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Chapter 4

Lexie’s POV

I woke up in a white room. Not really sure how I got there or what I was doing there.

Opening my eyes was difficult at first, but when I finally managed to open them a lady spoke to me.

“Nice to see you’re awake Alexis”, says a lady in a nurses outfit.

It all clicked a lady in a nurse outfit, who knew my name, in a white room. I was in the hospital, no doubt due to my father. But who brought me here? I know my father didn’t and I didn’t call for help so who-

“Alexis! You’re awake!” Says a strange boy. I think I’ve seen him around school but I haven’t had any contact with him. I stare at him in confusion.

“Oh that’s right you probably have no idea who I am. Hey, I’m Mason, Peyton’s best friend” said the boy.

Peyton. Did he come looking for me after I didn’t show up to school? Did he? He saw me on the floor passed out. He-

“Peyton saved you. He found you and brought you here if you’re wondering how you got to the hospital. I drove of course” he said pointing to himself with a cheery smile.

It made me giggle. Driving was easy now finding me took effort but I was grateful. Then I started thinking if Peyton brought me here where is he? I looked around confused.

Mason seemed to know exactly what I was looking for.

“He drove to your house to pick up some clothes, and get us some food. You’re gonna be here for a while” he said sadly.

Oh, I thought and frowned. I looked down and saw I had bandages wrapped around my chest and no doubt my face didn’t look too good it hurt so much.

“Your dads in a lot of trouble by the way” he said.

My head whipped up, eyes wide open. Ow, I probably shouldn’t have done that.

He giggled at my shock but then saw that my reaction was painful. We both kinda laughed at that or maybe it was at the awkwardness in the room. I was still confused though, he explained.

“You’re dads going to jail for well hurting you. But hell, I’d take jail over having Peyton beat my ass” he laughed.

I looked at him with even more shock.

“Oh that’s right, I didn’t tell you. When Peyton found you he and your dad got into it a bit. Peyton knocked him out though” he giggled, pretending to fight this skeleton that was in the room.

It was most likely to show patients what bones they broke.

When I heard Mason I worried about Peyton first but then I remembered I was very weak and to Peyton, my dad was probably nothing, he was on the football team after all and he looked pretty fit. I can’t believe he knocked him out though. I tried picturing it and it made me feel happy. He got what he deserved.

Suddenly the doorknob turned and the door opened.

“Hey is she awa-

Peyton’s POV

After dropping Lexi at the hospital I had Mason stay with her until I returned. I didn’t want her to stay alone and be confused. Plus Mason knew how to make situations better. His goofy personality always made me feel better.

I drove back to her house, the cops were already there arresting her dad.

He saw me walk in and laughed.

“You think you can keep that slut away from danger?! Her own boyfriend beat her! She’s pathetic!” He yelled.

He was in handcuffs and being restrained by a cop. I punched him, this time even harder, I think I broke his jaw. The other cop intervened and got between her dad and me, good thing too. I had a few more punches to throw.

“You’re a terrible father! I’m never letting anyone especially you put their hands on her! She deserves better! And you, you’re pathetic, I hope you rot in jail!” I told him and I meant everything.

I walked upstairs to Lexis room and grabbed some clothes she’d be needing till she got out of the hospital. I also grabbed her hairbrush and toothbrush and a blanket.

I put everything in a bag and walked outside to Mason’s car. I put the bag with her stuff in the back seat and drove to a fast food place but I couldn’t decide on McDonald’s or Popeye’s. I bought stuff from both places and snuck it into the hospital.

I’m walking to her room and I can hear laughter so she must be awake. Awake or Masons lost his mind and started talking to that skeleton in the room. IT honestly creeped me out. I walk in.

“Hey is she aw-” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

She was staring at me and I was staring at her, our eyes locked. I walked over and hugged her. She started to cry lightly so I sat with her and held her as she cried. Mason looked at me saying he was gonna leave us alone for a while, good idea. He took a soda and some fries and left.

Lexie started crying even harder.

I rubbed her back “Sh Lexie it’s okay now, you’re safe, he’s going away and I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again” I whispered to her.

She hugged me even tighter, “Lexi when you didn’t reply I got so worried.

Then when I came over I saw you on the floor passed out in pain, bleeding I couldn’t control myself. I had to help you. I was so afraid that you were gone. I hate your dad and hit him for everything he’s done to you. I hit him again when I went to get your stuff” I whispered again.

I wanted to tell her something else, but this time I laid her down beside her then I held her.

“I’ll always protect you, I don’t want to see you like this ever again. I know we just met but it hurts seeing you like this, you don’t deserve this. You deserve so much better than what you’ve had” I said taking her hand in mine.

She turned so her body was facing mine and hugged me tightly.

She kissed me on the cheek. “Thank y-you” she said.

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