What is it about her?

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Chapter 5

Peytons Pov

She spoke to me, she said thank you. Her voice was so fragile. Forget the kiss. Words, she said actual words to me. I was so happy I thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest put on its sweater and walk out because it couldn’t handle it anymore.

After holding her for a while and smiling at each other, I suggested she eat something because she was weak. I knew she barely ate due to her weight so I made her eat. I gave her a sprite, snack wrap and a bunch of Popeye’s fries. I didn’t think fried chicken would be helpful at the moment. She stared at me in confusion.

“You’re going to eat, you need to eat, please,” I told and asked her with puppy dog eyes.

She smiled and nodded her head.

I sat beside her again and ate with her, she likes french fries I could tell. I ate with her and found myself feeding her after a while.

“I don’t know if anybody told you but you’ve got a fractured rib and you’ll be here for a few more days,” I told her.

She frowned. “Don’t worry I’ll be here with Mason every day after school and you can text me all day,” I said smiling.

She smiled back and for a moment we lost ourselves and started staring into each other’s eyes kindly. I could see both her eyes due to her hair being out of the way. I touched her cheek with my hand. She looked away, her face was a bit swollen on the left.

“Aww” for a second I thought I gained superpowers and my thoughts were speaking, but no it was Mason.

Lexie blushed and I chuckled.

“The doctor says two days tops and you can go home,” says Mason happily.

Lexi looked sad when I looked at her. I held her hand,

“what’s wrong?” I asked.

She didn’t reply but Mason and I both got that she couldn’t go home. She had no home and I think I had the perfect solution to that.

2 days later

Lexis POV

I’d spent 2 days in the hospital. The first day Peyton came to see me and I was so happy to see him. We spent the whole afternoon playing board games he brought. I blushed from time to time at his smile when he looked at me.

Peyton and Mason came to get me the next day. They said they were going to take me to my “new home” I wonder where that was.

The car stops and snaps me out of my thoughts. Peyton takes my hand and walks me into the house and into a blue room. Its really pretty and all my stuff is here.

“Are you confused? ” Peyton and Mason say in unison almost laughing.

I nod my head like duh! Of course, I was confused.

Peyton explains “well, from now on you’ll be living in my family’s spare room. It’s fine my mom and dad already approve it. This is your room, next door is my room and the last door is Hailey’s room, my little sister.”

I hugged him tight and then Mason.

“I’ll take that as a thank you,” says Mason.

Peyton giggles, the guys go downstairs while I make myself at home. They’d brought over all my stuff which wasn’t much. I’m looking at the view from my window and a little girl walks in.

“Hi you must be Lexie,” she says.

I smile and nod.

“Welcome home,” she says while hugging me, I hug back. Then she skips out of the room.

Well, she seems nice I think to myself.

“I see you’ve met Hailey,” says Peyton walking in.

I spoke to him for the first time at the hospital and I kissed him on the cheek.

I feel silly for doing that, I’m definitely not his type but when he stares at me well my heart wants to have a heart attack due to all the emotions running through me.

I’m lost in thought and I don’t realize he’s wrapped his arms around me and is holding me. I blush of course, what’s going on? I make a confused face and he takes my hand.

“Come I wanna show you my room,” he says smiling.

His room is black I mean it’s just black, but very cute and it makes you wonder about him and what he likes. He sits on the bed and pats the space next to him for me to sit so I do so.

He takes my hand and intertwined our fingers. He smiles at me and moves the hair out of my face so both my eyes are exposed. He leans in and I close my eyes I don’t know what’s happening. He kisses my forehead.

“Welcome home” he whispers.

He takes my hand then walks me downstairs. We sit on the couch with Mason and Peyton sits close to me making me uncomfortable as hell.

Lexies POV

The weekend at Peyton’s home, well my home now too was nice. I wasn’t supposed to go back to school until next Monday. His parents didn’t ask much but they were kind. I think Peyton told them what I had been dealing with. Being there was kind of peaceful we laughed a lot and Hailey kept trying to make me speak it was hilarious.

I was dreading going back to school Monday but it was much worse when the day actually came. I walk out the car with Peyton and Mason and everyone starts speaking at the same time it made my brain feel mushy.

Of course, not everyone was laughing or talking about me some people were generally glad to see that I was okay. Everyone that is, except two girls who were anything but happy to see Peyton with his arm around me. One of them was especially mad to see me get out of Mason’s car.

I looked down and didn’t really want to make any eye contact with anyone.

Some guys hi 5′d Peyton and Mason.

“Way to go, my man,” one boy said to Peyton. I forgot Peyton and Mason were well known.

We’re walking down the hallway to find our lockers. Luckily mine was right beside the guys due to last people to be enrolled get the last lockers, we were near our first class so that was good.

Slam! “Hey, mute girl, what’s wrong?” asked a long-haired blonde girl with an illegal amount of cleavage showing.

She shut my locker door before I could even open it fully.

“What are you asking her for? She can’t speak remember?” said a brown hair curled, high heels too much makeup wearing girl.

“Maybe she lost her voice screaming when her daddy almost beat her to death!” said the blonde one.

This made no sense to me whatsoever. I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

The one on heels then said “bet she asked for it!“.

Mason and Peyton were by my side in seconds.

“Why don’t you go complain about your daddy issues somewhere else,” said Mason.

“No leeches allowed over here,” said Peyton with a smirk.

The whole hallway was laughing violently. But I knew this was not going to end for a while. They seemed like the type of girls to be out for blood.

The rest of the week didn’t go bad, actually, people were saying hi to me, asking if I was feeling better, it was nice to have people worry about me for once.

I found out that not everyone was as mean those girls from before. They basically ran the school and tortured everyone. Your typical mean girls. Of course, everyone loves a mean girl but I guess they’d done too much to the kids here. They were public enemy #1 and the general public didn’t like it.

