Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 7 - Sniper

Sniper pulled up to the hospital and parked the SUV in the special section reserved for doctors. He reached over and retrieved his club vest from the passenger seat and shrugged it on as he climbed out. All clubs had a strict rule that no members could wear their vests when in any closed in vehicle. It was a sign of disrespect.

It was late evening, and Sniper had borrowed Doc’s rig to take Brody to the park. Doc was off shortly though, so Sniper had returned to drive him back to the clubhouse. He crossed the parking lot and headed straight into the emergency area. It was where Doc could usually be found. The man had an office, but he was never in it.

As soon as Sniper passed through the doors, he scanned the area looking for Doc. But a pretty little thing with wavy blond hair caught his attention. Maggie was standing there with tears in her eyes, and in her arms was a screaming Gavin. Without thought, Sniper headed their way. It was obvious from one look the poor girl hadn’t been in to see a doctor yet.

He reached her, grabbed her arm, and tugged her across the waiting room and past the gawking receptionist. Pushing the double doors open, he headed into the back. Maggie looked surprised, but she didn’t voice one word of protest. He scanned the cubicles as he passed, and when he spotted the familiar shock of peppered dark hair he stopped.

“Doc, I need you to take a look at this little guy for me,” Sniper requested.

Doc turned and eyed him for a minute, but the minute he got a look at Gavin, his features softened.

“What do we have here?” Doc asked, as he moved closer to Maggie and Gavin.

“He’s got a fever, he won’t stop crying, and he just threw up on me,” Maggie told Doc in a voice that sounded so defeated it pulled at Sniper’s heart.

“Will he let me hold him?” Doc asked her.

“He’s quiet, but he’s extremely friendly,” Maggie responded, as she passed Gavin over. “I think all the vomit is on me though, so you should be safe.”

Doc just grinned. “A little vomit won’t hurt me,” he replied with a smile. “Sniper, why don’t you take this pretty girl to my office and help her clean up. There’s a clean shirt in my desk.”

“Thanks Doc,” Sniper nodded as he took Maggie’s hand. When she looked unsure, he reached up to brushed away her tears. “Doc’s amazing with kids, and I promise we’ll be fast.”

Finally the poor girl sighed, and let him lead her away. Sniper headed to the stairs and took her quickly up to the second floor. A short walk down the hall, and he was pushing open the door to Doc’s office. Immediately he moved over to the desk and found the shirt, then shuffled her over to the tiny sink.

“You don’t know me well, but we need to clean you up. I hate to say this, but you smell god awful,” Sniper smirked. “Would you be okay with me helping, or do you want me to leave while you do it yourself? I don’t want a visit from your pissed off husband later.”

Maggie smiled sadly at him, and his heart jumped. “My husband died a few months ago of cancer,” she replied. “And I don’t care if you stay, I just want this shirt off.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” he told her. “You must miss him a lot.”

“He was my best friend,” she admitted. “And he was all I had left.”

Sniper frowned at her. “You don’t have any other family?”

“My parents were in a car accident when I was young. I was raised by my grandpa. He had a bad heart and he died a couple years ago,” Maggie told him.

“Jesus,” Sniper huffed. “What about your husband’s family?”

Maggie shuffled from foot to foot nervously and looked down at the floor. “My husband’s family basically disowned him.”

“Wow, that’s harsh,” Sniper grunted. “I’m sorry.”

She shrugged. “It’s okay, he was better off without them.”

“Okay,” Sniper acknowledged as he looked at her curiously. He wanted to ask more, but he knew now wasn’t the time. “Lift your arms and I’ll try to get your shirt off without getting anything else on your face or hair.”

Immediately she lifted her arms, and he was pleased. She didn’t realize it, but she trusted him already, and his heart swelled with pride.

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