss

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Chapter 2


I hear people talking all around me, men and women, but I don’t want to open my eyes.
My hands are beside me and I feel warm.

Searching through my memories I remember the last things that happened just before Everything went black. But I don’t feel sore...I’m trying to decipher the voices I can hear. Shit, what if these people are worse than my father.

I remember pain.... but can’t feel any at the moment. I decide to just stay asleep, At least I’m not being touched. God, I hope they don’t touch me.

I start to tune into what they are saying around me. I hear a man talking,
“She was there naked and tied up, I wasn’t leaving her there, she looks 10-12..... they were using her as their sick plaything.”

The other voice is a female
“Jesus Cobra, what are you going to do with her. She can’t stay here, the club is the place they will look.”

“I know, I’ve got some ideas. I’m leaving in 5 days to go to the W.A charter.”

What...Western Australia I have no money, what... how am I going to survive, my plans... gone... I can’t go to W.A OMG, how am I going to get out of this.

“Look, I think she’s waking up.!” Shit.... Don’t look at me... then I feel someone rubbing my arm gently, which is so foreign to me.

“Honey, you’re safe, open your eyes little bird.”

I shift a bit, then moan. There’s that pain that I couldn’t feel before.
When I finally get my eyes in focus, I freak out at the huge man standing beside the bed. I try to pull my body into a ball, I push myself up against the wall so tight I think I’m going to go through it.

He gets down to my level very gently and slowly, as if he’s approaching a caged lion, then starts to talk to me gently,

“Little Bird we won’t hurt you, we’ve just saved you!
Where are you hurting? You are pretty banged up sweetheart.”

I can’t talk, my mouth won’t work. I don’t know... what ..hurt. In a daze, I just nod my head hoping he understands and stays true to his word about not hurting me.
The lady next to him tells him,
“You go get the Doc, I’ll stay here and make her feel safe.”
As he’s walking out he looks back at me with... I’m not sure what’s in his eyes, I’ve not seen it before.
As the door closes I hear big noises and I jump with every sound... The lady comes and sits close to me and tries to pull me into her... I resist her at first, but something inside me ends up folding, I relax into her body. Before I know it, I’m crying so hard. I faintly hear her say,
“He just hit the wall honey, it’s not you ... it’s the men that had you”
I’m not sure when I started or when I stopped, can this be real, am I saved... is Frazer, my father dead?... god, I hope he’s dead, I don’t care if that’s wrong. I start to calm down after, what feels like forever, with the lady shushing me gently and patting my hair on my head down, it feels nice, really nice. Then she pulls back slightly and gives me some tablets.
I begin to panic when I see them but then she soothes me
“Little Bird, these are only for the pain. Doc and Cobra put them in here for you, when you were crying honey, I’m not going anywhere. Cobra put me in here to stay till you’re ok.”
I take a deep breath and nod, still looking at the tablets. I’m not sure about them but I take them. Then she introduces herself
" My name is Savie, short for Savanna. Honey, we are a Motorcycle club, Cobra is V.P at one of our other charters, he won’t let anything happen to you. He has a kid, so he will protect you, trust us, honey.”
She’s rubbing my head gently still to soothe me and it seems to work. I just nod and before I know it, I’m falling asleep again.....

The next time I wake up, Cobra is back in the room and Savie’s lying down with me, cuddling me with my head on her chest, she’s talking to Cobra
“She should come good today. I’ll get her up, start to walk around the place, then you can tell her about your plan.”

“Savie, I’ll be telling her as soon as she wakes up this time, you can’t keep her, you said so yourself, but I’ll make sure you can keep in touch.”
I feel movement above me like Savie is nodding or something. I open my eyes slowly, seeing Cobra first, he smiles at me which is strangely comforting.
“Morning Little Bird, how you feeling, any better?”

I just nod again then look at Savie for reassurance, she smiles at me then sits up pulling me into her arms more,
“Honey Cobra has something to tell you, don’t worry ok, it’s for the best... I promise.”
I look at Cobra and he starts to tell me his plans,
“In a couple of days, I’m going to Western Australia Esperance, my mum lives there and she can’t wait to meet you. My son lives there as well, but he’s moving to Manjimup where I’m V.P to our Club... how you feel about that.”
I take in everything he says I’m not sure how I feel... will I be safe? I try for the first time to talk but it comes out as a whisper,

“F-Frazer... where is he.”

Cobra answers straight away,

“No one knows at the moment, but you’re safe and he doesn’t know me or who I am so he’ll never guess W.A, or I’d find somewhere else for you,
Besides my mum is good with a shotgun so you are safe with her.”
he says with a wink. I nod, but I don’t want to leave the safety of Savies arms. She squeezes me slightly and I hold onto her tighter. Then she asks me,
“you hungry? ... let me up and I’ll get you some food”

I’m not. But I nod. When she gets out of bed I regret saying yes... I feel lost without her next to me, the safety is gone,
" I won’t be long Little Bird”
I watch her close the door behind her.

Cobra stands and comes and sits on the bed next to me, I shift back not meaning to. He reaches out and rubs my right foot, I don’t know why I don’t feel scared for my life, he is huge like two maybe 3 of me, and wide too, but he’s gentle.

He takes a deep breath, then begins
“Little Bird, everything is going to be ok I promise you. I need you to tell me who was at the party, so I can keep them away from you.”

Like I’d know.... but I don’t want to say that to him... he’s big. Gathering all my courage I clear my throat “um I, I’m not sure... I know my father was there an....”

“What!! Your dad was there and what watches?.”

I jump out of my skin scurrying to find somewhere safe... nothing... god why did I upset him?
“I, I’m so sorry, please don’t ask me that I, I c-can’t!.”

he stands up and starts pacing wearing out the carpet then looks at me.
“Sweetheart it’s not you I’m mad at, it’s everyone else in that room letting you in that situation..... and now your dad...”

“H-He told me I was born for that!”
I said in a whisper, I didn’t think he would hear me.

“Well, you weren’t... Jesus, you’re a kid... ok names... do you know any?.”
Shaking my head looking down at my fingernails
“I don’t remember... except one before I blacked out.... h-he’s always been mean to me”
Cobra stays quiet so I keep going.
“Freddie , he tells me and my father that I’m his...”

“Like fuc... NO, you’re not his honey! is that all you can remember.... anything will help.”
Shaking my head I say
" n-no I was knocked out ....and didn’t w-wake up till the end, the- then passed out again.”

I wasn’t sure what else to say, I started twisting the blankets in my hands cause I didn’t know what else to do.
Then there was a big explosion from somewhere close Cobra looked in my direction saying,
“Stay put, me or Savie will come for you, ok, don’t go with anyone else.”
As he opens the door another man comes barreling in, he’s younger than Cobra
“Cobra! Prez has been hit bad, we gotta get him to a hospital, Savies with him......the threat has gone... I don’t think they thought we were all here.”

Cobra starts to run out the door then looks at me
“This is Krip, don’t leave his side I’ll be back.”
And he was gone.
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