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Chapter 20

Lexie’s Pov

Weeks went by like nothing. Peyton and I didn’t speak and neither did Nate and I.

Mason saw me once but I ran off before he could speak to me. Tristan tried but I ignored him. I didn’t want to associate myself with any of them everything was better off this way. I’d grown to like living with Ms.Leins I’d seen her spare room flyer a while ago and luckily it was still available. I paid rent living there and did chores but those were just to help her out.

Ms.Leins was a lady in her 50′s she lived in the wealthy part of town but her home was more near nature than anywhere else. She had a dog Mr.Tinnie. Mr.tinnie was a husky and just like his name he was tiny. The doctors never knew why he wasn’t growing much but Ms.Leins didn’t mind.

He was fun to have around. He’d always lend me a hand or should I say paw when I was working in the backyard. Ms.Leins had a garden full of flowers. All sorts of flowers grew back there and she’d sip her tea in the afternoon and admire her garden.

I’d plant flowers in areas she never got to and water them as well as giving Mr.Tinnie his showers. His dog house was back there and I know what you’re thinking but no he never got into the flowers. He was a good dog. He enjoyed smelling them and playing with the butterflies that flew in.

Ms.Leins lived alone so it was just the three of us. Ms.Leins was a kind lady, she’d let me stay here no questions asked and always had something yummy for dinner prepared. She lived alone with Mr.Tinnie which made me sad, she was all alone.

I’ve been living here for a few weeks no I’m not going to school, I’d gotten my work for the next few weeks already. Running into Peyton would’ve been a disaster and Mason too.

Nates Pov

It’s been a few weeks and Peyton, well he hasn’t been up for anything really. We haven’t figured out where Lexie’s gone and we haven’t seen her around apparently Mason saw her but she ran away. She doesn’t want to be found but from what he could tell she seemed okay.

She’s probably staying with someone in the city. She’s not going to school so maybe she transferred out or is doing it online. Either way, Peyton’s been losing his mind he’s like a completely different person. He doesn’t eat much but he goes out and parties almost every night. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s drinking his pain away. A bad way to cope actually. I’m not sure if he’s angry, depressed or both but sometimes I worry he won’t make it home.

He’s gotten into a few fights but he’s made it home each time, drunk. Lexie asked me to look after him in the note but I’m not sure what I can do for him. The only thing I could do would be to bring Lexie here, that’s if I could find her. A drunk Peyton entering brakes my thoughts. He’s walking in at midnight, coughing with bloody hands. I’m not sure if it’s his blood or someone else’s.

“Hey Peyton how was-” I stop trying to make conversation when he shoots me a death glare with his bloodshot eyes.

Guess it wasn’t a good party I think to myself. He’s definitely in a bad mood too. I don’t like him drunk he becomes Hulk. Literally, his strength just shoots up. I feel bad for anyone he’s fought drunk, that’s definitely not his blood on his hands. A football player in Hulk mode is not someone I’d like to run into.

He walks away, most likely to go shower. I don’t make any effort to talk to him until morning. He wouldn’t remember tonight because well too much alcohol does that to him but I know Lexie wouldn’t be happy with this. Ugh, he wasn’t like this before he met her now he’s all wrong. He’s not Peyton, the poor guy is broken.

Peyton’s Pov

“Hey pey where’s the hottie with dark hair?” said some guy I didn’t recognize.

Anger took me over instantly and I swung at the guy knocking him down. He got up and came at me I punched him in the stomach this time as he attempted to hit me in the face. We both moved back then went back at it both landing punches but I was better. I was stronger and with an uppercut, I sent his ass to dreamland. I broke his jaw and there was blood on my hands from the fight.

Then I remember getting home and Nate saying something to me but I’m not sure what. What was that fight about? Lexie doesn’t care about me and I shouldn’t care about her either. She’d moved on and moved out, she left me. She was gone. I felt something wet land on my cheek and wiped it off.

Was it raining? No, I wasn’t outside, where was I? Where’s Lexie?

Lexie’s POV
Ms.Leins spare room was pretty big, it had beach wave patterns on the top part of the walls and was a pretty sea green on the rest. Very different from my old room. I had a balcony too which was pretty nice actually, I’d grown to love sitting out there on late afternoons.

As for my bed, it was a twin size, really soft mattress which I’m thankful for since sleep seems to evade me a lot. Sometimes it got so bad at night I’d go from messing with my hands to doing handstands and so much more. Missing Peyton was something that never went away. I dreamt about him almost every night.

Sometimes I’d get out of bed and sit on the balcony and stare at the moon. The moon kept me calm I felt as though the moon was our, well, my protector. Any wood related incident that happened was under moonlight and we’d never gotten too seriously hurt or like picked up by bad people under the moon. It was also nice knowing the moon was in the same sky as Peyton’s and that the moon was watching him for me making sure he was okay.

Thank you moon, I’d sometimes say before heading to bed. From what I heard Peyton was okay, apparently he’d gotten into a few fights but I doubt it was anything took bad. He was happy to have me gone anyway.

I kind of have to return to the house I left something there that I didn’t want to be without. The next day I wake up early around 7 am Ms.Leins is already up as I can smell coffee.

“Someone’s up early,” she says, before sipping her coffee making a face because it needs more sugar.

“Yeah just have to go get something I left behind,” I say getting my hoodie off the hanger.

It’s still chilly this early. She nods and takes another sip of her coffee.

“I’ll be back in an hour or two,” I say pulling my hoodie over my head.

She nods “don’t feel like you need to rush back dear, take your time” she says.

I smile at her and walk out shutting the door behind me. I had to get to the cabin, I called a cab and had it take me to the outskirts of town, then I walked a bit to the cabin. I’d be walking back and then calling a cab when I got near the town again. I see the cabin and smile remembering the memories I had there. I know the guys are not up this early especially on a Saturday so I let myself in with the key Nate gave me.

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