Between the Days and Nights

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Chapter 34


“I don’t want to hear it! If I’m gonna die, I’ll die with dignity,” Pam yells at group of men facing her. I take a step closer to her from behind, careful not to make any noise. I catch Damon’s eye and I slightly shake my head, lifting my index finger onto my lips.

I watch as Pam’s grip onto her gun tighten, making her hand shake quite a bit. She’s uncertain of her own actions.

A horrible part of me hopes, she pulls the trigger before anyone can stop her, but the other part of me, the stupid part, wants to stop her and help her.

“This isn’t dying with dignity, Pam,” Silas says with alarmed eyes. He knows the amount of danger I am putting myself in.

“Too late,” Pam whispers as she starts to pull the trigger. I charge toward her and twist the gun in her hand for it to aim upward. It fires at the ceiling and I feel my hands burning. She and I both let go of the gun and it falls on the floor, luckily not going off at us. Several policemen run toward her, holding her down on the surface of the kitchen island, and securing her in a pair of handcuffs, reading her rights.

I start to fall over, my knees giving out, but Silas catches me and holds me to his chest. I suddenly pull away, seeing his hurt expression. “Give me a second. Stay here.”

He gives me a puzzled look as I walk back to the basement door and pull open the door. I take slow steps down to see the girls in their original positions, posing as if they were still tied up.

“Girls, it’s me. Come on,” I say and they each get up and follow me. Their eyes dart around, searching for any clue of danger from the lunatic. “She’s taken care of. The police are here to help.”

“How did the police know to come here?” Daisy asks quietly.

“I don’t know how, but I had a friend looking for me,” I tell them as we reach the kitchen, where several cops rush over to help each girl. I return to Silas’s arms.

“I was scared shitless. You don’t know how worried we all were,” he says as he kisses the top of my head.

Damon walks over and gives me a questioning look, “Who are all these girls?”

“Pam took them and tied them up. Dressed them up like her favorite celebrities?” I scowl at the thought. She’s sick.

“What the f-” Damon curses, and I nod along.

“Well at least you’re safe now,” Silas breathes as he nuzzles against my neck.

“She said she didn’t want to add me to her collection because she didn’t like any Asian celebrities,” I pout at Silas and at the corner of my eye, I see a look of disbelief on Damon’s face.

“That rude bitch!” Silas jokes along, flamboyantly laying a flat hand on his hand in fake astonishment.

We laugh and hear Damon mutter, “You guys are so weird.”

Once again, they needed my mom to come in and sign me out of the station. It made sense, and I’m glad she came in, but I know that all I’ve been through has caused her to miss work more than she would have liked.

By the time we get home, Silas was already there at the front door. My mom parks in the front lot and I turn to her to ask if she needs to go to work. “Mom cần phải đi làm hả?”

She has worried eyes and nods at me with guilt in her expression.

I smile and nod as I rest one hand on her arm, the other gesturing at Silas.

She follows my gesture to see him kicking a rock around in front of our place. Relief washes over her face as she nods and I climb out of the car. I stand there, waiting for her to pull away and I watch as her car speeds through the tiny street and turns.

“Where’s your mom?” His eyes scan the area as I approach him.

“She’s going back to work,” I inform him as I unlock the door, “So she’s left me in your hands.”

He flashes me his adorable grin, which reaches his eyes as his sweet brown eyes sparkle under the sunset light.

“You should get some rest.” His voice is gentle, as if a voice any louder would break me. It makes me smile, knowing how much he cares.

We are currently lying side by side on my bed. Rays of red shine in through my window as the setting sun finally lays to rest for the evening. I close my eyes as he massages my wrists. They still hurt from the tough rope.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, Lane,” he whispers, probably thinking I might have dozed off.

“Why? It’s not your fault,” I respond with my eyes still closed.

“Yes, it is. I brought Pam into your life,” his voice cracks.

I open my eyes and stare at him with serious eyes. “No, you didn’t. She brought her own lunatic butt into my life.”

We become quiet for a while until he asks, “Wait, how did you get out of the rope again?”

“I cut through it with a small razor blade,” I answer casually.

“Right,” he scoffs, “because there would conveniently be a razor blade on the floor by you.”

“No,” I argue, “I had to roll across the room to get one from her crazy pile of cocaine.”

“My girlfriend,” he boasts to nobody as he pulls me closer to him, “Super-Lane.”

I giggle as he pulls me onto his chest, and I rest on my elbow, which props me up on his torso.

“I’m pretty cool, aren’t I?” I can’t help but grin at his look of awe as he gazes at me. All of my hair spills over my shoulder and the elbow I rest on.

“Not just cool,” he whispers as he leans forward to kiss my forehead. “But also cute,” he kisses my nose. “And funny,” he kisses my cheek. “And nice,” he kisses my other cheek. “And sexy.”

I don’t hesitate as I meet his lips and pull myself closer to him. We kiss until we are out of breath and I find myself too warm to be wearing my shirt. I pull it off and I see his eyes widen at my pink and white polka dot bra. His eyes shoot up at my face, as if asking for permission.

