Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 8 - Maggie

Maggie had no idea where Sniper had come from, and frankly she didn’t care. He was there and was taking charge, and that’s exactly what she needed. When he told her to lift her arms she didn’t hesitate. If she didn’t get the shirt off soon she was going to vomit herself.

She felt his hands graze her stomach as he lifted it, and she shivered from the touch. His hands were large, and they were incredibly warm. She looked up at him and found him smirking down at her. He knew his touch had affected her. She could feel the heat as the blush spread across her face.

“You look real pretty when you blush,” Sniper told her, and she immediately ducked her head in embarrassment. “No, don’t duck your head, you’ll get it on you.”

Maggie instantly lifted her head again and waited. This time he pulled the shirt well away from her and lifted it up, doing the same with the neckline. When she was free, she breathed a sigh of relief, then watched him throw it in the trash.

“Sorry sweetheart, I don’t think we can save it,” Sniper admitted.

“It’s okay,” Maggie assured him, then she moved her arms to cover her chest.

Sniper strode over to the desk and removed his vest. She eyed him apprehensively, then took a step back when he tagged his tee behind the neck and pulled it over his head.

“What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

Sniper dropped his tee on the desk, then reached for Doc’s and pulled it back over his head. Then he was shrugging back into his vest.

“Sorry sweetheart, but it will kill me to see you in another man’s shirt. I’d really like it if you’d wear mine,” Sniper told her.

Taken slightly aback, Maggie smiled shyly, actually loving the possessive way he was acting. No one had ever done something like that before, and it made her heart flutter.

“Okay,” Maggie replied.

“Good, now come over to the sink and we’ll wipe down your arms,” he ordered.

She moved towards him again and stood still. Sniper took a cloth that was folded on the side of the counter, wet it under the water, then gently lifted each arm and wiped them down. When he was done, she watched as he grabbed his tee and helped her shrug it on. It was large and fell to mid thigh, but she loved it.

“Thank you so much,” Maggie sighed when he was done.

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go back and check on your boy,” Sniper told her.

She nodded and hurried to the door. As soon as they were both out in the hall, he grabbed her hand again. She welcomed it, and let him lead her back to the first floor and into the curtained enclosure where Gavin was.

As soon as Doc looked up he noticed them. Gavin was laying on the bed, and as soon as he saw her he reached out for her. She let go of Sniper’s hand and hurried to his side. Then she sat on the bed and gathered him into her arms.

“Is he okay?” Maggie questioned as Sniper moved to stand beside her.

“He’s got an ear infection,” Doc explained. “It’s very common and he just needs some antibiotics. I already gave him a dose and his fevers already coming down. He just needs rest and liquids.”

“Can I take him home,” Maggie asked.

“Of course you can, I already sent your prescription downstairs to the pharmacy to be filled. A nurse should return shortly with it. I’ll settle the bill with Sniper later,” Doc told her.

“I can’t thank you enough,” she said with a smile.

“No worries, I’ll come by in a day or so to check on him,” Doc replied.

Maggie went to respond, but Gavin’s name was suddenly bellowed from the hall. She cringed and pulled her son closer, paling because she recognized who it belonged to.

Both Sniper and Doc looked at her in surprise, and she ducked her head in embarrassment once more. When the curtain was ripped open, both men moved to stand in front of her.

“Maggie Macleod,” Gavin’s grandmother practically shouted. “How come we have to be called by a neighbor and told our grandson is in the hospital?”

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