The Blood King

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Chapter 17

Am I crazy? I know that this is stupid. I know that it doesn’t guarantee anything. But as Cassian walks ahead of me, pulling my soaking body along to his bedroom, I don’t feel any excitement that I was hoping to feel when it came time. I only feel fear.

Is it foolish for me to think that he will believe me, only because I agreed to his terms? He should believe me. He knows himself that I can’t control these powers. He knows. And I know he knows. But he chooses to only believe me if I give myself to him. Why?

My mind is screaming at me that something about this is wrong. Something about this is so far twisted that I should be running and screaming for the doors. But another part of me feels that to survive, this is necessary.

Cassian took my timid nod, and unlocked my chains placing me in the bath, and once I was cleaned enough for him, he placed my hand in his, and pulled me into his bedroom.

He walks ahead of me, the water that was on his body has already completely vanished. I’m assuming from his high body heat. Mine on the other hand is still drenched in water. He turns, taking a seat on the edge of the massive bed. His naked form giving me more intimidation than it ever has before.

His piercing red gaze floats up and down my body, taking in my terrified form. He reaches out, and I squeeze my eyes shut, a small squeal leaving my throat. I try and focus and recreate the feeling I had when I was in the river, and form some kind of protection from him, but I feel nothing. I’m pulled from my focus when I feel him push a stray hair behind my ear followed by a deep chuckle.

“Don’t bother, Neytiri.” He pushes my damp hair from my face.

His hand travels from behind my ear, to cup my face. I look at him with a wide and fearful gaze.

“Why...?” My voice comes out as a whisper. It’s so quiet, I’m surprised he hears it. His smile drops from his face, and he pulls me in closer between his legs.

“Why.” He repeats. It comes out as a statement more so than a question.

“Because I need you.” He looks me directly in my eyes, his gaze is serious which scares me, but not more than his next sentence.

“Because, if you don’t give yourself to me tonight, then I fear due to my plans in the future, I will have to kill you.” He says.

“And I’ve come to like you over the months past.” He smiles at me as if it’s actually a good thing.

“I would hate to have to kill you. Especially since you displayed your hostile capabilities towards Caius.” He says. He grabs ahold of my hand, bringing it to his lips. His gaze meets mine, and I see that hatred.

“There is no way I’m letting you live tonight after that.” My knees nearly give out. Tears spring into my vision.

“That is, unless you honor your oath to me.” He tilts his gaze, and I can hear the tone he used to use on me as a child. As if he’s lecturing me.

“You saw what I did to your people. Don’t let their fate be yours.” He says. He continues to kiss my palm, and his kisses make their way up my arm, causing goosebumps to breakout over my skin as he reaches my throat. He places the softest kiss over my pulse.

“So...” He moves back so that he is in the center of the bed, all the while keeping his gaze locked to mine.

“What will it be, Ikniri?” He says with all the confidence in the world. In this moment, I try one last time to use my powers. But they are nowhere to be found. Not since he burned my shoulder that night.

He raises a brow at me. I take a pathetic step forward, lifting my leg to crawl on top of his bed, and make my way towards him. The orange glow of the fireplace casts an evil shadow over him, making him all the more terrifying.

Is this the path that I’ve been headed for my whole life? Is this the path Gran told me about? I crawl between his legs, and my heart is beating so hard against my chest, I fear it will fly out at any second.

He laughs softly, placing his hand to cup my jaw, and leans forward, kissing my lips. His lips are soft, and warm. He gently kisses me and traces my bottom lip with the tip of his tongue. I feel his hands roam my body, and he gently cups my breast.

I let out a soft gasp from the foreign feeling, and immediately feel my bones turn to mush. I then realize that he’s breathing smoke. And not just any kind. The same kind he used in the cave. My eye lids grow heavy, and my skin flushes with heat. He uses the moment to flip me over so that I am on my back and dips his head to capture my nipple in his mouth.

I open my mouth letting out a soft moan as pleasure ripples through me. He uses his tongue to swirl around my nipple and I arch my back wanting more. He releases me and begins kissing down my stomach, slowly. Lightly sucking as he makes his way down to the very place all the heat is gathering between my legs.

My eyes fly open and I try and squeeze my legs shut but he holds them apart letting out a laugh.

“Ah-Ah-Ah.” He mumbles. He places a soft kiss along my pubic bone, before prying my legs apart. I suck in as much air as I can before releasing it with a shuddering moan as his tongue delves into my wet folds.

He keeps one hand on my leg, while the other travels up to grasp my breast. My legs are quivering as pleasure I’ve never experienced ripples through me. I can feel that throbbing ache deep inside of me, climbing higher and higher with each stroke of his tongue.

I can’t stop the moans that echo off that walls. And I don’t care who hears them. I feel a strange feeling as he pushes a finger inside of me, while continuing to lick my folds. He slowly pumps his finger in and out, and I can’t help myself as I reach for his hair, grab a tight hold.

The ache is climbing and climbing, and suddenly I reach my peak, the wave finally cresting as my inner walls contract around his finger. I let out a loud cry as pleasure rockets through me. I vaguely feel him remove his finger, and my eyes fly open when I feel something much larger pushing inside of me, stretching me.

Cassian is between my legs, my thighs wrapping around his hips as he pushes inside of me. The burning pain mixed with the pleasure of my orgasm is enough to reignite my dying cries, as it prolongs my pleasure. When my cries finally die down, I’m a sweaty, shaking mess.

