Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

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Chapter 14 - Paul

Paul was going stir crazy. His little bird hadn’t been back all night, and she had promised to return. He needed to pace, and he couldn’t do that with the damn chains keeping him against the wall. He cursed, he swore, and even his wolf threw in the occasional growl. Plus his agitation was affecting Jack. The man was feeding off him, and was almost as bad as he was. Although that could have been because Paul was an enforcer. His emotions were amplified and projected stronger to those around him.

“She’s not coming back”, Jack practically snarled. “She abandoned us.”

“She fucking didn’t”, Paul growled. “She left swearing she’d do whatever it takes to get us the hell out of here. Either she’s got herself into trouble, or she’s making that happen. The only other thing I can think of, is that her leg is bad and she can’t physically come back.”

“Well I hope like hell she’s trying to get us out of here. She’s our only hope right now, and I don’t want to loose that”, Jack said.

“I know”, Paul sighed. “I have plenty of friends that could help, but if I can’t get a message to them it won’t fucking matter. And I can guarantee they’re looking for me.”

“Yeah, I can bet if my mate got away she’s on her way back to our pack too”, Jack told him. “I just have this sinking feeling that she won’t abandon me. She’ll stick close to the area and keep looking for me. Eventually they’ll find her.”

Suddenly the door opened, and a guard entered carrying a tray. He didn’t say a word, just placed the items it contained on the floor by him and Jack. The smell of stew hit Paul’s nose, and he suddenly realized he was ravenous. Then the guard was waking away.

“The girl”, Paul growled, causing the guard to stop. “She was supposed to come back.”

The guard turned, and stared at him. “Yeah, well she isn’t coming.”

“Why”, Paul asked. “She was supposed to come and check on my wounds. They fucking hurt”, he added for good measure.

The guard grinned. “They’re supposed to hurt. She’s staying in David’s room tonight. She isn’t available.”

Paul couldn’t stop the growl that tore from his throat, but the door was already closing. He pulled at the chains, but they still didn’t budge.

“Guess it wasn’t any of the things you came up with”, Jack sneered. “She was fucking using you. She’s with David and was just trying to gain your trust. You fell for it, and you even marked her. You can’t trust them.”

Paul’s chest ached, and his wolf was in pain. He felt torn, but in his gut he knew that wasn’t true. He had a feeling Jack was wrong, and he was right. His mate had said she would figure out a way of this, and he had a feeling that’s what she was doing. He trusted her, but he didn’t trust David. If she was staying in his room for the night, there was a damn good reason.

Paul froze when his chains started to loosen, and his arms became slacker. His ankles remained tight, but he could now move his arms a bit. The door opened, and Paul looked up to see the guard poke his head in.

“You have five minutes to eat. After that time, the chains will be pulled back again”, he explained. Then he was gone and the door shut again.

Paul and Jack looked at each other, then they both grabbed up their bowls of food. Of course there was no fork or spoon, but that didn’t matter to two hungry wolves. Paul tipped up the bowl and practically drank the contents. He wasn’t embarrassed at all to lick the entire bowl clean. Wren’s granola bars had helped stave off his hunger, but he had still needed real food. He was sad to see the bowl was now empty. He threw it down and tested the bonds, even slackened they held strong.

But the food had helped. He already felt stronger, and that was something he relished. He didn’t think the staff knew what feeding him would do. He was an enforcer, a bit of food would help him heal and help him gain his strength back. They were in for trouble. Paul figured that within another day or two he would almost be back to normal, as long as they didn’t hurt him anymore. Then he’d see just how strong these chains were. When they tightened again he sighed, but he felt better then he had since he got here, and that made a small smile appear on his face.

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