What is it about her?

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Chapter 23

Peyton’s pov

I got back home with Nate and we started making dinner when I got a call.

It was Lexie which I was happy about I was dying to know how things were going. But the call was not at all what I expected.

“Hey, babe hows it going?” I ask.

“Actually not so good, can you come here please I need a ride to the hospital. Your mom would but she’s busy with dinner and someone has to look after your sister”

“The hospital? Wait why what happened? ” I ask running to put my sweater on.

“I’ll explain along the way please hurry,” she says before hanging up.

“Hospital? Dude whats going on?” asks Nate who was sitting beside me.

“Lexie needs a ride to the hospital, something wrong, she didn’t get into detail. I’ll be back in a while” I say running out the door.

I feel bad for leaving Nate to make dinner but my girlfriend needed me. I take Nates car.

When I finally got there Lexie was waiting for me on the steps to my house. I quickly ran over to her she had what looked like a t-shirt wrapped around her thigh and it looked like some blood was making its way through it.

“Lex, what happened? Are you okay?” I ask.

“I’m okay but I think I need stitches,” she says.

I nod and help her walk over to the car then place her in the passenger seat. She lays her head on my shoulder as I drive there. I hate this, it reminds me of the first time I took her to the hospital. it was so terrifying I thought I was gonna lose her.

I ran my thumb across her cheek and she smiled at me. This wasn’t as bad as that first time so I calmed down a bit.

We arrived at the hospital and they attended to her quickly. They must be sick of seeing us two in here I think. She did need stitches and my hand to hold. She needed 4 stitches and each one made her squeeze my hand. But she didn’t cry, my girlfriend is tough I think to myself.

Nate and I would’ve definitely needed to be restrained. Oh and don’t let me get started on Mason, he can barely speak after a few shots at the doctors. It’d take the entire football team to hold him down.

The nurse leaves Lexie and I alone in the room for a bit. She went to get prescriptions for whatever meds she’ll be needing. Lexie hasn’t let go of my hand yet and now she looks like she wants to say something.

“Are you going to tell me how this happened?” I ask, as I genuinely want to know.

“Hailey did this,” she says and she’s not looking at me.

“What? What do you mean she-? ” I ask and she doesn’t let me finish.

“She hates the idea of you being with me and out of the house. But she also doesn’t care about your feelings, she just wants to be happy” she continues.

I blink a few times because I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Lexie’s grip on my hand tightens.

“Pey, she threw teacups at me as I climbed down the tree house. One hit me where I now have stitches it cut through my skin and she was okay knowing I’d be hurt. Your sister whether you choose to believe it or not has all the symptoms of a sociopath. she-” she says, I stop her.

“You’re lying,” I say.

Lexie takes my other hand.

“Peyton she hurt her hands so you’d feel bad and come back home, she’s manipulative. Your mom even said she knew but I guess she refused to believe it. Pey shes antisocial, she’s manipulative, she lacks apathy and she knows how to control people. I know its hard to believe but its true. It crossed my mind when you told me about her and then it proved to be true” she says.

Now I’m the one who needs her. I can’t believe this, why Hailey? Why didn’t I notice it before?I wrap my arms around Lexie and she wraps her arms around me. A tear makes it’s way to my cheek and I wipe it off.

“I’m sorry Peyton, I wish it wasn’t true either,” she says but my mind is gone.

Masons POV

I hear Haileys being taken to a psychologist, a few days ago they took her to get checked out and they’re still running tests on her.

Peyton’s mom told me they’re pretty certain already. I’d never guess it would be her of all people. But it does explain her episodes when she was younger and her parents fighting. They say sociopaths are manipulative and that she was, but I never thought about it to this extent.

Another symptom is being antisocial and she clearly was. Her teachers always said that she was alone, she was always alone at recess and reading. I feel like the other kids pick on her. I was reading up on it but I didn’t really find ways of treating it. But it’s suggested that if it’s identified at a young age we can maybe help alter the way she grows up.

I can’t even imagine how Peyton’s taking this. If I think I’m crushed imagine how he must be right now. Worst of all she showed that side on Lexie, Peyton must be losing his mind. Hopefully, Nate and Lexie are helping him through this.

