Flight and Fall

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Ee Song wakes up in the hospital. They're supposed to be dead. The A student at school; the smoker catching drafts of ash in the wind. Suicide was release. Suicide failed them. And gave them Jung-Soo. *New chapters everyday- in primary editing phase* Lim Ee Song has struggled all their life with being non-binary in a traditional Chinese-American household. They were born to compete, excel and take the world by storm. On a dry autumn night, they attempt to swallow all their pills. Like many other things they try to do, it falls short. Ee Song's emotionally constipated parents throw the topic in a jar and slam the lid on it. That's when they meet Yi Jung-Soo, the bed next to theirs. His brother has just been pronounced brain dead, and between his missing mother and a father who doesn't care, Jung-Soo is shattered. Ee Song finds the compulsion to nurse him. As pressure from their neurotic mother mounts, however, Song begins to revert back to their old ways. Self-harm, cigarettes, and the surety that death is their only release. Jung-Soo begins to fall in love with their quirky kindness and searches for it through their smoke and mirrors. But will he be too late?

Romance / Drama
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From the cradle of wires descended a feather, bruised and drained of color. As Song stretched out for it they could feel only the impermanence of its existence; they, without knowing, walked away folding the message of the hollow feather in their heart.

It would grow heavier.

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