I look up and Cassian is fully sheathed inside of me, but he has a strained look on his face as if he’s in pain. But judging from the throbbing inside of me, I know it’s not from pain, but from pleasure. He opens his eyes, looking down at me. He leans down, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

There is minimal pain, but he pulls out and slowly pushes himself back in. I shudder as another ripple of pleasure circulates through me. He begins moving slowly, and leans down, sucking on my throat. The pleasure I thought was gone slowly ebbs back into existence as his thrusts become more urgent.

“Let me hear you, Neytiri.” He murmurs in my ear. If possible, it makes me feel warm as soon as the words leave his lips, and I open my mouth letting my sighs echo throughout the room. He places his lips over mine, swallowing my moans as his thrusts become more urgent. Each thrust sparking a flame inside of me, causing my pleasure to grow and grow. I pull away from his lips as lightning rips through me, and I arch my back in pleasure letting my guttural cries out.

Stars dot my vision and I feel my inner muscles clamp down on his engorged shaft. I feel my fingers raking over his back. I’m probably leaving welts, but I don’t care. His thrusts shorten, and he lets out a soft moan grinding against my pelvis. I can feel him spilling inside of me.

There is no other sound than our labored breathing. Cassian leans back and looks me in the eyes. He traces his finger over my face, lingering over the symbol he left there. He smiles, and I feel my heart sink. His smile is not a kind one.

“You’re mine now.”

I wish I knew the true meaning of those words in that moment.

A mistake.

I keep my gaze down, and let the tears fall freely down my face. My hands are chained. Above my head. Cassian used his bed post as an anchor to keep my locked to. I slowly look up, focusing my gaze on Cassian as he gets dressed across the room with his back to me. He pulls his robes over his shoulders, hiding his back from my view. The same back that I was clinging to only minutes ago.

“You said you would believe me.” I say. Cassian pauses what he’s doing and turns to me. The front of his robes is still open, leaving his chest bare to me. He glares at me for a long time, before doing the last thing I expected of him.

He laughs.

He laughs and laughs. He laughs so hard, that he places his hand over his face, and throws his head back. And when he’s finally done, he turns his gaze on me. He walks over to the bed, running his finger through his hair to push loose strands out of his face.

“My dear, sweet, naive Neytiri. I always believed you.” He says.

“W-what?” I ask breathlessly.

“I am no fool. I know you had no control over your own powers. I know you wouldn’t hurt Caius of all people on purpose. He was... what did you call it?” He pauses as if thinking and looks at me.

“Your closest friend.” He says quoting what I said to Caius. I feel anger and jerk at my chains, but it’s no use.

“Then why? Why!” I shout at him. He shakes his head turning away from me.

“Like I said earlier, I need you. There are more creatures out there than just the dragonborn and the ikniri, Neytiri. Surely your Gran taught you that.” He says.

“Thanks to your people, the Dragonborn are almost all gone. So, taking back what is rightfully mine will not be as easy as I thought in my youth. Nor has it been. The battles though bloody, have been won, but far too many have been lost. And when your villagers brought you into my castle, I had two choices. Kill you or use you.”

I gasp in shock. Cassian stands by the fireplace, staring into the flames.

“Of course, if you were a random Ikniri I would have killed you. But you were the child. The child that had stumbled into my camp all those years ago. I knew it had to be fate. A clear sign. I planned on gaining your trust, and your love. But with you and the amount of betrayals you’ve faced, it was harder than I had anticipated, and time was of the essence. So, I moved on to my backup plan.” He finally looks up from the flames, and I see no emotion in his gaze. He’s just watching me.

“I manipulated you. Your feelings for those around you, starting with the one man you trusted, even more than me. Caius.” I shake my head in shock.

“I knew to have the only man you claimed as a friend taken away from you would eat at your existence. And he grew so close so many times to telling you the truth. To warning you away from me. He let his conscience get in the way. So, I had to take complete control of him.” He says.

“How quicker to get you to swear an oath to me than to use the feelings you had. You were lonely, and scared. I had no idea you would turn so soon. To attack Caius was not a part of my plan, but it worked so smoothly. It made it quicker and easier for me to pick away at your emotions. To break you down, so that the only thing that seemed logical was the last thing to be logical.” He looks back to the flames. The orange glow casts shadows across his face.

I jerk at my chains.

“Fuck you!” I scream. He smiles and looks at me.

“You did.” He says. He walks away from the fireplace, finishing the ties on his clothes and making his way towards the doors. I try and summon any form of my power, but it won’t come. It’s as if it’s gone.

“To think that everyone kept such a tight lip about your people.” He laughs.

“The Ikniri, though powerful, are also very vulnerable. It’s amazing how many weaknesses you have if someone is cunning enough.” He says. He looks at me, and I suddenly feel a searing in my shoulder. I can do nothing but pull on my chains, and scream in pain, and beg for mercy, until finally it stops.

The room is silent except for my breathing mixed with sobs.

“You should rejoice, Neytiri. Your life is spared, and your whole being belongs to me.” He says.

“Don’t feel bad. Being raised in that forest, growing up in the dark about your people, you never stood a chance.” He says. I hear his footsteps until he is outside of the doors.

“Take me to Caius.”

I hear his words right before the doors close, encasing me in the very room where this all began, alone.

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