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"We are sorry." The doctor uttered those three words that would change the Underworld forever; he just didn't know it yet. Hayden staggered back, reeling from shock and despair. The rulers of the underworld had a baby. Krista and Hayden had lived in the underworld for centuries. All those myths about Persephone and Hades have come from them. They were the real Persephone and Hades. It was impossible to have a child in the Underworld but somehow it happened; somehow Krista became pregnant. After a lot of mood swings and grumpiness, Krista gave birth to an adorable baby boy that she called Alastor. What she didn't know was that Alastor would be her downfall which would cause her husband's downfall; like a Trigger Effect.

Romance / Fantasy
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Wooden Stakes & Sins

“Krista! Why are you standing up again?” Hayden’s concern and frustration were rolling off in waves.

“Hayden, calm down. I’m only a week pregnant, not 6 months pregnant that I have to be resting every second of every day. Plus, there have been more souls coming in lately. I could help reduce the traffic.” Grinning, I went to my closet to choose from one of the endless dresses that it was filled with.

“I know but I just get so worried. I would die if anything happened to you.”

Turning around, I hugged him, instantly calming him. My hugs always worked for that. Landing a chaste kiss on his lips, I whirled around and ran giggling to the door.

There was no way that I was not going to help him with the sorting of the souls today. I ran down the stairs and opened the castle doors.

The beauty of the courtyard still didn’t fail to astound me, even though I had been living here for hundreds of years. I walked down the courtyard to one of the caverns where most souls were coming from recently.

Today, everything seemed beautiful to me, even those black flowers that my gardens were filled with. I was tired of the lack of color here but I still survived. This place was definitely better than Earth for me.

Humming a song that I had recently heard on the radio, I walked into the cavern just to see a man materialize out of thin air. As soon as he appeared, his legs buckled under him causing him to face plant into the earthy ground.

His back had a wooden splinter protruding out with blood on it. I grimaced slightly, feeling pity for the guy but centuries of sorting souls stopped me from crying hysterically. He was one of the hundreds of people who came from this cavern who had died even when their time wasn’t over.

He slowly looked up, his face a mask of agony. I hurried forward to help him up. The sooner he went to Heaven, the sooner his pain would go away.

“Where am I?” He looked at me with broken eyes.

“You are in what we call the Underworld, a place where souls go before they are sent to Heaven or Hell.” He grabbed onto my arm as if shocked.

“Does that mean that I’m really...dead?“, he asked with such horror that I almost laughed. He probably imagined death as a horrible place. I was shocked at how he didn’t argue with me. Most people thought that I was joking with them. This guy was very smart.

“Yes. Yes, you are. Now, do you mind loosening your grip on my arm so I can escort you to the elevators which will choose if you will enter into Heaven or Hell?”

Slowly, he withdrew his hand, leaving a rust-colored mark on my arm. Slinging an arm around him to keep him upright, I dragged him out of the cavern and to the elevators.

As soon as we reached the elevators, he collapsed, taking me down with him. Spitting out dirt, I helped the man up who was staring at the elevators in amazement. The elevators stood tall and proud, one a blood red and the other a shade of blue that you could never have seen on Earth.

I pushed him right in the middle of the two elevators. Seconds passed while I impatiently waited for the papers to come that would decide his fate. With a whoosh, a paper dropped into the box in the middle of the elevators.

I jumped forward and grabbed it. The man still had remains of pain on his face but his face was now morphed into one of curiosity. I read the first two lines and stopped to look up at him.

“Are you an Athiest?” I looked at him skeptically since he was muttering ‘God’ only two seconds ago. I couldn’t mess up what faith he had otherwise it could cause a lot of trouble in Heaven or Hell.

“Yes, I am. Oh god, does this mean that I won’t die peacefully? Does this mean I won’t go to-”

I cut off his rambling, “Chill. No, you still get sent to Heaven or Hell. Your religion just gets filed into our Human Records so that’s why they need to be accurate.”

He sighed in relief before gesturing me to continue.

The last part made me stop in shock. His destined place to go was Purgatory; a sub-sector of Hell. This was a place for people who weren’t completely evil but they had done some bad things in their lives. His crimes was killing a 10-year-old girl. It did say he was hesitant to do it but he did it anyway and that led him to Purgatory, where he would have to stay for years and years to work this sin off.

All my sympathy for him vanished in an instant. Snapping the file shut, I pressed the red button causing the red elevator to open up, showing it’s dark red interior.

I firmly grabbed his hand and almost tossed him into the red elevator that would take him straight to Hell. He looked at me with despair filled eyes before the elevator closed.

The one thing that I had got to know by sorting souls was that most people weren’t good or bad, most of them were just normal. With some small sins committed and some good things done. Most of them went to Purgatory or Heaven but a rare few entered Elysium which was a sub-sector of Heaven that was only for the best people who had committed huge good deeds.

I pushed the file into the Human Records slot before turning around and seeing over ten men and women standing behind me with one grim reaper each. I realized that I had spent an awful lot of time here with the man.

Smiling sheepishly at the dead humans, I high-fived the first grim reaper before heading towards the castle. I had no idea where Hayden had vanished off to when I had run away.

I opened the black castle doors, only to see Hayden push over my favorite vase. The holographic vase crashed to the ground and shattered into a million pieces. He looked around to see if someone saw him when his eyes caught mine. His eyes immediately grew big in fear when they saw me and my pissed off face.

“Uh- I didn’t do that! Yo- you see uh-” Hayden stumbled over his words to make up an excuse.

I held up my hands to stop him. I loved seeing him look so scared but I had tortured him enough already. Plus, I could always get one of those vases from Japan so I’ll be fine.

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.” I winked at him before running away.

I giggled as I heard his groan before heavy footsteps started to come after me. I ran up the stairs and entered one of the countless rooms in the mansion. I peeked around to see if he was there but the coast seemed clear.

I sighed in relief when something knocked me over. I landed on the ground with a whoosh. I opened my eyes to see Hayden looming over me with a mask of worry. I sighed impatiently; ever since he got to know that I was pregnant, he treated me as fragile glass.

“Hayden, I’m alright! Now, kiss me already!” I was tired of all the fragile glass handling.

His worry instantly faded before he leaned down and kissed my neck.

I sighed happily. I never regretted not moving on to Heaven when I died and I sure as hell wasn’t going to now. Especially since I had Hayden, my whole life here. Even though, I had to wait a few centuries for him. I knew I loved Hayden ever since I saw him in a cavern sitting with his legs crossed and a gash on his forehead.

He loved me back.

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