What is it about her?

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4 Weeks Later

Peyton’s POV

Today is the final game, Mason and I have been training for weeks just for this one game. It’s the last one we’ll ever play on this field and everyone’s mind is set on winning. The stands are full of people I’ve never seen this many people show up, every single seat was filled.

End Of The Game

“Touchdown! Touchdown! It’s Oak! It is Oak!” yells the referee.

Mason and I are lifted up by the guys as they start chanting and yelling. No doubt everyone was happy. We finally made it and as bittersweet as the moment was I couldn’t enjoy it because I was dying to run over with the guys and dump the cooler of Gatorade over the coaches head.

“Okay guys, you know what to do” yelled Mason. They put he and I down and we run over to coach.

And my dream was made a reality.

Later That Night

Lexies Pov

We’re having dinner at a restaurant to celebrate the team’s victory and when I say we’re having dinner I mean the entire team, coach, the guy’s girlfriends and the fricken mascot. Everyone was so happy I couldn’t help but laugh at the guys who were comparing each other as to who looked better. They all looked like supermodels in their tuxedos.

When the coach stood up to speak we all broke out in laughter because we learned that Peyton’s dream was not just to win but to give the coach a Gatorade shower. I’m scared to ask what his other dreams are now.

Coach admitted he was scared to have this dinner because he thought it’d be the perfect opportunity for some of the guys to give girls rings. We are all in high school but promise rings have been popping up on Facebook since the end of the game.

Word has it some girl got one in the middle of the game and two others after the winning touchdown. I’ll admit its cute since everyone’s going away to college and all but I hope Peyton isn’t planning that tonight. I have a surprise for him later on tonight.

Peyton’s POV

After the dinner in which coach let us all drink most of the guys went home in taxis, I had Nate come pick us up. I wasn’t drunk and I also didn’t want to endanger anyone. I think Lexie ate so much it made her fall asleep. I chuckle thinking about how much we ate, I’m so proud of her. She’s curled up on my lap when we arrive so I carry her in. Nate chuckles when he sees me carrying her.

Keep chuckling I think to myself, he’ll be doing this soon.

Becks is asleep on the couch and I laugh when I see Nates face. Up the stairs, with our sleeping girlfriends, we go.

When I place Lexie on the bed she curls up again. I chuckle again she must be really tired, I guess I’ll let her sleep. I grab my towel and step into the bathroom, I needed a shower, I smell like alcohol and Lexie isn’t too fond of that smell.

When I step out of the shower I don’t see Lexie on the bed but a letter. Literally a letter. The letter I, I turn it over to read it.

I- In case you’re wondering or worrying, relax. I am fine, find the rest of the letters for your surprise.

I laugh at this was she pretending to be asleep?

I find the second letter on the steps

L- Look at the stairs you’ve carried me up so many times. Look at how much time has passed since we met. Do you remember that day with the glass?

I smile remembering how I ran over to help her that day. I didn't know it then but I'd met the new girl and love of my life.

I find the next letter on the clock in the kitchen.

O- Only you would run and save a girl you just met. Only you were able to help me.

What is she leading to I wonder? I look around and can’t see any then I raise an eyebrow at Nate who’s clearly trying to hold his laugh in.

“Okay man, where’s the next one?” He lets out the laugh he’s been holding in.

“She has you looking around for letters like an idiot, I like Lexie that much more now, check outside,” he says.

I step outside spot it on a tree.

V- very carefully you spoke to me and figure it all out. Very easily I found myself falling for you. Very quickly follow the trail to your surprise.

I follow a path made of flowers. Up ahead I see the letter E

E- Everything is what you mean to me.

I turn left as that’s where it points to. Ahead I see the letter Y, I place it in my pocket after reading it.

Y- You mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be here without you.

I smile at this one, what is she up to? I keep wondering.

O- Obviously you’re getting impatient now but don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you.

I laugh, she knows me so well. I follow the flowers until I see her.

She’s standing under where I had our re-do date. In her hands, she holds the letter U. She hands me it and I read it

U- look at me.

I look up at her.

“You, its always been you. It will always be you, Peyton, I’m in love with you” she says making me smile.

She pulls out a letter from behind her back and smiles.

“I got you something, this way we don’t have to end,” she says.

I look at her confused. What does she mean we don’t have to end? Who said we were going to end in the first place?

I open the actual letter this time. It reads

“Dear Alexis Mathews,

We here at Oakland University of Minnesota would be happy to have you in the following school term-I stopped reading.

“Lexie you-you got in? You’re coming with me to OUM!” I say taking her in my arms and spinning her around.

“Full scholarship,” she says making me spin her around again.

I put her down and kiss her.

She blushes like the first time I told her she was beautiful.

“You know, either way, I wasn’t leaving you, Lexie, there is no end. I would never leave you just because I was going off to college. I love you and I don’t want to be without you” I tell her as we head back to Nates hand in hand.

She smiles at me and I smile back. We enter and head upstairs. She showers and I lay down thinking about how great today ended up being. Championship game we won, the coach got a Gatorade shower, my girlfriends coming to college with me.

When she steps out of the shower, I smile at her and she smiles back.

“What are you thinking about?” she asks me as she dries her hair with the towel.

“I finally know what it is about you Lexie,” I say

“Huh?” she says wondering what I’m talking about.

“When I first met you I kept asking myself what is it about her? What is it about this girl that’s pulling me in? Why does she make me feel like a million bucks when she looks at me? Why does her smile do that to me? I finally know” I say walking over to her at the dresser.

