Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 11 - Sniper

Sniper woke slowly, to find himself surrounded by warmth. Popping open his eyes, he found Gav fast asleep on his chest and Shortcake fast asleep and curled up into his opposite side. He had to blink several times before what he was seeing actually sunk in. He’d always wanted a family, he had dreams of a wife and kids, but after Carly, those dreams went to dust. He’d even told Raid the other day that he didn’t think he was ready for a relationship. Carly had really done a number on him. Of course, the idea of ignoring Maggie was unimaginable. He wasn’t walking away from her or Gav.

Maggie shifted, and he took advantage of her move. He slid out from under her, taking Gav with him, and moved across the room to the hallway. The first door he tried was a bathroom, but the second was clearly a little boys room. The room was painted a nice shade of light green, and there was a truck border around the wall. Sniper strode to the bed and gently laid Gav down. The boy sighed, then curled in and got comfortable. Sniper couldn’t help watching him sleep for a minute, then he quietly slipped from the room. As soon as he reached the couch, he found Maggie was sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“I fell asleep,” she told him.

“You did,” he agreed. “I’ve got Gav settled in his bed now, so I think this is a good time to have our little talk.”

She huffed and then patted the spot on the couch next to her. “You want to ask questions, or do you just want me to lay it all out for you,” she asked him.

Sniper moved to sit down, but he made sure to give her a bit of space. He knew this was going to be difficult, and he wanted her as relaxed as possible.

“Lay it out for me, and I’ll ask any questions I have at the end,” he replied.

She nodded, then sat back, curling her legs up under her. “Jamie was my best friend. When my grandpa moved me here from Scotland, I was really young. I had an accent, and that one little difference was all it took for the kids to hate me. Jamie stuck up for me one day, and we became inseparable. He came from an extremely rich family, and he didn’t lack for anything. Me and my grandpa were getting by, but the move cost a lot, and it took a while for him to get a job. We were always comfortable, but we’d never be well off.”

Sniper nodded in understanding and motioned for her to continue.

“Jamie told me he was gay when he was in his mid teens. We were close, but he never looked at me the way a guy should at that age. He never dated, and he really had no interest in girls. One day this really good looking guy passed us, and Jamie got all flustered. I remember he talked about him for weeks. That’s when he admitted it to me. I loved that he told me first, and I loved that he was willing to talk about it. It made absolutely no difference to me, he was still Jamie,” she told him.

“We talked about telling his parents, and even though they were snobby and stuck up, Jamie figured everything would be okay. It wasn’t,” she sighed. “They told him to change or get out. Of course Jamie couldn’t change who he was, that was a ridiculous suggestion, so he left. Grandpa was so mad when he found out what happened. He went and confronted his parents. It did no good though. That’s how Jamie came to live with us.”

“When we were about eighteen, Grandpa died. He had a bad heart, and one day it just stopped beating. I was devastated. I’d lost my parents at an early age, and now I’d lost my Grandpa too. Two years later, Jamie discovered he had cancer. He didn’t want me to be alone. We argued for a long time, but in all honesty, I was afraid of being alone too.”

“So you married him,” Sniper questioned, unable to keep quiet.

She laughed. “No, he donated his sperm before all his treatments started, and I got them artificially inseminated.”

“So you didn’t fucking sleep with him,” he asked.

She looked up at him and smiled, and it was probably the prettiest smile he’d ever seen. “No, I didn’t sleep with him. That wasn’t something either of us wanted, or could have handled. We were more like siblings, and that’s just wrong.”

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