Treasuring Maggie - Stone Knight’s MC Book 10

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Chapter 9 - Sniper

Sniper moved to stand slightly in front of Maggie as soon as he heard the woman angrily yelling Gavin’s name. He was pleased when Doc automatically did the same thing. Now his girl was almost blocked completely from view. He was surprised when the curtain was pulled back to reveal an elderly couple.

As soon as they addressed Maggie so harshly, Sniper grew concerned. They were claiming they should have been contacted. He twisted slightly, so he was still protecting her, but he could get a look at her. The poor girl looked pale, and she was staring at the floor.

“I’m his mother,” she told them quietly. “Why would they even call you?” Then she raised her head and looked at them, and the look of defeat on her face, cut Sniper.

“We have a court order, which we brought to the hospital a while ago. We are now on record as guardians on our son’s behalf. They are required to call,” the lady sneered.

" I didn’t know you did that,” she whispered.

“Of course we did. It was done before our poor James died,” the older man added.

“Jamie,” Maggie said, with a bit more force. “He liked to be called Jamie.”

Sniper could see this was going to escalate, so he placed his hand on his girls shoulder, and turned back to the couple. Of course Doc stepped forward before he could say anything.

“I’m assuming your this boys grandparents,” Doc asked.

“Yes, we are. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins. How bad is it,” the man questioned?

“Gavin just has a slight ear infection, nothing a small dose of antibiotics won’t clear up. He’ll be right back to normal in a couple days, Doc explained kindly.

“Well, you must have been somewhere unsafe for him to pick that up,” Mrs. Hutchins accused Maggie.

“Not necessarily,” Doc interrupted. “Ear infections are extremely common, he could have picked it up anywhere.”

“You probably carried the virus home with you from that horrible bar you work in,” Mr. Hutchins said. “James would have been appalled to see you working there.”

“I lost my receptionist job when I took too many days off to care for him. The bar was the only place that would hire me, and Jamie supported everything I did. He wouldn’t have cared where I worked. We actually went to that bar several times together.”

“Well isn’t that just convenient to say, seeing as we can’t ask him,” Mrs. Hutchins sneered.

When Gavin started to cry, Sniper had had enough. He reached down, pulled Gavin from Maggie’s arms, and cradled him against his chest. He caught the gasp from his grandparents, but he ignored them.

“Gavin needs to get home and get some sleep,” he growled. “Come on Shortcake, I’ll drive you home.”

She blinked up at him, and he knew he had surprised her with the nickname. It had surprised him too, but it had just come out. She was so tiny, and when he first met her, she smelled like vanilla. Shortcake just seemed fitting.

“Who are you,” Mrs. Hutchins asked in anger.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Maggie said, as she stood up beside him and grabbed his arm.

“You’re what,” Gavin’s grandmother asked in outrage.

Sniper grinned, loving the way this was suddenly turning out. “I’m her man. Name’s Noah, but I only answer to Sniper. Now if you’ll excuse us, Doc said we need to take Gav home.”

With that said he pushed past them, pulling a grinning Maggie with him. The couple stood there with their mouths hanging open.

“But he’s a biker,” Mr. Hutchins sputtered.

“He certainly is, and he’s the hottest man I think I’ve seen in my whole life,” Maggie replied.

“You can’t date, James would horrified if he saw you with this man,” the woman cried.

Maggie stopped walking, and Sniper had no choice but to stop too.

“Are you kidding,” she said with surprise. “If Jamie were still alive, I’d have a fight on my hands, because he’d want him too.”

Then she turned and dragged him down the hall. Sniper followed, but he was stuck on what she had said. He knew now wasn’t the time, but as soon as they got back to her place and got Gav settled, he was going to find out exactly what she meant by that comment.

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