The Blood King

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600 years later

"I would like to introduce all of you to Dr. Coffelt. She will be the head of operations here. All of you are to listen and follow her instructions to a “T”. Anything other than that will mean for termination.”

I make my way to the podium to give my speech. Ten years of school for this. Four years of medical, three years of residency, and three more for my fellowship. And here I am, employed by one of the richest men in the world, on his personal roster. It all paid off.

I smile to myself. Thanks, mom.

I mentally note.

I make my way up to the podium, and the man that introduced me watches me carefully. He doesn’t speak much other than telling us what to do and what is expected of us. During my interview, he told me his name is Caius. He’s the only person we’ve interacted with seeing as the big boss doesn’t “do” face to face business. But with the money he’s paying me, I’m willing to look right past that.

“Thank you.” I say into the microphone and launch into my speech. I was put in charge here, and all of these people under me for one job. What that job is they have yet to tell us. All they did was force us to sign confidentiality agreements. So it must be something next level.

DragonCorp. is the biggest technologically advanced company in the world. So advanced, they keep all of their operations here on their own private island. With an entire civilization living here as well to boot. The CEO of the company is rarely seen in public and always keeps to himself. This is the first time any foreigners have been allowed on this island. And if we tell what we’ve seen, we will be terminated. Somehow I sense a double meaning to that word when they say it.

After the formalities are out of the way and everyone understands their jobs, we all disperse to do those jobs. Leaving me and a select few to make our way to the head house, where our work will reside.

Caius leads us silently. I can’t help but notice the stark blue of his eyes. It’s unnerving. The car stops outside of the main house, and I and the other doctors get out. My jaw drops as I take in the massive mansion. How could one person live here? We make our way up the drive and all of the men standing watch don’t bother glancing in our direction. Though I can’t help but notice some of them have blue while others have bright amber colored eyes.

We make our way into the house and through the foyer. Some of the decorations they have around here look priceless. Like they are thousands of years old. We pass by two armored suits encased in glass. One is black and red, while the other is white and silver, with blue symbols across it. It looks very authentic. I take note that the white armor has a hole in the middle where the abdomen is.

“This way.” Caius’ voice cuts through my thoughts and I quickly make way with the others. We pause in front of massive oak doors and Caius looks at all of us.

“Do not comment on his eyes.” He says before turning his back to us and pushing the doors open. A woman is sitting in the office. She’s beautiful. Stunning actually. She’s wearing a tight dress with expensive fur around her shoulders. She glares at us upon entry, and I pause when I see her eyes. They are black where the whites should be and red. I wonder if she’s his wife.

She says something to the man behind the desk and he responds as she leaves.

“Thank you, Hynden.” His voice is deep and commanding. And very intimidating. I can only assume this is the boss. He stands from behind his desk, and I feel my heart skipping a beat and sweat encasing my palms. Fear boils deep in my belly as I take this man in.

His eyes are the same as the womans, but far more terrifying. His hair is pitch black falling down past his waist, but he keeps it in a loose ponytail. He’s wearing an expensive suit, and has an excessive amount of tattoos around his face, crawling down into his expensive suit.

“So this is the best?” He asks. His question is directed towards Caius who nods. He turns his gaze back to us.

“I expect all of you to be your best while here. I expect you to do your jobs. Anything you see or hear does not leave this island, or it will be you who leaves in body bags. Understood?” He asks. We all nod our heads and I can’t help but wonder if by signing that contract I signed my soul over to the devil.

“Good.” He walks around his desk, past us.

“Follow me.” He calls over his shoulder.

We make our way through the house until we reach what looks like a basement type level. He pauses in front of the metal doors.

“Each of you has been implanted with a chip that allows you past this point. You also have the cards that will swipe you in, and voice recognized password to get in. This facility is at the highest level of security.” He says tersely. No wonder this guy never gets out. He does not seem like a people person.

He turns his back to us, putting in the passwords, and the doors open. We make our way underground, and the room grows chilly. I can see my breath. The air is also abnormally thin. He pauses in front of a cabinet.

"When working down here you will all wear one of these suits. It will protect you from the chilled environment. I suggest you don’t do anything too taxing. The air is pumped in dry. For your safety.” He adds. He looks to Caius who is behind us.

“All of you change.” He says.

Once we are all wearing the suits, we make our way deeper into what I’m assuming is a lab. My question is, why the hell does he need doctors? What exactly is going on here? We finally reach another door and he pauses looking us all over.

“This is the last time I will warn you. If anything you see here leaves this island, I will personally end all of your lives.” He says. I blink in shock, but he doesn’t think anything of what he just said. He puts in the passcodes to open the doors and lets us in.

I know right off the bat that the room is freezing. But I don’t even pay attention. A soft gasp escapes me. There’s a woman. A beautiful woman. She’s...encased in some diamond-like structure. Her eyes are closed, and her hair is...white. A stark contrast from her brown skin. Her arms sports symbols as well as her face. Even her lashes and brows are white.

No one dares say a word. My eyes travel to the man in charge, and he’s watching the woman with such a tender expression, it makes me question if he is the same man that threatened us moments earlier.

He turns to us.

“This is now your top priority.”

Three months later.

It’s strange. When I first came here, this was all so strange to me. And now I feel excitement blooming in my chest as the last of the ice melts off the woman's body.

Neytiri is her name. An exotic name for an exotic woman I’ve never seen before. Over the past few months, I’ve become fascinated with her. Running tests and figuring out her biology has been overwhelming, to say the least. Who knew something like this even existed? But we know how to treat her when she finally awakens.

“Attach the pads to her chest so we can get a reading,” I say. I pull up the computer monitor and watch patiently. Suddenly, the fast rhythm fills the room. I smile clasping my hands over my mouth.

“Outstanding,” I whisper. “Everyone standby. She could wake any minute now. And call Mr. Draco. He’ll want to be here for this.” I say. Everyone is scrambling to their places, and I make my way to the table she is laying on. I reach out lightly touching her cheek, and quickly remove my hand. She’s ice cold but somehow alive.

Her lips part slightly, and she exhales. Any second now she could wake.

“Quick, bring me a blanket!” I shout. I hear feet scurrying over, and turn my head to face the person bringing me a blanket. In the next second, I look back to her, and my heart leaps out of my chest. Her eyes are open, and she’s staring right at me. And I can do nothing but stare right back into those glowing blue irises.


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