The Blood King

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Chapter 3

I’m terrified. No, petrified. No one has said one word to me. The guards brought me to the throne room, and had the servants bring out wine and food for Loris and his friends, yet I was given nothing.

The guard that helped me in, brought me to the edge of the intimidating throne, to kneel, and placed a blindfold around my eyes. And now, all I can do is hear Loris and his friends celebration. I’m literally shaking in fear. Rumors about the blood king have not been kind. And if the rumors are any kinds of true, I won’t be dead any time soon. He’ll torture me, and then kill me. Just because of what I am.

The blindfold around my eyes are soaked from the silent tears I’ve been crying. I don’t know how long I sit like this. Waiting for my worst fears. For Grans worst fear. Finally, after what seems like forever, I hear it. The door to the far side of the throne room eases open, and the room falls silent.

I can basically hear the shuddering of my heart in my ears as solid footsteps glide across the room. No one speaks. My heart rate is rising when i realize the footsteps are coming in my direction. They stop directly in front of me, and I release a shuddering breath, waiting for the pain to come.

I gasp, when I feel a hand on my face. I can’t stop the shuddering breaths that escape me. I immediately bite the inside of my cheek, flinching away from the contact.

“Her face. Did you come into some kind of trouble.” The voice above me is smooth. Demanding. Terrifying. It echoes off the walls and is followed by complete silence. The hands travel down my face, over the welts on my arms and the bruises along my body.

“I asked you a question.” I sense the irritation in his voice. I can also sense an accent as well.

“No, my king..” I hear Loris’ unsure voice. I hear the rustle of fabric, and the kings voice sounds distant when he speaks again.

“Then what happened to her.” He says. Silence. No one says a word.

“My king, she plagued our village for too long with her curse, and we finally took things into our own hands, and brought her to you as an offering, for peace, in hopes that you would spare our clan in your quest to expand your k-”

The voice is cut off as a deep chuckle echoes throughout the throne room. It grows until it’s a loud and hearty laugh. The laughter finally dies down, and I hear footsteps. Except they’re moving away from me. And towards Loris.

“And where are you from, exactly.” The king says. There’s a pause.

“The glinden forests, my king.” Someone finally says.

“Hm.” The kings response is disinterested. I feel a stinging pain on my thighs, and realize that I am scraping my nails against my legs with the amount of nerves coursing through me.

“Which one of you is the leader.” He says.

“I am, my king.” Loris speaks up. There’s a pause.

“Very well.” That’s the last human sound that I hear before the screams begin. They’re blood curdling. I have to fight to not cover my ears from the sounds. Suffering. Begging for mercy. I can hear the snap of bones, the tearing of flesh, the splatter of blood, until there is the smallest whimper left.

“Take this back to your home. Tell them, I am coming for them. Tell them, they have incurred the wrath of the blood king. Tell them, their days are numbered, and their deaths will not be merciful. I will find each and every one of you and make you suffer.” I hear a whimper, followed by the sounds of running footsteps, and then he screams.


“Take my new guest, have her cleaned and have Krea look at her.” The king says.

“Yes, Milord.”

I feel numb. The servants brought me to a round metal tub, with steaming water and have been scrubbing me raw. They’ve poured all kinds of soaps and oils on my skin and in my hair. I don’t miss the curious glances they throw my way. They probably never thought they would see an ikniri in their lifetime. We were all extinct.

After they pour more water on me, washing all the soap from my body, they leave me alone in the room with nothing on. I’m completely naked when a woman walks in. She’s an older woman, but not in her elder years yet. Her hair is pitch black and bone straight as it falls down her back. And her eyes are a piercing green. She glances at me, and her gaze slightly widens.

“He said you were an ikniri, but i couldn’t believe it.” She says. She walks towards me, placing her hands on me. I immediately flinch away, putting my hands up defensively. She seems shocked by the movement, then a soft smile finds its way on to her face.

“My dear child, I won’t hurt you. I’m here to heal you.” She says. I don’t trust her though. She holds her hand out for me, asking permission with her eyes. I look at her palm, and back to her not moving an inch. She laughs softly.

“That’s fine. I understand your concern. Judging from your wounds you must have been through a lot. My name is Krea. I’m the castles healer. I’ve been in the King’s family for generations. My services now extend to you.” She says. I look around the room, trying to find a weapon of some kind.

“Please, let me look at you. It is the kings wish, and I would hate to tell him you refused his wishes.. You’ve seen what he’s capable of.” She says. I look down. More like heard. But she’s right. Her smile widens and she takes a step towards me.

She places her hands over my body, running them over me, hovering over my skin.

“Such a beautiful color.” She murmurs. I can see the fascination in her gaze. She reaches my face, placing her hand on my cheek, and next to my swollen eye.

“Such cruel men to do such things to a defenseless child.” She says. I can feel the warmth extending from her palm, and onto my face.

“You are a lovely female. Such flawless skin, and a beautiful complexion.” She smiles. She places her fingers in my hair, running them through and letting the strands fall.

“Good health.” She places her palm against my chest bone, pressing softly. When I look up her eyes are closed as if she’s sensing my soul or something. No sooner does the thought cross my mind, she opens her eyes.

“Strong spirit. But filled with so much hurt..” She places her palm on my face, caressing my cheek gently.

“I think the king will be very pleased with you.” She says. She turns away from me.

“I shall let the girls finish their work.” She calls over her shoulder as she exits.

After I’m washed, and dressed, they style my hair, and bring me through the winding castle. The dress they put me in is beautiful. Unlike anything I have ever seen before along with the soft material. There was no need for such fabric in the village i grew up in. Even the colors are abnormally vibrant. The material clings to my skin, so softly. I barely have had any time to catch my breath, and even begin to contemplate my emotions. Everything is happening so fast.

The hall finally opens up to an archway, leading to a large, thick, door made of a foreign material that I am unfamiliar with. The servants spread out on either side of me, bowing their heads slightly. After a few minutes, the door opens and out comes a man with weapons strapped to his back, and a mask covering the lower half of his face. Pitch black hair falls over his eyes, but I can see the bright amber color they are.

His gaze looks me up and down, and he steps to the side, motioning for me to go inside. But I don’t move. I look at him like he’s crazy, and I stay my ground.

“Please, don’t push him.” He says softly. My eyes widen, and I finally will my feet to move. I step into the room, and the doors close behind me before I can take in my surroundings, plunging me into darkness.

It’s quiet. I can’t even hear the sound of anyone else in the room. I can hear my shaky breaths as fear coils its way up my throat, trying to release itself as a scream from my lips, but I won’t let that happen. So I place my clenched fist against my chest, trying to calm myself down.

I think back to any happy memories I may have had, and immediately I imagine grans face. Her smile, her smell, her laugh. I feel a cool breeze against my cheeks and realize that I’m crying. A choked sob releases my lips. I hadn’t had the time to mourn Gran. Starvation, the walk here, the beatings, the constant fear. But now that I’m alone in the dark, and everything has stopped, I finally cry. And my legs don’t work anymore as I collapse to the cool floor beneath me, clutching my chest.

My sobs can’t be contained any longer, and my wails echo throughout the room. I place my forehead against the floor, bending over my knees, clenching my teeth. She’s gone. Forever. She’s gone. And I can’t take it. I don’t know how long I sit here sobbing, but I hear footsteps. I tense, trying to silence my sobs, but can’t. The pain is too much.

I sit up, looking around but my eyes won’t adjust in the dark. I can’t anything. It’s pitch black all around me, but I can still here the footsteps coming towards me, until they silence. My shaky breaths are coming out as I look around, and I feel a warm hand against my cheek.

“Why are you crying.”

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