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Chapter 11

4 Months Later

Peyton’s POV

We are eating lunch at our regular table today and Mason and our friend Roderick are arguing about toppings...

Mason : You can’t beat pepperoni dude it’s like just the best thing.

Roderick: You’d take pepperoni over plain cheese?!

Mason: Plain cheese is just that. Plain!

They went at it for a while Lexie and I just laughed. Their arguments were hilarious. I loved her laugh, her face filled with happiness when she laughed. Tomorrow we made 5 months and I-

Oh yeah it’s been 4 months since the group home incident. My mom had convinced the people there that Lexie wasn’t safe staying there which was easy because she really wasn’t. She also convinced them that our home was safe and she clearly couldn’t stay there considering how upsetting it’d be to be somewhere where you’d been well you know.

My mom even threatened to destroy their whole organization at the group home, it was awesome! They didn’t want to go to court after that. My mom was a pretty well known lawyer and would have won easily. As for Collin he’s been put away for rape, he’d raped three other girls before attempting to rape Lexie sadly. I was glad he got what he deserved.

Lexie’s incident at the home? We decided to keep it a secret if Layla and Brooke ever found out they’d make her life hell. Plus the pain that went through her eyes when she had to speak to the police on what Collin had done. Well, no one wanted to see her like that especially me.

We had her go to group talks though, I took her every Friday and it helped her a lot really. it also helped her get over her dad beating her but it was still not a good subject to bring up so we all avoided it. At school, Lexie was my girl, Mason and I had led the team to the finals Brooke and Layla didn’t even bother us anymore.

Get this, so Mason realized it was Layla and Brooke who had Lexie sent to the group home and he got the whole football team to lock them in a closet filled with skunks. How’s that for payback?

Not only that but they had two of the guys sneak into their homes with ski masks and threaten them not to mess with Lexie, Mason and I again or be buried alive. ha! it was perfect. Mason was a master when it came to messing with those two. I never knew my best friend was so evil.

Lexie gradually got used to being around the guys and even speaks to them now. I’m so proud of her. Since we made five months I was going to surprise her after school with a dinner under the moonlight in the forest we’d first hung out at.

It’s May so the weather’s fine for it. the guys all knew about it so they’d been making faces at me all day. Mason and his big mouth had told all of them about it. Anyway, Lexie sat beside me and I had my arm around her. the bell rang and we had class together so I held her hand and walked with her there.

I kissed her before we walked in and took our seats. Yeah we did that a lot. I still remember our first kiss it was after I had saved her again.


Her kiss was like Christmas morning but better. It was the first time we’d kiss like that and I really liked it. I kissed back of course, wanting more. I’d been kissed before but her kiss like tickled my brain? I think. Saying fireworks went off would be too corny right?

In a word it was perfect. I wanted this girl to know how much I wanted her safe and most of all happy and I was gonna dedicate my time to it. She was a princess and I was going to treat her like one. my girlfriend deserves to be spoiled.

end of flashback

I can’t wait till this afternoon.

Lexie’s POV

I got to stay at Peyton’s house thanks to his mom she was the best. The group home incident was kept a secret and Layla and Brooke didn’t mess with me anymore it the guys. Peyton was my boyfriend of 5 months, without a doubt my longest relationship.

During the first month, I had really bad nightmares. I’d wake up screaming in sweat. Peyton would sleep with me and hold me from time to time, then it became a regular thing and my nightmares stopped. Sleeping in his arms was my favorite thing in the world.

We’d fall asleep talking about the stars and humming our favorite songs. his scent engulfed me and when he held me I felt safe. we started to kiss more often. wait no kissing is my favorite thing, sleeping is second. his lips made me melt, his kisses were so sweet and powerful.

Sometimes I’d be brushing my teeth and he’d walk in and hug me every morning. he called me his princess and he was my prince. I started to fall for him more and it was wonderful. he was in no rush to sleep with me and all he did was make me smile.

He was so kind he would hang out with his little sister Hailey. He’s smart and liked by everyone at school plus being the star player’s girlfriend is really cool. I went to all his games and he took me to all my group talk sessions. The more I was with Peyton the more I learned about him. He was so gentle with me but he was a tough guy. I’d seen him get into fights on the field more than once. Plus the hits he took out there gave me mini heart attacks but he was always fine.

He is 6′1 and I am 5′5, our heights worked well together sometimes I’d tiptoe to kiss him. Mason just gagged watching us of course. Peyton just seemed to get more buff as the season went on. His abs were so defined that I’d find myself staring sometimes. I felt like one of what he called leeches staring sometimes. How’d he get them to be so perfectly defined?

The bell snaps me out of my thoughts and it’s the last bell of the day. I was happy I didn’t have a session today so I got to spend time with pey. I liked calling him pey it was cute. sometimes he’d call me Lex. I walked to my locker and drop all my stuff in there.

Then I walk to the bathroom and check my hair. It was still dark black, i’d curl my hair today and left my bangs straight like I usually do. I step back and stare at myself in the mirror. I gained some weight in the past few months but it was weight I needed. I was still tiny though well that’s what Peyton said.