I place my hands on her hips and place my forehead on hers.

“What is it?” She asks me blushing.

“You’re perfect. I’ve finally found the perfect girl. The one that completes me the girl I don’t want to live without. Lexie, you’re perfect and I’m so in love with you”

I get down on one knee and take out the box I’ve been hiding all day. I didn’t get her a promise ring, I got her an engagement ring because I know I'm going to marry her someday.

Lexie looks down at me and I see her eyes water.

“What do you say?” I ask her and she nods trying to keep the tears from falling.

“Yes, yes a hundred times yes Peyton,” she says.

I place the ring on her finger and kiss her.

“I love you, Lexie, always and forever,” I tell her and see how drunk with happy she is.

“I love you too,” she says and kisses me.

“Did I place it on the correct finger?” I ask her and she laughs nodding.

“Do you know why it goes on the left?” she asks me and I shake my head.

“In Roman times, it was believed that the left ring finger had a vein which ran directly to the heart,” she says placing her hand on her heart.

“I don’t care which finger you put it on really, you know why?” I ask

She shrugs and I lift her up bridal style.

“Because you said yes,” I say laying her on the bed before I made love to the love of my life.

Nates POV

Becca’s been great to have living with me. Her father hasn’t come by again but I’m sure he can’t keep away from his daughter.

As for Becca she’s gone back to school with Lexie and is expecting her college acceptance letters. Lexie got hers so she and Peyton are going to be leaving soon. I’m not worried about Becks leaving she told me she only applied to nearby colleges she doesn’t like going far, home was safe for her.

But I’d actually prefer for her to go a bit far just to get out of this town. I’m not dumb I know what people are saying about her, I know what her classmates must think of her and I know it can’t be easy for her.

Last night I started thinking about how she loved the carnival we used to have in town and that’s where I got my idea from. Andyville, that’s where we’ll go.

“Becca, can I ask you something?” I ask.

She nods.

“You applied to a college in Andyville right?” I ask and she nods.

No doubt she got in, her grades are great.

“Do you want to go live over there?” I ask and she looks at me shocked.

“Um, if I get in I’m sure living over there would be nice but I don’t know how I’d be able to,” she says and I see hurt in her eyes.

She thinks I’m kicking her out. I chuckle to myself and take her hand in mine.

“What do you think about moving over there with me? I can get a house over there easily and Peyton and Lexie can live with us or they can keep this cabin” I say.

“But why now? I mean why so sudden?” she asks me in disbelief.

“I want you away from this town. I know what people are saying about you. I know how people look at you. I don’t want you suffering anymore. I want you to have a new start. All of us need a new start. You’ll be close to your college you’ll be away from all of this, I even asked your dad” I say and find that I started pleading with her somewhere in all of that.

“I want to leave this place too, its like I’m some- wait you spoke to my, my dad? What’d he say?” She asks me, I know she misses her dad.

“He told me I have his blessing,” I say and watch Becks face get bright red.

I chuckle. “I’m kidding, he said it was fine he wants you to have a new start too and that he’d be sending you money for anything you need,” I say.

He did say that I have his blessing but if I ever need it but Becks didn’t need to know that, her reaction was priceless though.

“I’ve already asked Lexie and Peyton, they're fine with anything, it’s you whos answer I need, what do you think?” I asked taking her hand in mine.

Becks eyes fill with tears and she nods.

“Yes, let’s leave. Thank you, Nate, thank you so much for everything” she says and I wipe her tears away.

My parents have no issue with buying me a house in Andyville and I hear they still have a carnival over there, she’ll love it.

“Hey hey,” says Lexie walking in with Peyton.

They’ve just come from visiting Haylie.

“How is she?” I ask.

“She’s doing great she even hung with Lexie for a while today,” says Peyton.

“So when is the wedding?” asks Becks making Lexie blush like never before.

Peyton laughs and places an arm around Lexie.

“I’m guessing you’ll be the bride of honor,” he says winking at Becks.

4 Weeks LATER

Lexies POV

Pey and I got engaged a few weeks ago. Next week we’re off to college I feel like so much has changed since I moved here. I never thought I’d be able to get away from my dad. I haven’t visited him in jail and I doubt I will either. Peyton doesn’t want me anywhere near him but I fear for when he gets out.

We’re moving to Andyville with Becca and Nate and now Mason since he just got his letter. Turns out his mom got it and forgot to give it to him, it was pilled up somewhere in her room. Masons coming to the same college as Peyton and I, Peyton was so stoked they're like brothers and Masons become like a brother to me too.

Beccas going to a community college in Andysville, hence why Nate chose to move there. We’ll be keeping the cabin because Peyton wants to use it for when he visits Haylie. I thought it was a good idea they could celebrate Christmas there. Haylie was doing well, she loved playing with Mr.Tinnie and I think she was good company for Ms.Leins.

We’ve just finished packing. The moving truck is outside and we’re ready to go. The truck left before us and I sit on the floor looking at the wall of our room. On that wall used to hand lights and pictures of Pey and I from our date. It was empty now it was like a new start for us.

A tear fell down my cheek and as if he felt it Peyton sat behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“A new beginning babe,” he says to me.

I smile, I was ready to leave, leaving was going to be good for all of us. Peyton stands up and lends me a hand while getting up. We walk downstairs.

“Lexie I promise to hold your hand no matter what comes our way. No matter what” he says as we walk out the door.

“No matter what,” I say placing my hand on my stomach.


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