What is it about her?

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Chapter 3

Lexie’s Pov

I felt it in my face first. PUNCH!

“you thought you could just skip school and stay home you little bitch!” my dad yelled.

Then in my stomach. KICK!

My dad came home more drunk than ever and he took it out on me. I hated being his punching bag, but I never fought back or said anything. He just kept punching me in the stomach, I didn’t think it would ever end. When he finally did, there was nothing. I blacked out.

Peyton’s POV

She didn’t come to school today, I know she said she didn’t feel well but I decided to text her anyways.

Me: hey, are u feeling any better? did u stay home?

No reply, 5minutes went by. No reply. Half an hour went by. No reply. An hour went by, no reply. Something’s wrong I thought. It’s 11AM she can’t still be sleeping plus her phone would’ve woken her up from my text. As soon as the bell rang to change classes I ran out. I ran to her house as fast as I could, I climbed up a tree closest to the window that I thought was her room.

I climbed in through the window. I was right, I looked and couldn’t find her. I walked downstairs, I know I was in someone else’s house but I felt something was wrong. My heart dropped when I finally found her. She was on the floor passed out with blood and i didn’t know where it was coming from. She had bruises everywhere and tears drying on her face. It was like something from a horror film, she was lifeless.

“Who the hell are you? Don’t touch that bitch!” her dad said.

He came in drunk as hell and I lost it. I punched him so hard that it knocked him out.

Then I whispered angrily, “Never put your hands on her. Ever!”

I took my t-shirt off and whipped some of the blood off her face. I called Mason.

“Dude meet me at 70 Ludley fast! It’s an emergency” I basically yelled.

I looked down at her and checked her injuries. Her face had taken some punches causing all the bleeding but her stomach got it worse, it was all shades of purple. She was paler than before then I took her hand in mine.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, I won’t let this happen ever again” I whispered.

I should’ve never let her come home yesterday. I heard Mason’s car pull up, he drove fast thank god! I picked Alexis up carefully and carried her in my arms. I walked her out to the car. Masons face was in shock.

“We need to get to the hospital fast!” We got in the car I was in the back seat still shirtless with her in my arms.

Mason drove like a madman, I’m glad he was my best friend. I walked in and found nurse fast.

“Please help! Fast! She’s passed out and I don’t know what else has happened, please” I practically yelled.

She got a doctor and hospital bed and they wheeled her into the emergency room. I stood there totally broken. I just stared at all the nurses running into the room. Mason snapped me out of it.

“Dude, she’ll be okay, please explain all of this to me. Did you do that to her?” he asked me still a bit in shock.

We sat down in the waiting room.

“No dude, I’d never hurt her. Or any other girl. Her dad, man I knew something was wrong. She didn’t show up for school and I just knew something had happened.” I said starting to tense up through my explanation.

I felt so bad if I had let her stay last night she’d be okay today.

“She doesn’t deserve this,” I said.

Mason looked at me with understanding eyes.

“You just met her and you care about her a lot I can already tell.” He smiled at me, I smiled back slightly.

I’d texted him about her yesterday.

“She doesn’t deserve this. Dude all the stuff that’s happened to her. She doesn’t even speak out of fear, it drives me insane to even think about it can you even imagine Hailey going through something like this?” I finally said.

“Fear of what? “he asked.

“Fear of being hit, her dad and her ex. If I ever see her ex I’ll knock him out as hard as I did her dad” I got angrier with every word.

“Whoah! Dude? Her dad? You knocked him out?” he asked shocked face and all.

“He did this to her. She had bruises already from before, she was holding her stomach and I asked to see. Dude I’m not letting anyone hurt her, she doesn’t deserve this” I said meaning every word.

Mason put his hand on my shoulder, “you’re a good guy Peyton and you look pretty good shirtless” he said eyebrows going up an down.

I chuckled at this leave it to this idiot to make a joke at this time, glad he and I were friends.

“Have you told her how much you like her yet?” he asked.

His question caught me off guard. Was that this strong urge to protect her that I felt? The nurse walked in and looked at me.

“Mister Peyton your friend, well she lost a lot of blood, she has a fractured rib and she won’t be up for a few hours. Do you know who did this to her?” She asked me.

“Her drunk father” I answered.

I know I promised her I wouldnt tell but this couldnt continue to happen, what if she doesnt amke it next time.

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