Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 16 - Maggie

It had terrified Maggie when the college guys had gone after Sniper, and furious that his biker friends hadn’t backed him up. Sniper was a big guy, but there were a lot of them coming at him. He’d held his own, though, and the one time he looked like he was having trouble, she’d stepped in. She knew he wouldn’t like it, but she wouldn’t stand by and do nothing.

Now the fight was over and the college guys were gone, dragging off their fallen friends. She eyed Sniper and frowned. He wasn’t hurt bad, but he had a small cut in his right eyebrow and a split lip. It also looked like his cheek was bruising badly. He was grinning and looked like he didn’t even feel it, as he accepted pounds on the back and congratulations from his friends.

“I thought they had you there for a minute,” Raid chuckled.

“Nah,” Sniper shrugged. “I’ve been in worse and got myself out. It wasn’t so bad.”

“Don’t I know it,” Raid smirked. “I was right there with you.”

Sniper grinned and Maggie knew the two were enjoying a private memory. She gave them a minute then waded in. “I need to clean you up and look at those cuts,” she told Sniper as she placed her hand on his forearm.

He immediately covered it with his own before answering. “I’m okay Shortcake.”

“Well I’m not,” the owner of the bar bellowed, as he came out from the back. Clay was a tough man to work for, but he was fair and honest. “Who’s gonna pay for damages?”

“The club will,” Shadow growled, as he glared at the man.

Clay stepped back slightly, then turned to her. “You’re fired, get your stuff and get out,” he ordered. “I can’t have your boyfriend tearing up my place every time someone hits on you.”

“Hits on her,” Sniper growled. “The ass grabbed her and pinned her to the bar. He was trying to get her outside.”

“You allow sexual harassment of the waitresses,” Raid snarled at Clay. “Their safety should come first.”

“I don’t and never have,” Clay defended, as he turned furious eyes on her. “I didn’t see that.”

“Then you need more bouncers out here, or cameras,” Shadow ordered. “You fire her, you’re gonna have problems with The Stone Knights, she’s one of us.”

Clay paled and seemed to deflate. “I want no problems with your club. I just don’t see how her staying here will work. You guys are territorial, and I can’t afford to replace everything every night she works.”

Maggie couldn’t lose this job, and her grip tightened on Sniper’s arm in fear. She looked up at him and pleaded with her eyes. She knew he got the message when he sighed and shook his head.

“You’re gonna be trouble Shortcake,” Sniper acknowledged, then he turned to Clay. “She keeps her job, and a brother comes in when she’s working to keep an eye on her. They won’t step in unless they have to, but you make sure you cover your waitresses.”

Clay nodded and readily agreed. “I’ll hire a couple more bouncers for the busy nights and I’ll have a word with my waitresses about safety.”

“Fair enough,” Sniper replied. “I’m taking Maggie home now. She’s done for the night.”

Clay glared, but didn’t argue the point. “I’ll cover her and Tracy can help with the clean up.”

“I don’t like to mop,” Tracy complained as she joined the conversation.

“Nobody does, get over it,” Clay yelled, as he turned to go back behind the bar. “Now get a broom and clean up the broken glass, customers are thirsty and they aren’t gonna wait forever to get a beer.”

Tracy moved to do as he asked without arguing further, and Maggie was grateful. She got along pretty well with the girl, and she didn’t need any problems. Shadow and Raid already righted the tables and chairs, so there wouldn’t be a lot of cleanup. They pushed the broken table to the side and all the customers went back to their drinking.

“Time to go home,” Sniper ordered as he grabbed her hand. “I think I need a little TLC.”

“Jesus, two little cuts and the man turns into a baby,” Raid teased.

“That’s okay,” Maggie grinned. “I’m good at TLC.”

Raid frowned. “I may have pulled something moving that table.”

“Fucking bikers,” Sniper growled. Then he turned, dragging her away from his friends and heading for the door.

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