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Lexies Pov

“No matter what,” I say placing my hand on my stomach.

Peyton placed his hand on my stomach and then placed his ear next to it making me giggle.

“Someone’s hungry,” he said making me roll my eyes.

“Come on we’ll get food on the way there,” he said and we got into the car.

6 Years Later

Lexies Pov

Peyton's on the way home I can’t wait.

He played college football for 4 years and got recruited on his last. It was hard knowing he’d be away but during the offseason, he was always home. It’s the second year since he’s started playing professionally, Nate, Becca and I never miss a game. Yeah, we still all live together without Peyton around it gets lonely.

Mason also got recruited but his dream was to coach so he does at the high school not too far from here.

I became a lawyer and as busy as I am I couldn’t ask for a better profession. I get to defend those who can’t I get to be their voice.

Becca and Nate had a baby girl last year. They named her Jamie. Nates crazy about her he’s a stay at home dad. Becca doesn’t need to work but she does anyway. We all worried when she announced she was pregnant because of how bad the first time was but she was fine.

I remember Nates reaction when she told him he practically cried, he was so happy. Becca's dad visits sometimes, her mother wants nothing to do with her same as her brothers but he can’t keep away. He loves Jamie and he gets along really well with Nate.

I know he’s glad Nate helped Becca out back then. He loved his daughter that’s why he came looking for her that day.

The house is empty today. I asked Becca and Nate to spend the day out so Peyton and I could be alone when he arrives. It’s 1 PM Peyton should be home soon.

I hear the doorbell and run to answer it. I can’t wait to see Peyton. But when I open the door it’s not him. It’s someone I haven’t seen in years, someone I didn’t want to see.

Peyton POV

I can’t wait to get home and see my wife.

Lexie and I got married as soon as we finished college. I left to play professionally right after our honeymoon but I knew she'd be safe with Nate, Mason, and Becca. I didn’t want her lonely.

I’ve been gone for a few months but I always call her when I have free time. I miss her more each time. I miss her smile, her laugh, and her cooking.

The taxi drops me off in front of the house and I walk up to the door smiling knowing Lexies waiting for me. I go to use my keys but find the doors ready open.

“Lexie, babe!” I call out but get no response.
I hear some movement and call out again

“Honey I’m home,” I say and I get a response.

“Pey ...run” I hear Lexie faintly say.

“Lexie! Lexie where are you?” I yell.

What the hell is going on here? Then I see it. There’s blood smeared on the wall as if someone was holding onto it.

“Well well well, look at who we have here,” says a voice I hadn’t heard in years.

It was Lexie's dad. He was released from jail last year due to good behavior but she never contacted him. She decided it was best plus I didnt want him anywhere near her.

He had a knife in his hand and I lost it. What had he done?!

“Little lover boy, I remember you,” he says walking towards me knife in hand.

I walk towards him and quickly twist his arm around. He attempts to hit me with his other arm but I barely feel it. I need to get to Lexie fast.

I lift him up and slam him into the wall a few times until he slumps down.

“Lexie, Lex” I yell as I move to find her.

“Pey..please” I hear her say.

I find her she’s laying on the kitchen flopr there’s blood on her but I don’t know where it’s coming from.

“Lexie babe,” I say looking down sadly at her.

All those memories flashed through my mind.

“Pey, Pey.. the baby, please the baby..” she says.

My eyes widen as I look at her. She gives me a faint smile. She’s pregnant. I need to get her help and fast. I call Mason and tell him what’s happens before I lift Lexie up and place her in the car. Her head rests on my lap as I drive to the hospital. She keeps mumbling about the baby.

We get to the hospital and I yell for help. This is all too familiar.

“Help help please, my wife, I don’t know where the blood is coming from. She’s pregnant please help” I yell and quickly nurses rush and take her from me.

Mason runs in a bit after that and sees me sitting in the waiting area.

“What happened?” He asks when he sees the blood on me.

“They took her inside, she was bleeding. Mason, she’s pregnant” I say.

“I know, she was going to tell you today she was going to surprise you,” he says with sad eyes.

About an hour later a nurse comes out.

“Lexie's husband” I stand up.

“She’s going to be fine. She did get stabbed, upper chest she’s been stitched up and the baby is okay, she should be waking up soon, you can see her then” she says and I nod.

I go first to see Lexie. I walk in and take a seat beside her bed. She looks like an angel sleeping there. I smile at her belly, she must be 3 or 4 months now.

Her eyes flutter open and she looks at me.

“Hey,” I say.

She smiles at me and then looks down at her belly wrapping her arms around it.

“Pey the baby he- he went after the baby and I tried to fight and I-” she says with tears in her eyes.

I stand up and kiss her forehead. I know she fought to keep the baby safe.

“The baby is fine babe, he’s not coming after you anymore, you're safe,” I say.

She smiles at me and I place my hand on her belly.

“You’re going to be a great mom,” I say to her and see that beautiful smile of hers.

“You’re going to be a great dad pey, ” she says.

I lean over and kiss her.

The Next Day
“Babe I bet you can’t guess who I saw the other day?” Says Lexie.

“Who?” I ask.

“Tristan. Becca and I were out buying baby clothes and bumped into him. He’s a janitor at the mall in the town over” she says and I smile at her.

I know she didn’t even try to talk to him. I’m glad he saw she was pregnant because now he knows she’ll never be his. I can’t help it I get jealous easily.

“I love you pey, I’m so glad your back,” she says.

“I'll always come back and I'll always be here for you and the baby, I promise. I knew I’d love you from the moment I met you there was always something about you Lexie” I say taking her hand in mine and placing a kiss on it.



This story has finally come to an end and I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who read it. Thank you and please do share with your friends. I didn’t want to give Tristan a terrible ending because he did actually care for Lexie but he still didn’t deserve you know greatness.

As for Lexie, she had a boy which they named Matthew. Haileys learned to be around others and now attend public school again. Lexie and Peyton do live happily ever after. They’ve helped each other grow as well as Nate and Becca. I hoped you enjoyed this story, thank you for reading.

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