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Alex comes to the U.S. from London in search of her best friend, Samuel. She and Samuel have been through a lot together and both have PTSD from some traumatic events that took place in Stockholm. During the first day of her new school she meets two other girls, and becomes friends with them. Later on she finds out that her Samuel has changed his name and gained a new reputation... from the nice guy Samuel to the bad boy, Cody... Everything is perfect until both of their worst fear from across the world finds them

Chapter 1

Hey, I am Alexandrine Conner but I go by Alex. I have bright orange hair and I could win any guy I wanted (just kidding), but I am a 16-year-old British model who has a very strong accent that ups my game of messing with guys if I wish. For some reason, people tend to have a thing for accents (myself included). But I do have a very traumatic past.

Now I know 16 is not a reasonable age for a model, but honestly, I am one of the best out there; hahaha not really, but I like to think I could be.

I’m broken because of my past. And so is my best friend, Sammy. Well, I think we’re still best friends, I haven’t really talked to him for a year after the incident.

Now I’m going to the United States to find him. He’s too broken to be alone. I have to find him before he does something stupid again.

I’m currently on a plane on my way to Utah to find my broken half. It turns out that because of the incident he changed his name; Cody Keys.

BUT anywho enough about me. . . Just kidding, you wanted me to tell you my story so here you go.

I’ll just skip all the boring parts of my life and skip to the semi-interesting part:

Now that I’m back from halfway across the world, it’s the first day of school.....Yippee, I say sarcastically. It’s my first day and I meet two people. Spirit Perkins and Rae Delores. They are both quite weird, but isn’t everyone in their own ways?... I learn that Rae has this huge crush on my Sammy, whom she knows as Cody Keys.

I don’t really remember how exactly I met Spirit, she is the one who introduced me to Rae. They are the same age as me, but I am still older by like six months. So anyway, she bet me that she could win “Cody” over before I could. By the way, who gets possessive over a guy she has barely even spoken to? AND makes a bet with the new girl over the poor guy? Because this might be fun, I’m not going to tell about Sam being my best friend. . . Just yet.

Spirit is team Rea with Cody, which I can’t really blame her; I literally just met them today. I also have a suspicion that Spirit has a thing for my Sammy too. But still, I must have come into this school at an awkward time or something because again, creepy possessive chicks over here.

ANYWHO. . . I’m going to think of a way to approach Sam.

Sam is tall and has milk chocolate brown hair, is popular, and is kinda cute. He looks a bit like his brother.

I think that I’m becoming delusional. . . I haven’t felt the butterflies in my stomach since Victor Olson...

Sammy’s identical twin brother.


I told myself I would never even bother to remember Victor’s name.

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