I lean back down to kiss him, pausing only to pull his shirt off. We roll over and he is on top of me, pressing his chest onto mine. I moan from the feeling of being skin to skin with him, which sends me into a euphoric state of mind. I reach down to unbutton his jeans and he halts, staring at me.

“Really? Are you sure?” There’s desire burning in his eyes, but all I can think about is my yearning to be closer to him. Closer than anyone else ever has. I want to take that number one spot and be the only person to ever journey with him to the world we’ve yet to step in. The thought of sex has always been a heavy question mark over my mind, but with him, I’ve never been more certain.

I wrap my hand around his neck and pull him down for our lips to meet again. I continue to unbutton his jeans, pulling down the zipper, and then tugging it down. He moves to my side for a second to kick off his bottoms and I use the time away from his lips to do the same. As soon as I do, I realize that we are almost completely naked with each other.

I blush as I look down at his member, which had sprung to life as he yanked his pants down. I’ve seen it before, but this time it looks… different.

Big. Really big. Oh, boy…

He leans back on top of me, and I hold my breath as he nibbles on my neck. His hands explore my body and as his fingers reach my most sensitive spot between my legs, I let out a loud moan. I tilt my body to reach over into the drawer of my nightstand. I pull out a condom and he stares at it, then at me with a puzzled look.

“Why do you have that with you?” He asks, appalled by their presence.

“Vinh saw this coming,” I admit shyly.

“Are you absolutely sure you want this,” he asks with sincere eyes. The only light in my room is now the lamp on my desk and it makes his eyes twinkle a bit. He’s so cute.

“Yes. Please.” I pull his lips onto mine again and sense him putting on the condom. I feel him reach under me to undo my bra and his lips immediately trail down to my breasts as soon as they bust free. His touch sends a million shockwaves all over my body and I surrender to every jolt I feel as he sucks on my breasts and massages my spot.

Then, I feel his hardness against my sex, and I moan at the stiffness that slowly glides inside of me. It hurts. A lot.


Oh my god.


I try not to show the discomfort in my face, but my silence tells him everything.

“I’m sorry, Lane. Does it hurt too much? Do you want me to stop?” He just looks concerned and I realize how stiff my body had gotten from the foreign penetration. I reach down to lay my fingers on his bottom cheeks. I pull him in further, biting down the pain and taking in his look of pleasure.

He pulls himself out just a little, and pushes back in, waiting for me to adjust to his size. I feel my walls ache as I take him in again and again, until finally, I start to encourage a faster speed with my fingers on his hips. His breathing becomes panting and I feel him drive himself deeper and faster into me. I whimper as he reaches one of his hands down to massage my spot.

He leans down to kiss me, but continues his hard thrusts, and underneath all the pleasure that I am feeling, I hear a loud sound coming from our hollow stomachs as he continues to plunge into me. It sounds like farts.

I stifle a giggle as he starts chuckling as well. I twist my fingers into his hair and pull his lips to mine as I roll us over, with me on top and him still inside me.

I sit with the lamp light leaving my naked shadow on the wall. I stare into his eyes with a smile on my lips as I start to sway my hips. His moan catches me off guard and I imprint it into my memory. I sway faster and faster, pleased with each moan that I hear. I whimper along with him, feeling myself come closer and closer until…

I almost scream as every bone in my body succumbs to the spasms that my muscles fail to control. My limbs shake as I feel his hands grab onto my hips. I feel him shiver from inside me and I know he’s finished just as I did.

I fall onto his chest, which rises and falls with every breath. We’re both sweaty, but it doesn’t matter, because I feel closer to him than I’ve ever been.

“I love you,” he breathes as he runs his fingers through my hair.

“I love you too,” I whisper before lifting my head to kiss his chest.

After we’ve cleaned ourselves up and put our clothes back on, we lay in bed, with my head on his chest. His arm wraps around me and his hand clasps my shoulder, keeping it warm.

“I can’t believe you got on top,” he reflects in wonder, “Where did you learn how to do that?”

“Basic instinct,” I lie blatantly.

“Oh, really,” he drawls sarcastically. I look up to see him roll his eyes. “Come on,” he urges, squeezing my shoulder a bit, “spit it out.”

Facing away, I rest my cheek on his chest again, considering whether I should respond or not. I turn my head so that my face is pressed onto his shirt. “Porn.” The shirt muffles my answer.

“What?” I peek up to see his eyes wide with amusement.

“I’m not repeating it,” I huffed, glaring at him.

“You watch that stuff?” He bursts into laughter, “Oh my god, I will never let you live this down!”

“Stop,” I beg, and then realizing the power I have, I threaten, “or no more sex for you, buddy.” I tap on his crotch.

“Hey, leave fun size Silas out of this. His job is to be excited to see you and he does it well.” He cups his hand over his groin.

I giggle as he wraps his other arm around me, facing me.

“You’re amazing, Lane. I love you.”

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