Peyton’s POV

A few days have gone by and the news has hit me in the worst way. I can’t sleep thinking about it, how is her life going to change?

My poor little sister. Why didn’t I see it? Does this mean she’s going to have to stay at one of those psychiatric hospital places? I don’t know what to think anymore.

“Pey?” I hear Lex say, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah? I’m sorry what did you say?” I ask. I hadn’t heard a word she said.

“I asked if you wanted some hot chocolate?” she says looking concerned.

“No thanks and you shouldn’t be moving around much. You’re putting pressure on your stitches ” I say.

She sighs. “I know” she responds but then she moves besides my warning.

I’m sitting on the bed and we are in my room. She walks out of my room and comes back with the bear I gave her on valentines day. She walks slowly over to the bed but I can’t let her keep walking. I get up and carry her to the bed along with the bear. She smiles at me then hands me the bear.

“Why are you handing me this? ” I ask

“This is what I came back for Pey, remember what it says when you squeeze it? ” she asks me.

I squeeze it “I love you” I squeeze it again “I need you”

“Squeeze one more time,” she says and I do.

“As long as I have you I know I’ll be okay” I smile at her.

This is what she came back for that night.

“I want you to keep it in your room for a while, it helps me sleep on hard nights and it reminds me that I’m loved,” she says.

I kiss her on the cheek.

“Lexie I’m not okay, I don’t know how to deal with this, I don’t know what the hell is going to happen, I’m so fucking scared,” I say

Lex hugs me and holds me.

“I know you’re not taking this easy babe, no one is but you’ve got to stay strong for Hailey. She’s going to need you through this, and when you need someone you’ll always have me. She’s going to be alright and so are you ” she says.

I feel so lucky to have Lexie right now. My mom said tomorrow the doctors will have a diagnosis for us. I don’t know how ill be able to sleep.

“Lex?” I ask.

“Yeah?” she replies.

“Please stay with me tonight, I need more than just the bear I need you too. I promise I won’t move a lot so I won’t hit your stitches” I say that’s really the only reason we weren’t sleeping in the same bed.

She smiles and nods at me. I take her into my arms and she takes the bear into her arms.

“Goodnight princess,” I told her kissing her cheek.

“It’s going to be okay Pey” my grip tightens around her when she says this.

She turns to face me “I love you more than anything in this world,” she says and kisses me on the cheek.

I hold her throughout the night making sure I don’t make any contact with her stitches. I felt kinda bad about that, she was in pain. I know she was, she was taking those painkillers frequently. It was four stitches but that cut went pretty deep.

Haylie’s Pov

I hate being taken to the hospital so frequently. Too much is changing and too quickly.

First Peyton and now this. I don’t like leaving my room or being around others so much just Pey and Mason. I’ve read about sociopaths, I know what I am.

I understand they just think I don’t. I didn’t want anyone to know, I don’t want to be taken away. I hate Lexie! She told them, she figured it out and she told! I didn’t really help that I threw stuff at her but she deserved it. I hope her stitches hurt every day and it leaves an ugly scar.

Nates pov

Peyton isn’t taking this well. He’s been quiet lately and keeping to himself I wonder what he’s thinking about. Lexie’s been hanging with me lately. She’s worried about Peyton too. She said they share his bed because he doesn’t want to sleep alone. But he doesn’t sleep well he wakes up at least once every night and sits there thinking.

Lexie’s doing a bit better, though stitches on thighs must be hell since we constantly move those. She’s been helping me cook lately. She likes making Peyton food since he loves to eat.

I don’t want her moving too much so I let her cut or chop things up for me. When the stitches are gone ill let her do more. It’s been a week and a half. The doctor said she could come in today and get them removed. I can’t find Peyton so I decide to drive her there.

We arrive and walk in. We take our time since we don’t want the stitches to start hurting. In a while, we are called in and a nurse takes us to a room. There the doctor arrives after a few minutes and reads her charts.

“Ready?” he asks her and she nods.

I hold her hand in case she feels any pain. She smiles at me.

“Ready when you’re ready doc,” she says and he nods.

He starts pulling out her stitches and the first one she squeezes my hand on. She eventually got used to the feeling and stopped squeezing my hand.

“All done,” said the doctor.

