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Chapter 8

Masons POV
Today’s Monday! Aww man, I can’t wait for school! Woah, I never thought that thought would run through my mind. I hate school.

I arrive at Peyton’s house to pick them up as usual. Peyton climbs in along with Haylie and Lexie. Peyton and I were texting last night so apparently, over the weekend he got Lexie to go out with him, of course, I knew this would eventually happen but so soon?

I was happy for him. Lexie’s good for him, he wants to protect her and she isn’t throwing herself at him either. I wish there were more girls like Lexie at our school you know with actual brains and she was so nice too.

We drop Hailey at her school and as she walks out the car I turn and smile at Peyton and Lexie to make them uncomfortable. Mwahaha, it worked!

“Dude quit it! You’re creeping us out,” he says.

“Dude come on, I’ve never been this excited for school!” I complain.

We all laugh, even Lexie knows I hate school but today was going to be a good day. Revenge sure is sweet. Our prank would do a lot but knowing that Peyton and Lexie are together is going to destroy Brooke and Layla.

“Mwahaha” I laughed again this time it was just creepy and kind of out of nowhere but oh well I’m happy!

I turn my music all the way up so our arrival is looked at by everyone. The grin on my face was almost scary at this point. We park and I turn my music down. Here come Brooke and Layla right on time perfect! Peyton takes Lexie’s hand and walks out of the car with her by his side. Brooke looked like she needed an exorcism.

“What is she doing with him?!! ” Brooke shrieked as she violently shook Layla questioning her.

I almost felt bad for Layla, almost.

“Like I would know! But that just means Mason might end up with some, with some low life basic girl ” Layla went on to say.

She looked numb. Dear god, it was priceless. Some of the guys join in laughing along with me. I began tearing it was so good it hurt. Watching these two freak out was amazing I mean definitely in my top 10 moments at school.

I walked along a few steps behind them and just cracked the biggest smile I could when we passed Layla and Brooke.

Anyway, I run off to find Brooke and Layla’s lockers. This was pretty simple since they have pink crown stickers all over them. Seriously who still decorates their lockers? It was easy to get into them since for some reason this school’s lockers just needed to go by 0 two times to open.

If you’re wondering how I know that the janitor taught me I lost my combination freshman year first week and he told me just pass 0 twice and I would be fine if I ever forgot it again.I open Layla’s locker first and switch out the lipstick for the one I brought from home. Then Brooke’s locker. This may seem weird but trust me what I saw on the inside of those lockers was scary. I was scared to even look inside. I found pictures of Peyton and I see I knew it, freaking psychos.

Lexie’s POV

Monday morning was kind of scary for me people kept looking at Peyton and I as we walked. He was holding my hand, I think he noticed me being a bit scared of the stares because he smiled at me and squeezed my hand. I was horrified of this but I really did like Peyton. It was just too soon.

Second period comes, we’re in the gym and about five minutes into kickball we hear screams. Out of the locker comes a swollen-faced Brooke and Layla. It was hilarious, I mean talk about a makeup mishap. I wonder how this happened? I found out that they were both allergic to peanuts and that the lipstick they both used had peanut sauce somehow. They went to the nurse and were back in class by the afternoon. Lunch was insanely funny their faces were still a bit swollen but they spent all of lunch staring into mirrors.

I’m sitting at the corner table with the boys, it’s just more private and calm here. Mason is just about to start crying over how hard he was laughing when Layla and Brooke get up. Immediately they come to our table.

“Who did this? I demand to know! ” Said a funny looking Brooke.

Mason just laughed harder clutching his stomach. I think all the laughing was starting to hurt him. I’ve never seen this happy at school and the smile he had on this morning was straight up diabolical.

“You demand to know? Who are you the queen?” Peyton asked smirking.

“Damn right I am!” yelled Brooke, causing the whole group to laugh.

Layla covered her eyes as to disappear from the girl standing next to her who just said she was queen. Now even I’m laughing.

“What are you laughing at freak?!” she snaps at me.

“Who are you calling freak?! Have you looked in a mirror today?” responds Mason in my defense.

A- to the men. (Amen) Layla glares at me and they walk away arguing. I think im starting to like it here.

“Okay I’ve had it someone tell me who did it!” I exclaimed inpatient to know who this hero was.

“Well” Mason and Peyton say in unison.

