Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 13 - Sniper

Sniper had Raid pick him up and take him back to the clubhouse, and the brother was full of questions.

“I thought you said you weren’t interested in a relationship,” Raid accused.

“I wasn’t,” Sniper admitted. “But I think that was only my head trying to convince myself of that.”

“So you’re all in now,” Raid chuckled.

“I’m definitely all in,” Sniper grinned.

“What changed brother,” Raid asked seriously.

“Her husband was gay. They only married so their son would be provided for and protected. He had cancer and knew he wouldn’t be there for them,” Sniper told his best friend.

“Jesus, that’s honourable. He must have been a really good guy,” Raid told him.

“Maggie loved him. I get the impression they were extremely close, but in a brother and sister way,” Sniper confirmed.

Raid pulled up to the gates, and Smoke opened them up and waved them through. Once Raid was parked, both brothers climbed out and headed inside. Dagger was the first person they met.

“I thought you were picking up Sniper,” Dagger questioned Raid.

“I did,” Raid chuckled. “He’s right behind me.”

“Well, I didn’t hear you pull up,” Dagger said, as he scratched at his chin.

Raid glared at him, and Sniper laughed. “I didn’t take my Harley fucker. I’m not riding double and having his gonads pressed up against my ass.”

“Damn I had my camera out and everything,” Dagger complained. Then he turned and strode back across the clubhouse, pouting like an idiot.

“Sometimes I hate that man,” Raid chuckled.

“But he’s so much fun,” Sniper laughed. “Who else would have pretended to have the marshmallow man chasing him, as a distraction.”

“I heard about that, damn I wish I would have seen it,” Raid sighed.

“The leaf blower was funnier,” Dragon said as he walked past them.

Sniper smirked as he headed to the bar and sat. Raid immediately pulled up a stool and sat beside him. Snake passed them each a beer, then handed another to Shadow and Lucifer as they joined them.

“So what kind of trouble is your girl in,” Lucifer questioned.

Sniper turned to him and frowned. “One of us has got to find a girl the normal way. No drama, no crazy stalker, no ex’s, and no crazy family.”

“True, but what would be the fun in that,” Shadow asked. “Everyone of our girls fought for the right to be here. They’re each courageous in their own way, and they’ve come out stronger.”

“So you think it was okay that your girl was kidnaped twice, hurt beyond belief, and Mario had to drive through a building so you could save her,” Raid asked.

“Fuck no,” Shadow said. “But even after all that she’s happy. We went through hell to get where we are today, and you’d never know it by looking at her.”

“True enough,” Sniper agreed. “Maggie has crazy in laws. She said they keep trying to gain custody of her son. Jamie was gay, and they figure they can have a do over with his son.”

“Fuck,” Lucifer snarled. “Dagger blew up Cassie’s parents house, that’s the fastest way to get rid of them.”

“We can’t do that twice,” Shadow said. “We need to come up with something else.”

“They have a shit ton of money and a really good lawyer, so I definitely can’t go the legal way,” Sniper said.

“Maybe we need to call church and get all the brothers involved,” Raid suggested.

“Not yet,” Sniper said. “I want to talk to Maggie more. We haven’t really discussed what they’ve been doing yet. I need to know how serious their attempts are first. She still has Gavin with her, but she seemed nervous when she saw them.”

“And now they’ve met you and you’re a biker,” Shadow chuckled.

“I’m definitely adding fuel to the fire,” Sniper smirked. “But they don’t know about my military background.”

“True,” Raid laughed. “And every judge will look favourably at a man who’s served his country.”

Lucifer pushed off from his chair and went to leave, but he added one parting remark. “Just don’t wait until someone hurts her or that boy. November was blown up and then shot, and that’s a hard thing to live with.”

“I hear you brother,” Sniper admitted, knowing every brother that had a girl had suffered. He didn’t want Maggie or her boy to go through any of the things the other girls did. “I think I need to step up my game,” he said.

The brothers grinned. “Here we go again,” Dagger yelled from the other side of the room, and all eyes turned to him.

“Fucking Dagger,” Sniper growled.

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