He writes her a prescription for some more painkillers and stuff to put on the scar. It’s not bad at all but it’s still another scar. We pick up the medication and stuff for her scar at the pharmacy and bring it back to the car. Peyton really owed me one.

“Back home now?” I ask her.

“Actually I wanted to get something at the mall if that’s okay with you?” she asks.

“Yeah sure” I respond and we drive to the mall.

I wonder what she needs to get.

Peyton’s Pov

I’ve been looking into places where they might take Haylie.

If she has to be sent away even if it’s for a little while I want it to be somewhere nice and safe. Somewhere where they’ll know how to take care of her. I need it to be safe, I don’t want anything happening to her there. I can’t have anything happen to her. What happened to Lexie replays in my mind all night. This place has to be safe.

I’ve been so busy I forgot to drive Lex to the hospital. I’m sure Nate took her, though. I stop to pick up ice-cream since we should be celebrating her stitches being removed.

I ran into Ms.Lein’s in the store actually. I had met her a while ago. I was so grateful to her for letting Lexie stay with her when she had left. It drove me crazy wondering where she was staying every night.

I say hi and she smiles and waves hello to me. She’s on another line but when I finish paying I wait for her.

“Hey, let me help you with those,” I say offering to carry her bags and she nods okay.

I carry them to her car and place them in the back seat.

“Such a sweet boy, I can see why she likes you so much,” she says and I smile.

“I never got to thank you” I start and she looks at me funny.

“Whatever for?” She asks

“For letting Lexie stay with you. Thank you. Her staying with you means she was safe, she wasn’t out late, she had a warm safe place to go home to” I say and she smiles.

“Oh boy that’s nothing just take care of her okay? Oh and I’m sorry to hear about your sister. How is she doing?” she asks.

“Thanks, and I haven’t really seen her much,” I say starting to look at the ground.

“You’ve got to be strong boy, I know it’s not easy. My youngest brother was diagnosed same as her at an early age. He didn’t live with us he lived with my aunt and she knew how to take care of him. But I visited every weekend and grew to understand how he thought and what his needs were” she says

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” I say.

“You know that actually gives me an idea. You see because he was young he had to be treated differently so he wouldn’t grow up to be well you know. If your parents would allow me to I’d have no issue with letting her stay with me” she says and I’m already cracking a smile.

“That would be perfect. She won’t be miles and miles away and she’ll be safe” I say and Ms.leins laughs.

“Yes plus there’s a garden where she can read as Lexie tells me she does very often and my dog loves children,” she says.

“Okay I’ll talk to my parents about it tomorrow and we’ll be in contact. Thank you so much” I say.

When I got home I found Lexie asleep on the couch and Nate in the kitchen cooking.

“How long has she been sleeping?” I ask him placing the ice cream into the fridge.

“About an hour. Those painkillers knocked her out for sure” he says.

“Hey man I’m sorry about today it just completely slipped my mind and-” I say.

“It’s fine dude no worries,” he says and I smile.

“Thanks,” I say again.

“You’re lucky she’s nice or she would’ve yelled at you like I wanted her to,” he says.

Evil boy, I think to myself.

“I have something to tell both of you but when she wakes up,” I say.

Lexie’s Pov

I woke up in pain. Stupid stitches I swear I could still feel them even after they had been removed. I wasn’t alone in bed though. Peyton was next to me, I smiled at him he was finally getting some sleep. I wonder where he was earlier today. I turned over and poked him. A few more pokes and he woke up, he really did need sleep.

“Hey,” he says with a sad look on his face.

“Hi,” I say back.

“How are you feeling?” He asks taking me into his arms.

“I’ll be needing more painkillers,” I say and his grip around me tightens.

“I’m sorry about today and every day since the incident. I know you’re in pain babe and I’ve been hurting as well” he says.

“It’s okay Nate took me,” I say as I look up at him.

He looks tired like he’s looked a lot lately. Maybe I shouldn’t have woken him.

“It’s not okay, I wanted to be there. I wanted to be the one who held your hand when your stitches got removed” he says.

“I don’t mean to be nosey because you deserve your privacy but where were you?” I ask looking away a bit. I don’t want him to know I’m worried about him.