Today I was wearing my black mini skirt with knee high white socks. I wore a white blouse tucked into my skirt. I was so thankful we didn’t have to wear uniform here. I looked really good today apparently well that’s what Peyton said anyway.

I walked out and go to Peyton’s locker to wait for him but he’s already there’s I smile as I walk up to him.He smiles back.

“Hey babe,” he says as he lays a kiss on my cheek.

“Hey you,” I say back sweetly. he looked good today too.

He had on Black pants, black and white converse and a black button down shirt. did I mention he likes black?
His hair looked extra nice today I mean I liked it messy but I don’t know today it was just perfectly rearranged.

He took my hand and walked out the school with me. we get into masons car and he asks me if he can blindfold me. I nod a bit confused.

“Don’t worry baby your safe with me” he whispers as Mason drives.

He held my hand until we get to a stop.
I heard the trunk open and then I feel the may air because a door has been opened.

Peyton takes my had and pulls me out slowly with him.

“Okay later dude thanks again” he says to Mason.

Then I hear the car drive off.

“Pey where are we” I ask curiously.

“Ah you’ll find out soon, walk with me princess.” he said taking my hand and leading me somewhere.

“I’ll be right back” he says letting go if my hand.

“Um pey..” I say worried.

“Don’t worry baby I’m literally going to be right in front of you” he says kindly.

I heard movement and then he takes my hand and sits me down on something.

“You ready?” He asks.

“Yeah,” I said impatiently.

He slowly takes my blindfold off and I look around. we are sitting on a black picnic blanket. he has a picnic basket next to him and is taking out food. he’s lit some candles and is sitting beside me. we have this beautiful view of the sunset. were in the forest with huge trees we went to the first time we hung out.

I smile at this,

“What’s going on Peyton?”

He moves closer to me and takes my hand in his.

“happy 5 months baby” he says as he leans in to kiss me.

Peyton’s POV

I leaned in to kiss her when all of a sudden I hear tree branches snapping all around us. Lexie’s noticed it too she’s looking around frightened. I put my arm around her.

“Don’t worry babe I’m here” I say reassuringly.

“Who’s there ?“I call out.

“Sorry to interrupt your little thing here. Not !” says a voice.

“But it seems someone here has been unfaithful” says another voice.

The foot steps go off, I think they ran off. Lexie looks at me.

“Peyton what are the voices talking about?” She asks me.

there’s fear all over her face. My heart stopped for a bit and it got hard to breathe. you see two months ago I was invited to a party well it was for me and the guys since we’d been doing so we’ll as a team this year.

I was drinking and Lexie wasn’t with me she said it was fine she didn’t mind me partying, she wasn’t feeling well but wanted me to have fun so I went without her. I had a bit too much and needed a bathroom.

I looked through the house to find one but after I was done puking and freshening up my breath someone grabbed me. I, of course, thought it was Lexie in my drunk state and kissed back after this person kissed me.

We went into making out when Mason came looking for me. when he figured out I was in the bathroom he saw me kissing... get this Brooke.he pulled her off me and she ran off. he punched me in the chest real hard.


“Have you lost your god damn mind?! What about Lexie?!” He yelled at me.

“What’re you talking about bring lexx back here” I said stupid drunk.

“Aw man you’re really messed up” he said realizing id drank way too much.

He proceeded to take me to his house. in a few hrs after I’d sobered up a bit he explained the situation. When I found out I almost went out and killed Brooke.

“how could I have been so stupid ?!” I say

“It was the alcohol man and she obviously took advantage of you”he said.

“What do I do? what do I do?! This is going to break her heart man, if I see her cry, if she hurts herself..I’m gonna lose it.” Isay.

“I don’t want to be this guy but we can’t tell her” he says running his hand though his hair.

“You’re right the less she knows about this the better. I can’t hurt her it can’t be me causing her pain” I agreed with him.

flashback over

He had spoken to Brooke about it and he’d gotten

her drunk enough to do something embarrassing and get it on video. blackmail! He had convinced her to walk across the room in a thong singing “Face down ass up” by Lmfao. which was perfect for the little slut and insanely embarrassing if it ever got out.

But apparently that wasnt enough, because that was Layla and Brooke in the forest. They had just ruined my life. Lexie stayed with her eyes on me and asked me again

“What are the voices talking about peyton?” she asks me again.

I sighed and took her hand in mine.

“Lexie please forgive me...t was at that party for the team .. I made out with Brooke, but-”

She took her hand out I mine and started to walk away.

“Lexie please let me explain !” I said grabbing her arm to stop her.

“let. me. go.” she said to me, she wouldn’t face me she was crying and it was all my fault.

“Lexie please let me explain” I begged.

“I said let me go!” She yelled at me through her tears.

I let her go and she ran off towards the highway. I sit on the floor of the forest in the dirt . she hated me, she hated me and I couldn’t even make it up to her. Now she hated me and I was nothing but dirt.

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