Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 18 - Maggie

When Sniper finally pulled back, Maggie was lost in a daze. She decided kissing Sniper was her new favourite thing. When Sniper chuckled, she gasped and covered her mouth.

“I didn’t just say that out loud,” she cried in mortification.

“You did, and I completely agree,” Sniper replied.

Maggie smiled shyly and dropped her head. “I think it’s time to patch you up,” she told him.

It only took her a minute to clean the wounds, and she was happy to see both cuts weren’t as bad as she thought. There wasn’t much she could do about his lip, so she applied ointment and left it alone. She put more on the cut above his eye and placed a butterfly bandaid over it. When she was done, she put her supplies away, then rejoined him on the couch.

“Come here,” he ordered when she had trouble getting comfortable.

“Oh no,” Maggie said, while shaking her head. “Then I’ll fall asleep on you.”

“I can leave if you’re that tired Shortcake,” Sniper frowned.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Maggie admitted. “Would you go to bed with me? Just to sleep,” she quickly added.

Sniper smiled at her, stood, and offered her his hand. She sighed in relief and placed her tiny one in his larger one, then let him lead her to her room. When he stepped inside, he stopped, and she ran into his back.

“What’s the matter,” Maggie asked, as she tried to squeeze herself between him and the door frame. When she looked around, she couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

“Your rooms awfully frilly,” Sniper declared, as he cocked his head to the side and studied it.

She turned a beet red as she saw it through his eyes. Her comforter was a soft baby blue, and it had a lace edge, her walls were painted a pretty cream colour, and there were lace curtains over the window.

“I’ve always had my own room. I didn’t have a boyfriend growing up and I’ve never had to worry about anybody but Gavin seeing it,” Maggie admitted.

“It’s okay,” Sniper grinned. “It just took me by surprise.”

She nodded and moved to the bed. Pushing back the comforter she climbed in, then patted the empty spot beside her. Sniper grinned, but instead of climbing in, he removed his socks, pants and shirt first. She watched him in fascination, then stared at the tattoos he was covered in.

“You’ve got a lot,” she admitted when he caught her looking.

Sniper grinned. “You ever hear that chip saying,” he asked. When she shook her head he continued. “You can’t eat just one.” Then he pointed to his chest. “It’s the same with tattoos. After the first you just want more. It’s addictive.”

She smiled up at him as she patted the bed again. He grinned, turned off the light and then chuckled when her night light lit up.

“Sorry, I’m night blind and I need to get to Gavin in the night if he needs me,” Maggie explained.

“I understand Shortcake, and I don’t mind. My sister has nightlights everywhere too. It’s a good idea,” Sniper assured her.

“I guess you’ve never dated anyone with a child before,” Maggie questioned.

When his eyes turned black and his body tensed, it surprised her.

“No, but I need to explain I was engaged once. It didn’t work out, but I don’t want to keep it from you,” Sniper told her.

“What happened,” Maggie whispered, as she shuffled closer.

“There was an accident and my sister lost her eyesight. I was home on leave, but I had to go back. When I did, I left Misty in her care. She resented me for that and took her anger out on my sister,” Sniper told her.

“I’m sorry,” Maggie whispered. “That was an awful thing to do.” Then she snuggled up to him and laid her head on his chest. “I promise I’m not like her.”

Sniper wrapped her in his arms and kissed her head. “I know Shortcake, and that’s the reason I’m still here. Your nothing like her, and I know that.”

“Thank you,” Maggie replied. “And thank you for staying. You’re growing on me biker.” Then she frowned as she realized how much she cared about him already. “Just please don’t hurt me or my boy. I’m already in deep and it will hurt if you change your mind later and decide we’re too much.”

He gripped her chin and tipped her head back. “I’m right where I want to be,” Sniper promised. “I’ve never felt anything like this before. You’re mine now, and I need you to know I’m keeping you both. If I knew you’d be okay with it, I’d move you into the compound tomorrow.”

She grinned at him. “If I say I’m okay with that will you think I’m clingy.”

Sniper stared at her a minute, then threw back the covers and climbed out of the bed.

“It’s too soon,” she said, as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I shouldn’t have said that.” Then she watched as he grabbed a bag and started emptying her dresser.

“What are you doing,” Maggie questioned as she swiped at her eyes.

“Packing,” he grinned, as he ran back and jumped on the bed.

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