Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 20 - Maggie

Maggie was on the back of Sniper’s bike, and this time they were headed for the clubhouse. She was nervous and fidgeting with the clasps on Sniper’s vest. He eventually had to wrap one of his large hands around the two of hers to stop her.

“It will be alright, Shortcake,” he soothed her as he stopped for a light. “They’ll all love you just as much as I do.”

Maggie nodded, but the light changed before she could respond, and Sniper turned back to the road. She’d like to say his words helped, but they didn’t. She didn’t have any family, and his was huge.

When the gates opened and he pulled inside, she knew they had arrived. There was no more time for nerves, because the parking lot was full of girls. It was overwhelming, but they all had smiles and actually looked excited to meet her.

Sniper helped her off the bike and took her helmet from her. Once it was stored away in his saddlebag, he turned to face the girls, while pushing her behind him. She leaned against his back and placed her hands in his pockets.

“Don’t you fucking dare crowd her,” Sniper demanded of the girls. “She’s nervous enough without all you crazies coming at her at once.”

“Us?” one girl questioned innocently. “You sound like you don’t know us at all.”

Sniper snorted, and the girl grinned in response. “You’re the worst of them all.”

“I resent that,” the girl frowned. “I think I’m much better with Zoe around.”

Suddenly Wrench appeared, and he grabbed the girl around the waist and tickled her side. “You’re ten times worse with Zoe around. The two of you are a menace to society.”

The girl grabbed the front of his shirt and twisted. Maggie had a feeling it was his nipple she’d caught. Wrench reared back, letting her go, as he roared and rubbed his chest.

“Goddamitt,” he hissed when he’d calmed down. “Tell me it wasn’t the two of you that covered all our doorways in Saran Wrap while we slept last week. You try waking up hungover and not knowing what the hell is going on.”

The girl shrugged, and turned to wink at another girl, causing the girl to giggle. Sniper must have heard enough because he suddenly stepped forward, gaining all their attention.

“Maybe we should come back another day,” he hedged as he eyed them all warily.

It was then Maggie decided she needed to suck it up and introduce herself. The girls terrified her, but they sounded like a lot of fun. She definitely needed some fun in her life. She stepped out from behind Sniper and waited until she had all their eyes.

“I’m Maggie,” she announced in greeting, and was happy when they all smiled at her.

“I’m Misty,” one girl greeted as she moved away from the group and approached her. “Sniper’s my brother, and he’s told us a lot about you and your little boy. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

When the girl leaned forward and hugged her, Maggie couldn’t help hugging her back.

Thank you,” she replied sincerely. Misty winked at her then linked their arms together as she started pointing out the girls.

“The loud one is November. She’s Wrench’s sister if you couldn’t tell, and Lucifer’s girl. The one beside her is Zoe. She belongs to Dagger. Macy belongs to Preacher, and Snake is her brother. Cassie and Ali are behind them, and they belong to Steele and Dragon.” She paused as the girls waved. “Alexandria belongs to Mario. He’s sort of an honorary member of the club. Tiffany is Preacher’s sister and belongs to Shadow. And lastly the Gypsy girl is Fable. She belongs to Tripp.”

“Hi,” Maggie said as she waved to them all. “It’s a little overwhelming to meet you all at once, but I’m glad to get to know you.”

It was then the girls all charged at once. Sniper was literally knocked on his ass as they all pushed past him and wrapped her up in a group hug.

“Fucking girls,” Sniper grumbled, as Wrench helped him climb to his feet. Maggie grinned when he dusted himself off.

“Want to grab a beer?” Wrench questioned as he pulled Sniper slightly away.

Snipers eyes immediately caught hers and there was a question in them. It was obvious he was concerned about leaving her.

“I’m fine,” Maggie assured him. “I’m sure they have lots to tell me.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Sniper complained as Wrench chuckled and dragged him away.

Maggie looked at the girls surrounding her and realized they all wore mischievous grins. Honestly, she was a wee bit afraid.

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