What is it about her?

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Chapter 6

Lexie’s POV

The guys got me home without anyone noticing my stench. When we were home I showered again, the smell was driving me insane. Mason told Peyton I should shower with tomato juice, I thought he was joking. But he wasn’t, it’s supposed to help. I hate those girls for making everyone’s lives hell and now mine. My cut from the skunk stung as I showered again.

I sat in the shower and cried, I cried not only out of annoyance and pain, I cried because I was still afraid, afraid my dad would somehow find me again and this time id die.I cried because Peyton was trying to protect me when it wasn’t his job, Mason too. I just sat there and cried.

knock knock

“Lexie it’s Peyton, please let me in” He asks.

I wrap myself in the towel I was given by Peyton’s mom. I wipe my tears away then I open the door. I don’t look at him.

“Yes?” I ask my voice braking.

Peyton turns me lifts my face up and looks me in the eyes. More tears fall down I try turning away from him but he hugs me.

He rubs my back and tells me

“I know you’re hurting, They’re just idiots don’t let them get to you Lexie”

I nod but I can’t stop the tears from falling.

Peyton speaks again “I’m afraid of seeing you like this because I know I can’t do anything about it I promise to protect you Lexie, please don’t cry”

I thought I’d stop breathing for a while, I hugged him tightly as tight as I could and harder. I didn’t want it to end ever because he hugged back and kisses the top of my head. You know how in movies the girls leg goes up? Or magical music starts playing? All I needed was the smile he gave me afterward to make the moment perfect.

He lets me go so I could dress. Woah, I was almost naked hugging him. I blush realizing this. He asked me to come to his room afterward. His mom and dad took Haylie to their grandparents so we had the house to ourselves.

I walked into his room in my black t-shirt and shorts. He sees me at his door then walks over to me and hugs me tight. He then takes my hand and leads me to his bed. He pats it so I can sit next to him.

He looks at my cut then gets up and starts wrapping it. He’s always doing that, taking care of me.

“You wanna watch a movie with me ?” Peyton asks.

I nod to say yes but then he frowns. He really was all for getting me to speak more.

“Yes I’d like that,” I say.

“Sorry I just like hearing your voice” he apologizes.

I blush, I’ve never heard that before. He puts on Howl’s Moving Castle fricken amazing movie by the way I’ve always loved it. He gets us ice cream from the mini fridge. A little bit into the movie I get cold so I wrap my arms around myself.

Peyton notices and gets a giant blanket. Like those winter blankets that come in those square zip up bag things. He lays it on top of me and I thank him. Then he comes back to the bed.

I’m enjoying the movie but I also feel weird being around Peyton he’s so and I’m so not. I’m really tired so I find myself almost asleep with Peyton’s arm around me and my head on his shoulder.

“Good night beautiful..” is the last thing I hear before I fell asleep.

Peyton’s POV

Lexie falls asleep on my shoulder and I carry her to her room. I wanted to fall asleep with her. I know that sounds really bad but I really didn’t care. I know she’s scared but all I want to do is make her smile.

Ugh, what is it about this girl that makes me act this way. It’s like she’s so sweet and innocent and pretty and the way her voice makes me feel all warm insi- damn it.

I had to come clean with myself, I did like her, a lot. she made me smile and I enjoyed seeing her happy, plus when she’s in danger I lose it. Hmm here I am so into this girl but I don’t know a lot about her simply all the pain she’s dealt with.

I wake up the next morning. After my shower I dress in yup you got it, all black. I unconsciously put some cologne on today. Wow, it’s like I’m a new person. I go downstairs and make breakfast.

My parents along with Haylie won’t be back until Sunday night so I have a lot of time with her. I can’t stop thinking about her. I wanted to know more about her, I wanted her to know more about me.

I know she doesn’t eat much so toast bacon and some fruit outta be enough. In about 10minutes after I’ve started I hear the shower, she must be up. I smile. when she’s done with the shower I hear her hair dryer. Then she walks down the stairs to the kitchen.

She’s in all black too, well great minds do think alike. Her hair is straight down except for her bangs, they still cover her eye but she added a small flip to them at the end. Breakfast dude breakfast I tell myself.

I turn away from her and look for glasses. I pour soda in each one, one for her and one for me. She stares at me curiously, I guess she’s never had soda for breakfast before. I shrug as she goes along with it.

I make sure she eats everything. There are smiles in between those awkward moments when she looks up and I’m already looking at her. Whys it awkward you ask?

Well, she fell asleep on me and probably figured out that I carried her to her room last night. She finishes and thanks me then starts to walk up the stairs to her room. I follow.

“Lexie hey can I talk to you?” I ask almost apologetically.

She nods not this again.

“Please speak to me” I frown.

“Yes, Peyton?” She finally says.

I take her hand and lead her to her room.

“I’m sorry about last night if it made you uncomfortable or anything. But I didn’t want to wake you and I-” she cuts me off.

“Peyton!” She interrupts my rumbling.
I look up at her waiting for her to continue.

“Peyton it’s fine. Thank you actually, for holding me as I cried last night and making sure I was okay and for the movie” she says.

Great. She’s ignoring the whole almost cuddling, you were in my arms situation, I feel like a chick.

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