" I, well I ran into Ms.Lein’s and I have some news but it can wait until tomorrow. Let’s go back to sleep, I’ll get you some more painkillers” I smile as he seems less in his head today.

He hands me the pills and a glass of water. He lays beside me and wraps his arms around my waist. His chin falls on my shoulder and I smile knowing he’s getting to be his normal self.

I miss sleeping in his arms and waking up beside him but I can’t risk it with this pesky injury. I say injury because the teacup cut pretty deep. It still hurt a lot to walk and taking small steps was driving me insane.

“Thanks,” I say and he smiles.

I’ve missed that smile so much.

Peyton’s Pov

I finally got some sleep last night and so did Lexie, in fact, she’s still asleep.

Those painkillers are strong but the doctor said she’d need them. I didn’t like knowing that Haylie had caused it or how deep it cut Lexie.

I pulled the sheets up over Lexie to keep her warm then left for a shower. I had news for Lexie and Nate but I doubt he’s going to be awake at this hour. I hadn’t slept much lately but even with last nights rest, I was still unable to get enough hours.

Lexie’s Pov

I awakened in bed with only myself in it.

Peyton’s probably been up for a while. He’d pull the sheets on me so I knew he was already up. I got up slowly still feeling the pain of that cut.

Ugh! it’s like she was trying to cause nerve damage I think to myself. It’s still a pain to walk, I wonder where Peyton’s at and Nate was most likely still asleep so I rather not move around until one of them comes. I stayed in bed and ended up falling asleep again.

Nate’s Pov
It’s Saturday morning and Peyton’s gone off somewhere while Lexie’s still asleep.

I know this because Peyton’s sweater is gone from the hook and Lexie is upstairs mumbling in her sleep. This makes me laugh so I stay for a minute or two and listen to what she could possibly be dreaming about.

"No, you can’t do that I-I didn’t say you could. Tristan, please help!” I hear her mumble, oh no.

“Lexie wake up,” I say tapping her shoulder.

“Huh?” She says.

“You were talking in your sleep,” I tell her.

“I was? What was I saying?” She asks.

“You were calling out for Tristan,” I say and her mouth drops

“What?! Where’s Peyton?" she says trying to get out of bed.

“Don’t worry he wasn’t here and he’s still not here he went out this morning I believe but I wouldn’t mention this to him?” I say and she nods.

He’d definitely be upset if he knew she was calling someone else’s name in her sleep, especially Tristan’s.

“Um, can you please help me up? I haven’t been able to go get out of bed today ” she says making me laugh

“It’s not funny,” she says.

I help her up and walk her to the bathroom.

Lexie’s Pov

Apparently, I talk in my sleep now, it must be those painkillers!

I’ve never talked in my sleep before well at least I think I haven’t. I’m in the shower washing my hair when I realize Peyton could’ve heard me sleep talking last night. He could be mad at me and decided to leave for a while maybe that’s why he’s not here. Oh no.

I hope he comes home soon so I can so I can explain in case he’s mad. But I hope he didn’t hear anything I don’t want to tell him any of that at all. He’s already down due to his sister I didn’t want to upset him.

Peyton’s Pov

I left earlier today to go speak to Ms.Leins.

My parents agreed to it and the doctor said that would be great actually since sending her to a treatment facility would make her feel rejected by the family. Keeping her to close to home is the best solution. She’d only be staying with Ms.Leins for a few years anyway and we can all visit whenever we want. The only issue now would be getting her to agree on going.

On my way back home I spot someone I hadn’t seen in a while, Tristan.

Tristan’s POV

I ran into that jerk Peyton today.

I can’t stand him he doesn’t deserve Lexie but then again he’s the one she loves. My question is why? Why love someone who could hurt you like that? He kept things from her, he lied to her. It just made no sense. Anyway, I ran into him at a park not too far from my home.

He was alone sadly. No Lexie to be seen, I miss her. It didn’t take much before Peyton came at me and I came at him. He walked up to me and I asked what the hell he wanted. The answer being to stay away from Lexie.

I told him all he was doing was making her life worse. That set him off. He punched my face a few times before we could get off of each other.

“Stay away from me, how about that!” I said and turned to go home.

I didn’t need this kind of drama after work. I had no energy.

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