Between the Days and Nights

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Chapter 33


I dart my eyes between the three other girls that are tied up in this gigantic room. There’s nothing visible besides the girls under their dim light bulbs. They all look miserable, and I try to sympathize, but I can’t stop wondering if there’s anyway I can escape and help them to freedom.

“Hey, what are your names, your real ones?” I ask them all in the midst of absolute silence.

They all glance at each other, and then up at the wooden door up the stairs to the first floor. There’s only a little crack of light seeping in through at the bottom of the door.

“Hailee,” the brunette furthest from me squeaks.

I turn to the other two expectantly.

“Anna,” the blonde follows.

“Daisy,” the girl with the ponytail finishes.

“I’m Tammy,” I say as I search for anything around me, anything that might be sharp enough to cut through rope. “Is this just an empty room? There’s nothing in here? Not even furniture?”

“There’s a table over there in the corner with a chair,” Daisy almost whispers as she jerks her chin toward the corner of the walls closer to Hailee. “That’s where she snorts her lines.”

It seems like a doubtful option, but I have no other choice. My ankles are tied tightly together and my hands are stuck behind my back. Luckily, they didn’t tie me to anything like they did with the other girls. I let myself fall onto my side and shift until I straighten my entire body.

“What are you doing?” Anna whispers frantically.

“I need to try,” I say and she quiets down, watching me.

I roll my body a few times, and I try to ignore the pain that hits my hands everytime I roll over my back. Stopping, I look around to see where I was and how I needed to move.

I roll a few times more and my feet touch Hailee’s. “Sorry,” I whisper to her.

“It’s okay. You’re getting close,” she helps.

I roll a few more times and feel something cushion my head. I look up to see a plush recliner chair next to a small side table. I roll onto my stomach and lift my hips up so that I can bend my knees on the ground. Leaning my head on the side of the chair, I lift my torso up until I am upright on my knees.

Getting close to the table, I see a pile of white powder and a few razor blades.


Aiming for the closest one to me, I press my chin flat on a razor blade and maneuver it onto the ground. I then turn to let myself fall again, my back toward the table. Scooting myself backward, I let my tied up hands feel for the blade. I lift it with my fingers and hold it carefully as I roll back to my original position.

I sit back up just in time as Pam opens the door and walks down the stairs, every step making a loud thump on the plain stairs.

“Hey girls! I brought food,” she offers, and then turning to me, “None for you, though. Sorry. But I can tell you that Silas has changed his mind about you.”

I ignore her words. Silas loves me.

“We’ve even agreed to meet up soon to,” she giggles shyly, “make love.”

Oh my god, what a fucking maniac.

She shoves a dry hot dog into Hailee’s mouth and waits for her to chew. Hailee looks up to me with desperate eyes.

I start to cut through the rope with the razor, hoping she won’t miss one razor from her small stack. By the time she moves onto feed Anna, I already have my hands freed from the ropes. I still have my ankles to untie, but not with Pam in the room.

She bends down and something catches my eye. Tucked in the the band of her skirt at her back is a small gun. How did she get herself a gun? Ugh rich people.

I wait until she finishes with Daisy and runs up the stairs, closing the door behind her. As the door slams, I immediately reach for my ankles to free myself. All the other girls stare at me wide eyed, waiting for their turn.

Freeing my legs from rope, I cautiously rush over to Daisy, who was the closest to me. It takes me a while to untie her because I am unfamiliar with these knots. By the time I reach Hailee on the other side of the room, I could free her within seconds.

“What do we do now?” Anna asks with a scared look on her face.

“There’s four of us. What can she do?” Daisy suggests. I shake my head.

“She’s got a gun and is extremely unstable,” I reason with them.

Suddenly, there is a loud crashing sound from upstairs. We all jolt as we look up at the basement door, expecting someone to run in and knock us all out.

“What was that?” Hailee asks, grabbing onto my arm.

“I don’t know,” I respond, and after taking one look at their helpless faces, “But I’ll go check. You guys should stay here and grab a razor blade each in case that big guy comes in, you can all attack him.”

They all nod and follow instructions as I head up the stairs, careful not to make the weak stairs creak under my weight.

There’s danger on the other side of that door, and I’m not sure I’m ready to face it.


I watch as a few cops drag in a large man. He spits into the face of one of the policeman and gets even more rough treatment.

“So they’ve got the guy who took her,” Damon reports, coming from the back desk, as he points at the large man. I feel a rush of pure hatred as I stare at him. “They’re gonna interrogate him now to figure out where Tammy is.”

“And what about Pam’s number? Has that helped at all?” I could feel myself growing desperate. I don’t want to imagine what horrible thing Pam has planned for my poor Lane.

“They’re trying to track it, but it’s hard because it seems she’s turned it off.”

Just then, I get a call from the same unfamiliar number.


I show it to Damon and he runs to the back desk to let them know. I pick up the call, “Hello.”

“Hey, baby,” she coos, and I have to hold back my urge to cringe. “Miss me?”

“Maybe,” I say, thinking of anyway I can extend this phone call long enough for them to track her.

I hear her giggle on the other end, “Are you teasing me, Mister Cravens?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re starting to come around,” she continues with her attempt at a sexy voice, “You know, all my life has ever been was about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t say that, sorry I’m feeling unwell. Maybe beating Tammy senseless will help.”

I ball my fists and punch the counter beside me. “You don’t have to do that if you have me, right?”

“And how do I know you’re not lying to get your precious little Asian bitch back? What is it? Do you have yellow fever?”

I look up at the ceiling, huffing, “What if I said I want you? I’ve changed my mind.”

“Well then I’d say,” she starts as I look up to see Damon give me a firm thumbs up, “I’ll be seeing you very soon. And this time, we can really get it on.”

“Okay then,” I say into the phone knowingly, “I’ll see you soon.”

I hang up the call and we head out.

We arrive at a perfect looking suburban house, full of furniture. The cops don’t wait to beat down the door. As soon as we get in through the kitchen back door, they catch Pam holding a gun and pointing it at them from behind the kitchen island.

“Silas?!” She yells my name. “What are you doing here?”

“I told you,” I give her a smirk, “I’ll see you soon.”

“You weren’t supposed to see me like this. This is my secret place. No one comes here. No one gets to see my friends until I let them,” she rambles on.

I see almost all the cops give each other the look. She’s nuts.

Then, she looks at me and I think she realizes it. “I’ll never have you , will I?”

She sees the answer in my eyes and she turns the gun, pointing it at the side of her head. I hear multiple cops gasp lightly as I do the same.

“Pam,” I start to soothe her, “you don’t have to do this.”

“What? You’re gonna reason with me? You think that will work?”

“I should at least try,” I steady respond as I take a step closer.

Then, I see a shadow behind her. I widen my eyes when I recognize it.

Lane stands there, scared and shaking, staring at the gun in Pam’s hand.

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