Apparently, Layla was after Mason and just my luck Brooke was after Peyton. I’ve been questioning my relationship with him. I mean I like him and he’s the first person to hear me speak in years. He gave me a home and not to mention saved my fricken life plus he is really cute. But I wasn’t ready for anything I was still adjusting.

I spent the week with Peyton and Mason. Peyton and I had every class together and some with Mason. The guys weren’t idiots I mean I knew they weren’t idiots but I didn’t think they’d be so smart either. I enjoyed being Peyton’s partner in forensics the most. He loves dead things, fingerprints, interrogations and solving crimes. It was my favorite class so far.

Today is Friday so it’s been about a week from the incident. I still don’t speak much to the guys, yes the guys I spoke to Mason too now. The guys have a football game today so they’ve asked me to come watch them play. I’ve never been a sports person but I actually enjoyed the game. They were tied with the other team, I didn’t bother learning the other team’s name because I was just there to watch the guys.

Slam! Mason tackled some guy who tried to go after Peyton and then touchdown! Peyton made the last point and the crowd went wild. He waved to me from the field and I congratulated him and Mason with a hug. I see Brooke in the stands and she looks like she might explode, but no sign of Layla.

The coach has to speak to the guys so I go to my locker and to get my sweater. It’s mid-January and the weather is getting colder and colder. The guys said they’d meet me at my locker when the coach was done with them.

I open my locker when this black and white cat looking thing pops out and scratches me. Not only did it scratch me but it sprayed me, it sprayed me a lot. I officially reek of skunk and I bet I know who did this.

Peyton’s POV

I found Lexie by her locker after the coach congratulated us and let us go. She didn’t look too happy and something smelled really terrible. She was grabbing her arm too.

“Hey what’s wrong? And what is that smell?” I asked.

Her face dropped and now she looked miserable, wow did I say something wrong? I took her arm to look at it had a really bad scratch. She told me a skunk was in her locker and jumped out, scratched her then sprayed her a lot.

I hugged her showing her I didn’t care if she stank. When Mason finally showed up I told him what had happened.

“That’s what they were talking about,” he said probably thinking out loud.

“Who?!” Lexie and I both said in unison.

“I overheard these girls, they were talking about someone pulling a prank,” he said scratching his head.

" I bet Brooke did this!” I exclaimed.

Mason nodded agreeing with me.around the guys.

“No actually it was Layla,” said Lexie.

"How do you know? I asked.

“When you hugged me earlier after the game I saw Brooke glaring at me but there was no sign of Layla and I went to my locker before the game and nothing was here” She said still with a sad look on her face.

Lexie had started speaking more often and around Mason too.

“We’ll figure out a way to get them back later right now your stench is what matters. We need to get you out of here without making a scene” said Mason as mad as I was.

“Hey I know you could shower in the girl's locker room, it’ll help a bit with the stench, Peyton and I will stay outside as lookouts and tell everyone there was a water pipe that bursted or something,” Mason said smiling.

She still wouldn’t smile back at me though. We walked her to the showers and stayed outside.

“What’s wrong man? ” asked Mason.

He knew I was a bit down. I wanted to make sure Lexie was okay.

Masons POV

“What’s wrong man?” I ask Peyton.
I know something’s wrong, I can tell I am his best friend.

“Dude it’s just, I hate seeing her suffer. I don’t want Brooke and Layla making her life hell like they do to everyone else here. I want her happy, but bad things keep he I took her to the woods when we first met. She was so happy, you should’ve seen her face she was glowing I think” he tries to explain smiling as he does.

“I get it, man, you don’t want her hurting I got that from when you saved her and had me drive to the hospital like a mad man” I say.

We both laugh at this.

“I just want her happy, she’s been through a lot I want to protect her that’s not just getting back at Layla and Brooke. You get what I mean?” He asks hoping I do.

“I think so dude I..”
Knock Knock

That’s Lexie she must be done, we told her to knock when she was coming out. she’s in Peyton’s hoodie it looks like a dress on her since she’s so tiny and Peyton’s well not so tiny.

We sneak her out the back. Almost everyone is gone so it’s a bit easier then we thought. We get to the car and drive to Peyton’s house.

“Text me dude” I yell as they walk out the car and towards the house.

I drive home Green day playing off my I-pod. I get home and shower because I seriously need one, but well I love football. I wash my hair then dry off. I jump into my bed in my boxers, I’m soo tired.

My mom isn't home so no dinner is ready. I think I have pizza left over in the fridge. I walk downstairs and straight to the kitchen. I smile at the picture of Peyton and Ion the fridge it’s from the day we met all those years ago man time flies. There’s another pic on there too it’s when Hailey was born. Peyton’s mom is holding Hayley as Peyton and I look down and make faces at her. We wanted a boy, I laugh at this too think we wanted a boy and now Peyton’s super protective of her.

I continue to open the fridge after reminiscing a bit. I have 3 slices left, yes! I have it with Mtn Dew then go back up to my room. I need to figure out a way to get back at Layla and Brooke. Now let’s see what makes them tick? Hmm.

This shouldn’t be to hard as little things set them off. I remember when we were in middle school someone gave Layla chapstick and it wasn’t hers. She freaked out and even asked to go to the nurse for fear of her herpes or something. I laugh remembering, that idiot!

Brooke even convinced the teacher of letting her go to the nurse because it was “a serious problem that could lead to future diseases ”.

Hmm if they freak out about Chapstick that isn’t theirs I wonder what they’d do if their own makeup was contaminated. I text Peyton some of this and he seems to understand what we’re going to do. Poor Lexie she’s gonna smell for a few days. I advised bathing in tomato juice.

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