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Chapter 19 - Sniper

Sniper’s sleep that night was the best he’d ever had. His girl curled up against his chest and he held her tight all night. It was just like the night he spent with her on the couch. He’d cared for Carly, but he’d never been a cuddler. He couldn’t stand when she got to close at night. It made him feet claustrophobic. But with his Shortcake, he loved it. It was a comfort to have her in his arms, and it was something he wanted to do every night.

They woke slowly, and talked quietly, until Gav woke up. Then their first morning together started. Sniper had looked after Brady overnight, so he wasn’t unprepared for the morning routine. He helped make breakfast, he cleaned up while Maggie dressed Gav, and he got to watch Bugs Bunny. It was the perfect start to the day. He enjoyed his morning with them, and it made him feel like he was part of the family.

But at a quarter to nine, Maggie seemed to deflate. Her mood turned sour and her whole body seemed to close in on itself. As Sniper watched, she grabbed a small backpack, loaded it up with some of Gav’s things, and set it by the door.

“What are you doing Shortcake,” he finally asked, when it was obvious she wasn’t going to stop and explain.

“It’s Jamie’s parents day to take Gavin. I’m just getting his things together,” Maggie told him.

“They get a day with him,” Sniper asked in surprise. She looked up then and huffed out a frustrated breathe.

“They’re blood relatives. With Jamie gone, they’re the only link to him. The judge awarded them visiting rights, and if I don’t agree I risk breaking the agreement and I could go to jail,” she informed him.

“That’s ridiculous,” Sniper growled. “Why the hell would a judge grant them visitation?”

“It’s standard in custody battles. I’m just thankful it’s only one day a week. He could have awarded them joint custody, it’s not uncommon,” Maggie informed him. “I’ve done my research Sniper.”

He nodded. “I’m sure you have Shortcake, and I’m not arguing with you. I just don’t like it,” he told her.

“Neither do I, and neither would Jamie. But with an order in place, I have to accept it,” she sadly reintegrated.

Sniper moved across the room and stood in front of her. When she looked up at him it was clear his girl was torn up over this, and his anger was only making it harder on her. Without thought he tagged her around the neck, pulled her tight against his chest, and wrapped her up in his arms. Immediately her body deflated, and then she was wrapping her arms around him too, and holding on for all she was worth. If comfort was all he could offer her then that’s what he’d give her. They stood that way until the doorbell rang, forcing them apart. Maggie called for Gavin, and Sniper moved to the door.

“I should get it,” Maggie called to his retreating back, but he ignored her. There was no way in hell she was getting it when he was in the house. Sniper flipped the lock and pulled open the door, surprising the couple on the other side.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins it’s nice to see you again,” Sniper lied, as he grinned down at them. From his position on the stoop and his with his height, he towered over the couple. The shock on their face amused him.

“What are you doing here? This is my grandson’s house,” Mrs. Hutchins angrily demanded.

Sniper stepped outside and moved down the step, forcing them to move out of the way. He made a show of looking at the house, then at the number, before turning back to face them.

“My god, you’re right,” Sniper replied with exaggerated astonishment. “What was I thinking, spending the morning at my girlfriends house. Who does that?” He couldn’t stop the chuckle at the furious looks they both directed his way.

“That was uncalled for,” Mr. Hutchins huffed.

“Then don’t ask ridiculous questions,” Sniper snickered. “I’m dating Maggie, to do that I need to see her. To see her, I actually have to be at her house.”

Before the two could start up again Maggie appeared on the doorstep with Gavin. Sniper didn’t have a problem arguing with the boys grandparents, but he wasn’t arguing in front of him. He stepped aside and gave Gavin room to get out. Gavin quietly walked down the steps and then hugged his grandparents one at a time. When he turned back he was smiling up at them.

“Bye momma,” Gavin said as he moved to her and gave him a hug. Then he turned and did the same thing to Sniper. Sniper felt like the boy had given him the world.

“Bye Gav,” he choked out.

He wrapped Maggie back up in his arms, and they watched as Gavin moved to the car and was strapped in. And they didn’t move away until the car had disappeared. When it did, Sniper placed his finger under his girls chin and tipped it up.

“You ever been to a biker club before,” he asked her. When she shook her head, he smirked. “Well let’s go break you in.”

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