Between the Days and Nights

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Chapter 35


“So?” Vinh looks to me expectantly as he watches me open the box that was left at my front door. It’s a fancy box, lined with deep red velvet and embellished with a lavish golden ribbon that ties into a perfect bow at the top.

“So what?” I ask him, wondering what he could possibly mean.

“You let him hide it your lady garden! You promised to tell me some details! Is he an eggplant? He looks like he’d be a massive eggplant,” he states with a wide grin on his face.

“You made me promise that for you about Damon, not Silas,” I point out and turn back to the box.

We are currently getting ready for winter formal, and both Nat and Scar are in the room applying their own makeup. Vinh declared himself entertainment and sits in the corner on my bed.

“Yeah,” he hesitates to come up with a decent reasoning, but gives up as he bursts, “Oh come on, Tam. You know I need to know.”

“Don’t guys pee together,” Nat suggests, “why don’t you just stalk him and check in there?”

“Because,” Vinh rolls his eyes, “I don’t want to be a creep like you. Plus, most guys are growers, so it wouldn’t be an accurate representation.”

“That’s true,” Scar starts, “Vinh looks very different when he’s normal compared to when he’s hard.”

Vinh blinks at Scar with a blank face and she smirks at him.

“I don’t like guys,” Nat quietly admits, “So I wouldn’t creep on any.”

We all blink at her. “You don’t like guys at all,” Vinh asks gently.

“Well, maybe. But on a scale, I prefer women more,” Nat explains herself. There’s a look of discomfort in her face and I reach over to rest my hand on hers. She smiles graciously.

“Okay, Natasha. I’m going to put aside my grudges against you for a second,” Vinh starts, and Scar walks over to slap his arm, “Ow! Anyway, that was very brave of you to admit that. I’ve been through the whole struggle for self acceptance and I know it’s hard, but it gets better.”

She nods at him with a small smile.

“See? I’m being nice! Now, come on, Tam. Tell me!” His pleading gets to me.

“Fine!” I yell, and then quietly whisper, “Eggplant.”

“I knew it! Wait, normal or massive?” he gestures with his hands a short length and a longer length.

“Massive,” I mouth to him and I watch as he dies in laughter. I roll my eyes.

We all walk downstairs, dressed up and ready to go. Nat chose to wear a sparkling black gown that is a low cut spaghetti strap with a slit up to her upper thigh. Her soft brown hair is twisted into an updo with curls springing out here and there.

Scar opted for a sky blue dress that hugs her waist, but releases underneath it a waterfall of chiffon. Her hair is clipped into a half-do, with some locks pulled to the front.

I wear the dress that Silas had gotten me, a silky dress that hugs all my curves but drapes down, revealing a provocative gown, even with no leg showing. The boat neck turns into more of an off-the-shoulder neckline, and as I slipped into this dress, I feel more sensual than ever, as if I had his hands all over me already. I shivered at the thought of us together. Its effect on me is overwhelming.

I can’t help but blush as I see Silas brazenly gawk at my appearance. I have my hair neatly placed over one shoulder, but as I see him, parts of me become heated and I flip my hair onto my back, letting it cascade down my curves.

I also notice Damon staring, but as I glance over, he looks away toward Nat. A small smile reaches my lips, but I don’t say anything.

“You look absolutely stunning, Lane.” Silas kisses my cheek. “Let’s go.”

The whole thing is over-glorified. It’s just like the homecoming dance but everyone is in more expensive clothing. Still, I had my fun dancing to the thumping music. After a while, I grew tired and had to sit down in my seat as Silas joined me.

“Want to step outside in the back for some air?” I hear Silas ask me. I nod.

Outside, the night air is still and I could hear the music from inside surprisingly clearly, though the closed door on muffles it a bit.

“So, um, Lane,” Silas starts, sounding a bit nervous.

“Yes?” I step closer to him.

“Turn around for a second.” I do as he says.

I wait for a second, hearing him open a box and closing it. A moment later, I see a necklace in my view as he latches it onto my neck. I look down at the luminous tear drop shaped stone. There’s a look to it, as if there is a cloud stored in the stone, but as I tilt it under the moonlight, I catch different colors reflecting off of it. I feel his shoulders pull me around to face him. I look from the stone to him.

“It’s a moonstone,” he says shyly, “I saw it the other day and thought of you.”

“Why?” I don’t care, though. It’s beautiful and it makes me love him even more.

“Because I’ve spent most my nights either with you or dreaming about you. Because to me, you are the moon that leads my way in the dark. I started this year not knowing who I was, but when I met you…”

I pull him into a kiss, our most passionate, and when we finally pull back, he whispers, “I found my best self in you.”

I rest my head on his chest as we sway to the slow song playing inside. It’s just us in our own world as we lean closer together. His hand on my back warms me, making me invincible from all the coldness in the air, in this world.

I’m his and he’s mine.

“I love you so much, Lane. I always will. I promise.”

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