Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 15 - Maggie

Sniper eyed the college guys as they headed his way. He knew as soon as he took out the first one, his buddies would attack. It’s what he would do, although the kid had been a dick, and he touched his woman, there was no need for retaliation. He eyed Shortcake to make sure she was staying behind the bar where he put her and smirked when he saw she was motioning wildly to his brothers. There were six headed his way, but they were moving as a group. That meant he’d have to deal with them all at once.

He glared at them as they approached and two of them looked unsure. He was wearing combat boots, black cargo pants, and a worn camo tee, his leather vest was over top. With his military tats and short hair the asses had to know he wasn’t someone to mess with. Their approach was more cautious now, but they weren’t backing down. Sniper eyed his brothers, who were watching in amusement from their seats, and then turned back to the group.

One idiot rushed forward and separated himself from the group. As soon as he got close, Sniper raised his booted foot and caught him in the stomach. The man doubled over, and Sniper gave a shove to send him away. The next two were on him instantly. One came at his right side and the other came at his left. The right one threw a punch, and he ducked in reflex. It didn’t come close, but it distracted him enough that the second one was able to clock him in the cheek. The hit was a good one, and he knew it would leave a bruise.

He moved fast then, slamming his boot down on the second one’s foot. The idiot wore sandals, and Sniper knew it hurt. He ducked avoiding another punch from the first one, and shot out his fist. It caught the man in shoulder and spun him around. Sniper then jumped up and brought his elbow down on the man’s head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. Three were down, which meant it left three.

The last men came at him together, running straight for him. Sniper cursed, bent his knees and braced his legs, getting ready for the impact. He swung out at one, and clipped one on the side of the head, but they came full throttle and it thrust him against the bar. The impact took the breath out of him, but he had no time to recover, they rained blow after blow down on him. He pushed one back, but the other two continued their assault.

Suddenly a beer bottle came flying over the bar and hit one in the head. Stunned the man stepped back and touched the blood now coating his forehead. One of the downed men rose, and another bottle flew over and caught him in the cheek. Sniper didn’t waste any time turning and pounding his fist into the man’s face that had been left standing. The ass went down too, and he wasn’t getting up.

“Pick up your friends and get the fuck out of here,” Sniper roared at the only two men that were conscious.

One idiot pulled a cell out of his pocket and started hitting buttons. Sniper groaned knowing the ass was texting for more backup.

“Hey,” Shadow growled as he stepped close. “We got friends we can call too,” he told them, as he motioned to Raid, who was pulling out his own phone.

The man paled and put his phone away and Sniper chuckled. Within five minutes they were gone, dragging their buddies with them. He turned to Shadow and Raid and glared at them.

“You could have stepped in,” he accused.

“You had it under control. Besides you had Calamity Jane helping you. The girls a fucking good shot with a bottle,” Raid smirked.

Sniper sobered and turned to his girl. “Don’t do that again,” he ordered.

“I was helping,” she threw back as she furiously placed her hands on her hips.

“Yep, and they could have turned on you,” Sniper threw back.

“You wouldn’t have let them,” she argued.

He stared at her a minute, then grinned. “You’re right Shortcake, I wouldn’t have.”

“She’s gonna fit in so well with the rest of the girls,” Shadow declared, as he eyed Maggie.

Maggie grinned back at him, and Sniper was sure he fell in love with her right then.

“She so is,” he agreed.

Then he sobered as she turned to him and declared. “I want you to show me how to punch like that. One hit and they dropped. Can you teach me?”

“He taught his sister,” Raid declared, and all Sniper could do was roll his eyes.

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