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What is it about her?

By Ruby All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


The new girl in town, Lexie has a painful past and the scars to prove it. Peyton, the star football player and he has his eyes set on her. There's just something about her. Join Peyton and friends as the new girl changes their lives. This is a point of view story, each part is told from a character's point of view, Mostly the main two characters.

Chapter 1

Peyton’s POV

I wake up to my dad vacuuming, God I hate when he does that. He knows it bugs me so it’s even more annoying. If it was up to me I’d pitch the silent vacuum idea. But i’m pretty sure they have those already and my dad just likes annoying me. I mean he doesn’t clean any other time besides when I’m sleeping, well not that I’ve seen. I get up slowly my arms are a little sore since I just started working out again not that I really need it. From what can I tell from my reflection in the mirror across from my bed I’m in great shape. This football season was going to be a breeze. I keep looking and my hairs a mess no doubt from all the tossing and turning I did last night, and that I do every night. What is it about sleep that my brain doesn’t understand? I think the neuron's, dendrites and axons in my head have teamwork issues.

Normally when I can’t sleep I go outside and walk around, finding new places to think and clear my head. But I was just too exhausted last night so I stayed home.I’d started falling asleep around 3 am last night. I get up slowly, walk into the bathroom brush my teeth. Then I take a warm shower. I don’t bother doing my hair, it’s grown out a lot over winter break, I like it. It’s like pitch black so it brings out my bright have green eyes. Well, that’s what my mom says. It’s Saturday and I don’t really have much planned. I put on some black jeans, black converse and you got it a black t-shirt.I don’t know yellow is too bright, red is too girly and purple just reminds me of Justin Bieber.

My baby sisters room is on the way downstairs, I peep into her room and find her sound asleep. Have you ever met the smartest kid on earth? Nope. Because you haven’t met my sister Hailey. She’s only 7 but man can show read me like a book. She’s super intelligent but she’s still a little kid. We hang out in her tree house most of the time. She loves it up there. I remember how scared she was to go up there at first, took me weeks to convince her.

I’ll let her sleep in, I walk down the stairs and out the door. I don’t mind telling my dad where I’m going he knows I take random walks. My mom was probably still sleeping. I walk down a few blocks, music blasting out of my headphones. I stop to tie my shoelaces and when I look up I see a new face. This girl in the distance, she’s really pretty. She has dark black hair similar to mine. She’s sitting on a truck, must be a moving truck. I’ve never seen her before, she must be new to the neighborhood.

I just stood there staring at her like an idiot. She was really pale, and pretty skinny. She looked lost in thought, until a loud voice shook her, hell it shook me too, a bit.

“Get off your lazy ass and help me” yelled who I assume is her father. She got up fast grabbing two boxes which anyone could tell she couldn’t carry. Her dad goes into the house bringing some heavy things in with him. I see her stumble as the boxes she’s carrying are blocking her vision. A few steps and she’s on the ground. Ouch! That must have had to hurt, some thing’s in the box definitely broke. I run over and help her up.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

She’s too busy picking up pieces of glass. She just nods her head after a while. Liar! She clearly isn’t okay. She cut her knee on some of the glass, I help her pick up some pieces of glass. I lift myself into the truck and find a first aid kit in the moving truck. It’s not bad but I just bandage her cuts, she just stared at the ground when I did though. I didn’t even get a thank you.

It kind of hits me slowly that she’s new around here and I’m just a stranger helping her. She must think I’m some creep for just running so fast to help her. Oh well, Peyton to the rescue.

I extend my hand “Hi, my name’s Peyton, what’s yours?” no response.

She didn’t even look up.

“Welcome to the neighborhood” I tried again.

Nothing. I told her I hope her cuts heal fast and just kind of left her sitting there. Why didn’t she speak to me? And what’s with her dad? Better question why am I suddenly so concerned about this stranger. I even felt wrong leaving her sitting there. What is it about her?

3 Days Later

Winter break has just ended, and of course, it’s back to that hell hole they call a school. It’s not the school that’s bad is the people in it. See every school has their popular’s, jocks, geeks, sluts. God did we have those, it’s so pathetic how they throw themselves at the guys on the team and especially me.

Don’t get me wrong I have respect for women. I guess I only see them that way because I have a little sister and I wouldn’t like seeing her act that way. There are two girls who to anyone who even tries to speak to me they give hell to. Everyone’s so scared of them, I don’t get it. High school and society makes no sense. The ones with no brains have all the power and the intelligent ones bow down.

Ugh, anyway I woke up early and got a ride with my best friend Mason. Yes, Mason and Peyton, our names are “so cute” whatever the hell that means, and most girls well especially those two girls want us. Haylie also gets a ride. Her elementary school is on the way plus I rather she didn’t walk alone I’m kind of super protective of her. After dropping off Haylie, we finally get to school.

“Dude, that break wasn’t long enough and who the hell starts school on a Wednesday? It’s the middle of the week! They could’ve at least given us until next week!” Mason says he’s already rambling.

If there’s anyone who hates school more than me, It’s him. Mason and I have been best friends since Pre-K. Leave it to us to throw markers at some girls during art. Why? Well, they’d always pick us for gym partners and share cookies, I shouldn’t be complaining right? Well in Pre-K your best friend is your brother and girls have cooties.

Anyway, the teacher ended up calling our parents and we had a meeting. Our parents got along great like we did, hell we all had dinner that day! Our parent’s found the whole incident pretty funny. Of course, that’s just the kind of people they are. Straight face for the teachers and laughing like idiots afterward.

“I know right It’s not like the teachers actually miss us, and obviously those leeches are stocking our facebook pages" I say laughing.

Leeches that’s what we started calling them.

“They don’t miss a beat do they?” he said before he sighed.

Poor guy, I think he saw Layla coming our way. That’s one of the two and she has been after him for years.

“Ah, oh my God! I missed you soo much!” she says wrapping her arms around his neck.

Mason stays stiff, then cracks a smile when he sees me making gagging faces.


That’s the bell, I rush to class leaving poor Mason trying to get away from Layla. I have forensics first period, it’s my favorite class! Dead things, fingerprints, solving crimes and stuff. It's really fun, Wow that sounds geeky, doesn’t it? Oh well. It was the only thing besides football that made this place suck less.

Anyway, we have partners in this class of course, but I made it clear that I work alone. No leeches here to kill my favorite class. Not even 20 minutes into class when Ms. Franklin interrupts us. Ugh, what is it now? I was almost done.

“Class, this is our new student, Alexis Mathews. She’s new to the area so, be the nice kids I know you guys can be !” She says.

She knew it was hard being new especially at this school. Immediately you hear whispers

“Why’s her hair so like dark? Freak. She has to be one of those girls, look at what she’s wearing. Wear a color would you?” Judgmental much.

I, of course, am too busy finishing my work to even look up.

“You can sit next to Mr.Skarr.” Says Ms.franklin.

Silence filled the classroom.

“That won’t be a problem will it Peyton?” Ms. Franklin stares me down. “No, no miss” I answer, her eye’s look into your soul I swear!

I made it clear that I work alone but I also sweet-talked Ms.Franklin back then and was in no mood to try again. It’s not until she actually she sits down that I actually look at the new girl. Pretty sure my mouth dropped open. It’s the girl from the moving truck! Her eye’s widened when she saw me, I smiled. Now let’s try this again.

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