Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

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Chapter 23 - Wren

Wren screamed as David approached her. He moved fast, and with the crutches, she was at a disadvantage. She dropped them and tried to reach for the gun, but he was faster. He hit her in the cheek, and she slammed back into the wall. Without the crutches, she had no way of stopping herself from falling, and she landed on her back hard. With the wind knocked out of her David had the perfect chance to grab her, and he took advantage of that.

He bent, but instead of grabbing her arm, he snatched her hair in his fist and wrapped it around his hand. She screamed when he started to pull her back down the hall by it. It felt like her whole scalp with being ripped out. She grabbed at his fist, and scratched and clawed, trying to break his hold.

“I loved you”, he snarled, as he kept walking. “But you just couldn’t love me back. It’s always the fucking wolves with you.”

She screamed when an explosion rocked the building. The ceiling cracked, and a bit of plaster fell. She hoped that the wolves had taken out the labs, because that’s the direction the explosion had come from. David didn’t even blink, he just ignored everything around him, and kept walking. He was taking her deeper into the building, and away from Paul and the exit.

“Your uncle won’t be happy once he learns what you’ve done”, he yelled, as he threw her into an open cell. “He wanted you to follow in the family footsteps.” Her head bounced off the back wall, and she saw stars.

She reached in her waistband and pulled the gun free. Just as she raised it, David kicked it out of her hands. She blinked in confusion, realizing her actions were slowing down. Blood ran down the side of her face, and she had a feeling her head hit the wall harder than she thought.

“Your supposed to be mine”, David growled. “We were going to run this place together.”

“I’ll never be yours”, she cried. “I’m Paul’s.”

“Damn straight”, she heard snarled from behind David. “Have been since the night you held that poker and defended that pup.”

“Paul”, she cried, but David was already firing the gun, and it was aimed right at her. She couldn’t move as she watched the bullet head her way. Then at the last second, she was yanked away, and the bullet tore into the wall behind her. Paul’s arms wrapped around her, and she clung to him.

“I hope you have a lot more bullets”, Paul snarled, before he released her and leaped into the air.

David fired again, and the bullet tore into Paul’s arm, causing Wren to scream. Paul hit David hard, and the two fell to the ground. Both struggled, but it was easy to see David didn’t stand a chance. He was flat on his back, with Paul hovering over him, and Wren knew David would die.

“You dare to shoot at my mate”, Paul growled, as David paled.

“She’s not your mate”, David objected.

“Look”, Wren cried, as she ripped her tee at the shoulder in her haste to move it out of the way. “Do you see the mate bite.”

David paled even more, and she knew he saw it.

“She’s mine”, Paul growled, then he raised his arm, and claws sprouted from his fingers.

Wren watched, as Paul’s arm swung and his claws cut right through David’s throat. David stared up at Paul in horror, as blood coated his neck, and dripped to floor. Then his head dropped to the side, and he didn’t move. Wren didn’t need to be told, to know he was dead.

She blinked, and Paul was suddenly at her side. He carefully brushed her hair out of her face, and stared at her in concern.

“I’m okay”, she tried to sooth him.

“You’re not”, he growled. “You’re heads bleeding too much and your wrist is hanging at an odd angle.”

She looked at her hand in confusion, having no idea when that happened. Suddenly another explosion ripped through the facility, and Paul threw his body across hers. Plaster rained down, and the fluorescent lights tore out of the ceiling and smashed not far from them.

“Time to go Little Bird”, Paul shouted, as he scooped her up and headed for the hall.

The hall was full of dust and smoke, and the ceiling was coming down. More explosions came, and parts of the wall fell around them. Terrified, Wren could only cling to Paul in fear.

“We’re going to make it the fuck out of here”, Paul growled, but she wasn’t sure she believed him.

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