Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 4 - Maggie

Maggie stood in line at the ice cream parlour, holding Gavin’s hand. They had just finished grocery shopping, and Gavin had been an angel in the store. She had brought him here as a treat. Most two year olds were monsters, but it was almost as if Gavin was good just to make things easier on her. She rarely had to discipline him, and if she did, he apologized immediately afterwards. He took after his father in that way, he was always so easy going, and they never argued.

“I want chocolate,” Gavin declared as they got closer to the counter.

“I know sweetheart,” Maggie replied, because that’s the only flavour he ever asked for.

When it was their turn she placed his order, paid, and got a handful of napkins. Ice cream was fun, but it was one of the messiest treats she knew of. Of course by the time he was done, Gavin would have it on his clothes, in his hair, and all over her.

Maggie retrieved his order when she was called, and sighed when she noticed the place was packed. Heading to the back she found the last free table in the entire place. She hurried to get Gavin settled in a booster seat, then handed him the cone. Once he was occupied, she placed her elbows on the table, rested her chin on her hands, and people watched.

Gavin was a great little eater, but he was slow, and even worse with ice cream. Like all kids, he wanted it to last. But Gavin took that to a whole new meaning. He’d take at least a half hour to finish the small cone. She glanced to the door and then couldn’t look away when an extremely tall, well built man walked in. He was followed by a boy that looked slightly older than Gavin. The man had short sandy coloured hair, and a grin on his face. He wore camo pants, a tight black tee, and black boots. But what caught her attention was the leather vest he wore.

She’d heard of The Stone Knight’s, especially after a new girl in town started playing pranks on them all. Apparently she had had been led to believe they were responsible for her sister’s death, and things had gotten crazy for awhile. Once it was cleared up, she ended up dating one of them, and last she had heard the two were now married.

Maggie blinked when she realized the man had already gotten two ice cream cones, and was now headed their way. His eyes were locked on hers, and she felt like an idiot for the way she had been staring at him. The smirk on his face confirmed her fear, he had seen her checking him out.

“There’s no other free tables in here,” he said in greeting, as he pointed to the two empty chairs close to her. “Do you mind if we join you?”

Maggie dropped her arms, sat up a bit straighter, and grinned back at him. “Not at all. Just don’t get too close to Gavin, he tends to get everything close to him covered in ice cream as well.”

The biker laughed as he got the boy settled, then took the seat beside her. “I can see that,” he said. Then he shocked her by reaching up and swiping at something on her cheek with his thumb. “Ice cream,” he said as he wiped the chocolate mess on a napkin.

“Oh, thank you. I would have gotten all the way home and most likely had dinner made before I ever noticed,” she admitted.

“I’m Noah,” the biker declared. “But everyone calls me Sniper. This little man here is my nephew Brady.”

“Pleased to meet you Brady,” she greeted him. “I’m Maggie, and this is my son Gavin.”

“I got an awesome black bike,” Brady suddenly said, and her mouth tipped into a smile as she turned Sniper’s way.

“That’s so much better,” Sniper told the boy, as he looked over at her apologetically. “He added some colourful words to that sentence earlier.”

Maggie laughed, and he grinned at her. “I like your nephew,” she told him. “I bet he makes life interesting.”

He rolled his eyes. “You have no idea.”

They talked for the next half hour, and she found she hadn’t laughed that much in ages. Once the boys were done and cleaned up she knew their time together was over. She dragged her feet until the last possible minute, finally giving up and following him to the door.

“It was really nice meeting you,” Sniper told her, as he stopped at a large SUV in the parking lot. “Maybe we’ll meet again.”

“I’d like that,” Maggie returned, and she knew she was blushing like a teenager.

Then she moved to her own small car, got Gavin strapped in, and pulled out of the parking lot. She was halfway home before she realized she had walked away without giving the biker her phone number.

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