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Chapter 17

Peyton’s POV

Last night was perfect I think sitting up in my bed. It was Saturday morning and all I wanted to do was spend it with my girlfriend. I hope she liked the rose and note I left for her. I also gave her pictures printed of us last night, I bet she was wondering how I got them so fast. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Nate was home, he does fast work.

I get up and shower, I’m so happy today it feels almost strange. Lexie was really amazing and last night I wanted her to feel special. I wash my hair while I’m in there keeping in mind that she likes the way my shampoo smells. I smile at this we were messing around a few days ago and she was playing with my hair when she told me she loved the smell of it.

After my shower, I walk downstairs for breakfast to find Nate yet again eating a grilled cheese. I open the refrigerator to get something to eat.

“Dude I need to talk to you,” says Nate.

“Sure man and thanks again for last night with the pictures remind me to thank Mason also,” I say.

“Peyton come on sit I need to talk to you it’s important,” he says.

I take a seat without any food and prop my elbows on the table with my head in my hands.

“Yes?” I say making a super interested face.

Nate rolls his eyes at me.

“It’s about Tristan,” he says in a hushed tone.

“Yeah what about him?” I say feeling ticked off already there goes that wonderful feeling I’d woken up with.

“I’ve been doing some research on him and found something. It’s best if you keep him as far away from Lexie as possible” he says leaving me concerned.

“What’d you find?” I ask.

He pushes a laptop in front of me and I start reading. Damn it.

“This is bad Nate,” I say running my hand through my almost dried hair.

This explains those two years, Mason said figured he moved but then he popped up again. I barely remembered him, Mason knew him better.

“I know dude he’s dangerous,” says Nate.

“Not only that but Lexie is friends with him. I mean yeah I don’t let him around her and make sure someone’s always with her if I can’t be but this. This is bad, the only contact they have is texting but I don’t want him talking to her at all now” I say rereading the words on the screen.

“Are you going to tell Lexie?” He asks me.

“We need to keep this away from her Nate. She can’t know about this it’ll make her start thinking too much she’ll like confront him and try to understand because that’s the kind of person she is. I don’t want anything happening to her. As for Tristan well, I’m going to make sure he stays away from her completely” I say knowing exactly what I was going to do.

Tristan’s POV

I miss Lexie. Texting is useless I miss her living with me and her laugh. It was like Peyton was kept her in a cage, a cage I didn’t have the key to. the next party I go to I’ll make sure they’re there first I need to get Lexie alone so I can talk to her.

I’m on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat when someone knocks. it’s Saturday morning who could be here so early? I didn’t invite anyone over. I open the door and find Peyton.

Great. The last person I want to see is him what’s he doing here anyway?

“What do you want? ” I ask.

He lets himself in only making me more irritated.

“Hey, are you death what do you want? Why are you-” I get cut off.

Peyton slammed me into the wall shocking the hell out of me. Did he want to fight? This early? That was no problem. I stare at him angrily, he was ruining my morning so far.

“Listen to me” he starts. “if you so much as go near Lexie, enter the same building as her or even text her anymore I’ll make sure everyone knows about your little secret,” he says making my eyes widen.

How the hell did he find out? I had my records sealed away.

“You little prick,” I say to him.

“You may have saved her and gained her trust but that was only because I wasn’t there. Stay away from my girlfriend she deserves better than you” says Peyton immediately setting me off.

“You? You think you’re better for her? You cheated on her, when she needs you most you’re not even there, you don’t deserve her” I yell.

Black. That’s all I can remember everything went black. I believe Peyton had knocked me out but was really angry when I realized I was right. That prick! I’m going to talk to Lexie and let her know everything. My secret was bad but she was understanding and I know she cared about me. she wouldn’t let it change her view of me, would she?

Lexie’s POV
Saturday morning seemed perfect, I turned over to see the pictures of pey and I on the wall. Then I turned over again to see the white rose in a glass with water. Yup perfect way to wake up, I shower then head downstairs to find Mason and Nate going at it over a video game.

“You have to pull the flag down so we can finish the level,” says Nate.

Mason was here more often now that Pey and I were staying here. Peytons mom was nice about it she felt both pey and I would get better if we were away from but not so far.

“Nope, I said I wanted to finish this level first but you pulled down the flag” argued mason.

“So what we're just gonna stay here with the level incomplete?!” Yelled Nate.

“Well I guess so unless you let the flag go back to how it was,” said Mason crossing his arms.

