Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

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Wren meets a man at a young age and learns the word mate, but years later, when she finds him in a facility that tortures wolves, will she be strong enough to save him? Wren's only friend was a caged wolf cub. A wolf cub that could change into a young boy. When the boy's parents come to rescue him, her own parents are viciously killed. But she is spared, all because a man with them speaks one word, mate. Years pass, Wren grows up, and so does the wolf, and he decides its time to find her again. Paul was known to be one of the toughest Enforcers there was. But even the strongest can fall. He is captured, and finds himself chained in a cell, with no hope of escaping. But what happens when Wren enters his cell to run tests. Will she recognize the boy that once called her mate, or will she become the worst enemy he could ever have!

Romance / Action
Megan Fall
4.9 77 reviews
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15 Years Earlier

Paul stood in front of the large house and studied it. It had a main front door, a back door, and an attached garage. His best friend Travis growled from beside him, and he knew the wolf was in attack mode. Travis’ mate Erin wasn’t fairing much better. Their cub was in that house, and they were prepared to kill everything in their path to get him back.

Suddenly a child’s scream echoed through the darkness. It was enough to send the two wolves into a frenzy. Clothes tore and bones snapped as the couple shifted and raced for the house. The door didn’t stand a chance, as the massive wolves hit it. It splintered and flew from its hinges, to land somewhere inside the house.

Paul growled and took off after the wolves in human form. He leaped onto the porch and raced into the house. The child’s screams were coming from the second floor, and Paul could hear the pounding of the wolves paws, as they raced down the hall above him. He took the stairs two at time and powered after them. He had always been faster and stronger than the rest of the wolves in his pack, so he wasn’t far behind.

When Paul hit the room at the end of the hall, he stepped inside and froze. A man and a woman stood to the side of the room, and they were holding fireplace pokers. It was obvious they thought that would stop Travis and Erin from tearing them apart, but Paul knew they were wrong. The wolves were extremely protective and would put their pups life before their own.

Paul’s eyes darted around the room, until he located the cub. The boy was in human form, and he was a bloody mess. He only wore pyjama pants, and it was blatantly obvious he had been beaten to near death. The condition of the boy infuriated him.

Then his eyes darted to the slip of a girl that was standing protectively over the boy. She could be no more than seven herself, but she looked fierce as she placed herself in the couple’s path. The wolves would have headed straight for their cub, so that meant they didn’t consider the girl a threat. The girl’s parents however were a different story.

The wolves were snarling viciously, and saliva was dripping from their fangs. The parents would be dead in minutes, and it would be extremely bloody.

Paul inched his way towards the children, trying not to distract Travis or Erin. The girl eyed him warily, but continued to block the boy. He kept his distance, but he had to get to the bottom of things.

“Your parents?” Paul questioned the girl, as he pointed to the couple across the room. The girl merely nodded. “They did this?” he asked, as he pointed to the cub. Again the girl simply nodded. He dropped his head in sorrow, then powered on.

“They will die tonight,” Paul honestly explained to her. Again he got a small nod. “You know what we are?” he continued. Another nod. “You know what the boy is?” The girls eyes darted to the boy protectively.

“My friend,” she replied surprising him. “My parents were killing him. I hate them, but I don’t want to watch them die.”

Paul stared at her in shock. “You know this needs to happen?” he asked. Once more she nodded. “You want to wait in the hall?” he questioned. The nod came again.

Paul approached quickly, knowing he only had seconds before the wolves pounced. He scooped up the boy, and nodded for the girl to lead the way. She moved quickly for such a tiny thing, and they were out of the room quickly.

The minute they were clear, all hell broke loose. Screams filled the air and viscous snarling followed. Paul cringed as he heard bones break and blood splattering the walls. It lasted approximately two minutes, and then there was complete silence.

The girl looked troubled, but not once did she cry out in sorrow. Paul found himself amazed by the girls strength. He had no time though to ponder his reaction, as the wolves prowled out of the room. Blood coated their paws and snouts, and Paul knew they were still in a killing frenzy. The taste of human blood would do that to a wolf.

He stepped right up to the girl, closer than he had dared get yet, and froze once more. The girl smelled like fresh strawberries, and the scent hit him like a ton of bricks. He snapped his head in her direction and stared directly into her eyes. She stared back innocently.

The growls coming from Travis and Erin had him turning away and growling himself.

“Mate,” Paul rasped out in a guttural voice. Immediately the wolves backed off and turned to their cub. Erin whimpered as her yellow eyes took him in.

Paul was forced to step away from the girl, as Erin gave him a quick shove. He strode forward and carried the boy closer to where Travis waited. The wolves licked the bloody skin of his chest, and threw their heads back to howl. It was a sound of pure agony.

Paul had no choice but to follow the wolves as they prowled down the stairs and out the front door. He stopped before stepping into the porch, and turned back to look at the top of stairs.

The small girl had followed him there. She watched him with achingly sad eyes, and his heart broke. He knew she was his mate, but she was human and still incredibly young. She had no place in his world yet.

“Mate,” he heard her whisper in confusion, but he turned away and raced into the night, the broken cub in his arms. He had no choice but to leave her there, but he vowed that one day he’d return. And when he did, he’d claim the girl, and she’d be his.

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