Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Sniper fell for the wrong girl. He loved her when he first met her, but as time wore on, that love faded. Then she tried to kill his sister, while he was a Marine on tour in Afghanistan. Now love is something he's not sure he wants to experience, at least it is until he meets Maggie. Maggie has lost everyone she cares about. Her parents died in a car crash when she was young, her grandfather died a couple years ago, and her best friend died of cancer. But before he died, he gave her the one thing that would keep her going, a baby boy. Then things get complicated, when the parents of her baby's father decide they want custody of him. Will Sniper step up and help her fight for her boy, or will he step aside, and guard his heart against another possible heartbreak?

Romance / Action
Megan Fall
4.9 88 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Sniper

Sniper twisted the throttle on his Harley and pushed her to her limits. The wind whipped at him, and his adrenaline was pumping. He needed this. Sometimes he missed being in the military. He missed the rush he got from combat, and he missed the feel of the sniper rifle in his hands. He’d sit on a roof, with the sand blowing around him and the sun burning through his fatigues for hours, waiting to get a high priority target in his sights. His patience was tested then, but it was the times where he had to take a shot while avoiding the gunfire all around him, that he missed the most.

Raid had been his spotter, and the brother had become his best friend. Thank god when Raid got out, he followed him here and joined the same MC. It was nice still having him at his back. He glanced in his rear-view mirror, and Raid was right there, pushing his own Harley just as hard as he was. He grinned and took the next corner without letting up at all. Raid grinned back and kept with him. It was a dance just like in the military. The two were completely in sync, knowing each other so well, they could anticipate what the other would do. It had saved their lives on more then one occasion.

Sniper had got out for his sister. Misty had been blinded temporarily in a car accident that took their parents lives. Sniper had been allowed to stay for the funeral and get Misty sorted before he had to return to his post. It was heartbreaking to leave her, but his girl Carly had reassured him that she would take care of her. In the end Carly went bat shit crazy and tried to kill his sister. She would have died if it hadn’t been for Trike. The brother had fallen hard for her and had saved her life. She even got her sight back, and Trike had married her and given her a little boy.

But Carly had destroyed him. He had trusted her to keep his baby sister safe, and she had almost cost Misty her life. He’d never forgive himself for putting his faith in the wrong person. Not only that, but his girlfriend, the girl he had planned to marry. He’d always wanted a family. He wanted someone to come home to, someone he could love, and someone to carry his child one day. Now all those things were a distant memory, and something he wasn’t sure he even wanted anymore. Life sucked sometimes, and he even had thoughts of reenlisting. But his sister was thrilled he was home, and he couldn’t hurt her by leaving again.

He saw the gates of the compound coming up, so he was forced to shift down and slow the bike. The gates rolled open, and he took the turn a lot slower as he and Raid pulled through. He headed for the clubhouse and backed his bike into a spot near the end of the line of Harleys. Raid parked his as well and then dismounted and headed his way.

“You pushed it hard today. You okay?” Raid asked with a slight frown.

“Yep,” Sniper immediately replied. “Just one of those days. Had to get the blood pumping.”

Raid nodded, and he knew the brother understood. It was hard returning to civilization and everyday life. Some days it just didn’t work. The club was fucking fantastic, but sometimes he just needed his space.

“Let’s head out back and take a couple shots,” Raid suggested. Sniper nodded, thinking that was a great idea.

The club had a range set up in the woods beyond the property. It was well out of the way and completely fenced off. He and Raid were frequent users, taking their sniper rifles and disappearing for hours. It was something that always relaxed him and cleared his head. He knew it did that same thing for Raid.

Something had to give soon though. He couldn’t keep riding recklessly and shooting for hours. He needed something else to take his mind off things. Maybe a visit to Diesel’s club would get his head straightened out. The men of The Devils Soldiers were all ex-military, and he could talk to them and be completely frank. A lot of them were suffering from similar problems to his.

He pushed through the clubhouse and headed for his room, nodding at the brothers he passed. Once he had his sniper bag slung over his shoulder, and he felt the weight, his body relaxed. He caught up to Raid outside his room, and they headed for the range together. It took about ten minutes to set up and check his weapon before he was able to take his first shot. He lay on the hard ground, his rifle set comfortably on his shoulder as he waited for Raid. The brother had his laser rangefinder out, and he called coordinates and wind speeds to help Sniper line up his shot. Then he switched to his binoculars as Sniper made adjustments.

“Send it,” Raid ordered.

Sniper took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger as he fired. “Call,” he ordered back.

“Broke clean,” Raid responded as he dropped the binoculars, and Sniper grinned. It was rare he missed, and Raid had just confirmed it was a perfect shot, dead centre.

“Again?” Raid asked, and Sniper just smirked. Raid shook his head and smirked back, as the brothers both set up to take another shoot.

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