Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 6 - Maggie

Maggie pulled up in front of her tiny house and dropped her head on the steering wheel. She was bone tired and barely had the energy to get out of the car. She had worked the night shift last night and then was ordered in this morning when a waitress called in sick. If that wasn’t enough, Gavin was fussy last night, and the small amount of sleep she did get, just wasn’t enough.

She sat up, reached over and grabbed her purse, then forced her tired body out of the car. The walk across the lawn to her neighbour’s house seemed twice as long as it normally did. She hadn’t even reached the door when she heard the crying. Gavin was a good baby, and hardly screamed at all, so instantly she began to panic.

Maggie flat out ran the rest of the way, pushed open Mrs. Grey’s door, and hurried inside. When she reached the living room she stopped. Mrs. Grey was pacing the floor, as she held a very sick little boy in her arms. Gavin was crying, he was pale, and he was drenched in sweat.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Maggie immediately questioned the older woman. Then she moved forward and scooped her boy out of her neighbours arms.

“Oh honey,” Mrs. Grey soothed, and Maggie deflated.

“You did, didn’t you?” she conceded.

Mrs. Grey smiled. “Your cell went right to voicemail, and I called the bar and left a message with one of the waitresses.

“I’m so sorry,” Maggie told the woman. “I must have forgot to charge my cell last night, and we’re training a new girl, she must have taken the message and then forgot about it.”

“It’s not a problem,” Mrs. Grey assured her. “But that boy needs a doctor. He has a fever, and his poor little body can’t keep anything down.”

Maggie nodded. “I’ll take him to the emergency, he’ll get in faster there.”

Then she turned and raced for the door. Mrs. Grey followed with the bag she had packed and left sitting at the door. As Maggie strapped in Gavin, Mrs. Grey placed the bag on the seat beside him.

“You drive carefully now. And don’t you worry, a bit of medicine and that boy will be just fine,” Mrs. Grey promised her.

“Thanks Mrs. Grey,” Maggie instantly replied. Then she kissed the woman on the cheek, climbed back in her car, and pulled out of the drive once more. She was running on adrenaline now, as she carefully but quickly headed to the hospital.

When Maggie was safely in the parking lot, she actually breathed a sigh of relief, then hurried to get Gavin unstrapped. Her poor boy was still crying up a storm, and he looked absolutely miserable. She picked him up, grabbed her purse, and hurried across the parking lot.

Once inside, Maggie headed straight for reception, cringing when she saw the busy waiting room. She filled out the paperwork as best she could with a heavy Gavin in her arms, and eyed the receptionist worriedly.

“How long will we have to wait?” Maggie questioned.

“Wait’s about two and a half hours,” the girl replied. “Could be more, could be less.”

“But my boy’s really sick. Is there anyway we can get seen faster?”

“Sorry honey. There’s a man that almost chopped off his foot with an axe waiting too. We’re a smaller hospital and only have so many doctors,” she responded.

Maggie nodded, understanding the truth of her words. It was just the way smaller towns worked. All the doctors wanted jobs in the bigger hospitals because they paid more. Sighing, she moved to the corner of the room and remained standing. She knew without a doubt that if she sat the crying would get louder. All she could do now was sway, and whisper soothing words to her poor boy.

An hour later Gavin threw up on her, and with almost nothing left, the tears came. She was drop dead tired, she was worried about her son, and now she was covered in his puke. She desperately needed help, and she didn’t know where to turn to get it.

When the outside doors suddenly opened, she glanced up without thinking, and locked eyes with Sniper. The biker had been heading to reception, but when he noticed her, he stopped. She could only stare as he scanned her from head to toe then scowled.

Maggie tried to smile, but she knew it came out wobbly, and with the tears running down her face she knew she looked a mess. When he started striding her way his face became even more furious, and she had no idea what to do.

But when he reached her he grabbed her arm, turned her towards a huge set of double doors, and dragged her through. Maggie didn’t know what was happening, but she didn’t care. He was there, and he seemed to be helping her, so that was all that mattered.

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