“That’s not even possible,” said Nate throwing his arms up.

I start laughing and they hear me.

“What’s so funny? asked Nate.

“Yeah,” said Mason.

I couldn’t help it I was doubled over laughing my head off. When I finally stopped laughing I spoke,

“You guys it’s just a video game, plus you can always redo the level” I said suggesting a solution to the conflict at hand.

“I don’t want to play anymor,e” said Nate.

“Oh typical Nate always quit when things don’t go your wa,y” said Mason rolling his eyes.

I looked around noticing Peyton wasn’t home.

“Hey, guys where’s Peyton?” I asked knowing he wasn’t here because he never sleeps in like I do.

There was a quick second of Nate and Mason glancing at each other like something had happened making me nervous.

“He went out for a run he’ll be back soo,n” Nate said before I started having any bad thoughts.

“Oh okay,” I say and went and sat down between them.

“Why don’t you guys just play another game?” I suggested seeing as how it made no sense to waste a Saturday.

“How’s breakfast instead?” Asked Nate.

“Um sure,” I said.

Both of them lifted eyebrows at me.

“What happened?” They said in unison.

“What? You guys! I’m just not that hungry relax” I said chuckling a bit.

Peyton had me watched constantly to make sure I ate. It wasn’t controlling or anything just sweet because he worried about me not eating. I wasn’t hungry this morning though I settled an apple and went back to watch tv where the guys previously were.

In the middle of an episode of Drake & Josh, I dozed off. I was only awakened by the sound of a door slamming. I forgot I was on the couch and roll over to hit the floor.

“Ow damn it! How’d you get here?” I say to the floor.

Then I look up to see Peyton or should I say a very angry looking Peyton. I get up and walk over to him immediately making him smirk.

“Hey, you okay?” I ask.

“Are you okay?” he says speaking of me falling off the couch.

He’s avoiding my question, obviously, something was up and his right hand was clenched and looked kind of red. I didn’t ask though since he didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

“Yeah, I just dozed off and forgot I was on the couch,” I say still looking at his hand.

He moved his hands behind his head and does a little stretch.

“I’m gonna go take a showe,r” he says walking past me and up to his room.

That was odd. The guys look at me and I just shrug and go to my room. I’ll just finish my nap up here then this way if I turn I know there’s a wall and more bed to be on. This time I’m awakened by Pey. He’s laying in bed cuddling with me. He looks so cute when he’s tired.

“Sorry did I wake you?” He asks.

“It’s okay, just glad it was you this time and not the floo,r” I say.

He chuckles a little then wraps his arms around me protectively.

“I won’t let you get hurt babe,” he says holding me closer.

“I know, ” I say smirking at him but also taking a chance to look at his hand.

It was still red and now I noticed a few scratches on the sides. I take his hand in mine and stare at him with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” He asked still avoiding the situation making me frown.

“Pey I’m not oblivious, what happened to your hand when you were out? Where’d you go?” I ask.

“Just let it go okay?” He says taking me by surprise.

I blink a few times trying to take in his words

“W-what?” I finally say.

He lets me go and turns his face away from me. I hear him sigh.

“Please this one time let it go? I didn’t do anything wrong I promise” He says and I can hear that he doesn't want to talk about it in his voice.

“Okay,” I say after a while “I’ll let it go”.

He didn’t do anything wrong I can tell but something definitely happened. I moved behind him and hug him “I’ll let it go babe” I say again and kiss him on the cheek.

He turns around and wraps his arms around me. I smile at him and he kisses me.

“I’ll always protect you, babe, no matter what,” he says.

That’s the second time he tells me that he’ll protect me. Why? I doze off in his arms trying not to think about it since he didn’t want to. What had happened to my Peyton.

Peyton’s POV

I leave Lexie in bed and place a blanket over her not wanting her to get cold. I feel bad having to lie to her especially since she saw my hand. I’d hit a few other things on my way home I couldn’t get over what Tristan had said to me.

I hadn’t been there for her he was right about that but I love her and I only keep things away from her that’ll hurt her. I can’t see her hurt again, it drove a hole in my chest whenever she was sad.

I had crawled into bed with her after I showered, she was really tired today and I felt bad about leaving her alone this morning after yesterday. All I wanted to do this morning was be with her and tell her how much I loved her. Id seen the pictures of us up on her wall and the rose id given her in water. I could tell she liked them and was happy. Now my job was to keep her happy and safe and most importantly away from Tristan.


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