My mouth drops, “no way!“.

“Peyton did the peanut sauce in the lipsticks thing” Mason says.

“It was Masons idea” Peyton says.

They hi-5. Genious. They were both geniuses. We laugh some more because they are now arguing about who deserves more credit. More guys are at our table Peyton and Masons friends and they join in laughing.

The rest of the day went by and it was nice, until we got home.

We oull up to the drive way and see a man in a suit next to Peytons mom.

Lexie’s POV

“You’re coming with me” the man said. He grabbed me and Peyton grabs me.

“Who are you and get your hands off her she’s not going anywhere with you!” He yells.

“I’m with social services, you are not family of Alexis so she’s coming with me to be taken to a group home. You are not legal guardians” he says putting me into shock

He tugs at my arm. By now Peyton’s angry, his hands are in fists and he’s clenching his jaw.

“I said to let her go” he says calmly trying not to murder the guy.

“Peyton she has to go with him stop fighting with the man” says Precilla, Peyton’s mom.

“What?!” Peyton yells looking devastated.

“No..” I say, sadly.

The man walks me to his car and we drive off. I’m sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window when he speaks.

“Alexis, as you know your father has been put into jail, but no one has legal custody over you”

I don’t look at him I didn’t care if no one had custody over me I was happy there, I just wanted Peyton right now. When we arrive to the group home I’ve pretty much got the gist of what’s going on.

I couldn’t legally stay with Peyton and his family until someone got custody over me and me being only 17 I couldn’t chose to stay there legally. I was to stay in this place until I was allowed to leave. I could go to school and then back here. I had to stay here, without Peyton, without mason, alone.

I’m taken to a room and there’s two bunk beds. Apparently, this was one of the newer rooms and only one person lived here. I sit on the bed and a lady walks in soon after.

“Hi you must be Alexis,” she says smiling.

I nod. I’m in no mood to make contact with strangers.

“This will be your new room, your roommate should be here in a little bit I think he went swimming.” she says.

I think this lady thinks I’m stupid or maybe they’re stupid because the guy who brought me here just said the same- HE?!

I was supposed to room with a guy. My eyes went wide. The lady who I later found out was named Elizabeth must’ve noticed my shocked face because she said

“Don’t worry boys and girls room all the time they just try and keep out of each others way. you’ll be fine, it’ll be tons of fun, call me if you need anything” she says as she walked out.

I sat there motionless, trying to take it all in but I just thought I was in a nightmare. I wanted to wake up but it was reality. I learn my way around the room and find there is one window, one bathroom and a mini fridge with a lot of junk food. I showered and changed into some clothes Peyton’s mom sent in duffle bags with the guy who brought me here.

I put on black pj pants and a black tank top. I wasn’t too hungry so I just listened to my iPod since they took my phone when I got here. I fell asleep.

A few hours later

I hear a door shut, and thought Peyton had come into my room as I slept.

“Peyton I-“I start.

“Who the hell are you?!” he asks me.

Peyton’s POV

I’m in my room pissed.

They took Lexi away, I want my girlfriend back. Who knows what’s happening at that group home. Do they know she doesn’t speak? Do they know she doesn’t eat? Who’s looking after her? It was driving me crazy not knowing.

I kept texting her but no replies. 0 not even 1. I started to worry. I go downstairs and my mom starts questioning me

“Where are you going Peyton?” she asks me.

“To go see Lexie” I reply in a duh tone.

“Peyton honey, have a seat” she points to the couch.

She sits in front of me.

“Peyton, Lexie was taken away because we don’t have legal custody of her. They’re going to take care of her at the group home until someone takes custody of her. I know you miss her we all do but we have to deal with this” she says.

“So I’m just supposed to wait until someone gets custody of my girlfriend to see her again?!” I yell.

“Girlfriend?!” She asks obviously confused.

“Yes mom my girlfriend, I like her. I like her a lot I want to protect her, who knows what it’s like at that home. They don’t know she doesn’t speak or that she doesn’t eat much” I yell my voice cracking.

She looks at me with concern, it was all falling apart and driving me crazy.

“Peyton. I didn’t know. I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do now. You can visit her of course but give it a day. They won’t allow you in so soon and you’ll see her in school tomorrow don’t worry” she says.

She hugs me. So I have to go until tomorrow without going insane.

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