The Blood King

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Like the moon, he had a side to him so dark, that even the stars couldn't shine on it. "Kill them all" Words used by men that are in complete charge. Leaders. Tyrants. Kings. Words that were used to wipe out my people. It was days until a woman from a neighboring tribe came and took me in. She raised me, and protected me from the kings wrath. Little did we know that the new king was making his move on the world. And we would be directly in his path.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Lore


The Dragonborn can shift from dragon to a humanoid form. The form of the dragon depends on the clan from which they hail. But the mightiest of the dragon are Royals. Cassian is the only Royal left. The Dragonborn is a hierarchy-based culture centering around the royal family, and the most powerful of the ancients. They are known for their strong leadership and “devil” eyes.


The Ikniri are a blessed group of warriors. They are a tribal based culture raised in the mountains where the snow is plenty and their power is at its peak. They are known for their icy prowess, able to create ice and snow from their palms out of thin air. At the height of their civilization they would send a group of missionaries out into the world to protect and bring prosperous times to those in need while collecting information on everything and everyone they came into contact with.


Over time, those that have seen them have given them the names mermaids and sirens. They live under the sea in the crushing depths of the ocean, able to come on land and shift at will. They will only change back if they are touched by seawater. There is little known about them since they keep to themselves under the waters, only ever showing themselves when their way of life is threatened. They can control water and communicate with sea animals.


The Terra are known for their strong will. They can control the Earth and are known for their nomadic lifestyle. They were rumored to travel the Earth, clearing the battlefield of its damage, and in their wake, leaving a beautiful scenery. They can control the growth of plants as well as the sand that sits atop the Earth.


Vessels for the use of the ancients. The Xindrite are an elite culture that breeds warriors whose purpose is to serve the family they’ve sworn fealty to. Upon their maturation, whoever they have been assigned to forms a bond with their vessel, sharing their power. Xindrites are born with gray eyes, but their eyes change from blue, amber, or green depending on which of the ancients they have been sworn to.

The Ancients

The ancients were said to have been put on the Earth to guard and protect its most precious elements. Each of the ancients have been favored and given power. Each ancient was also created to keep the others in check so that the other wouldn’t go too far with power. Although these were the intentions when given, it did not end up that way. The ancients consist of the Dragonborn, Ikniri, Marina, and Terra.

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