What is it about her?

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Chapter 9

Masons POV

I get a call from Peyton weird since we don’t really talk on the phone.

“Dude they took her” he says sounded wrecked.

“What who took who? I ask

“Lexie man, child services took her because we don’t have custody” he exclaims.

“What?! when?!” I ask.

“When we got home, they have her at that group home place on 3rd street” he says.

“What? Lets go see her” I suggest.

“We can’t dude, we can see her at school my mom says they won’t allow visitors for a while, I’m going crazy Mason!” he says

“Dude just breathe and take a nap, we’ll see her tomorrow, we’ll figure this out don’t worry I got your back man” I tell him.

He hangs up. Aw man Peyton’s probably tearing his hair out by now, who could’ve said anything to child services?!

Instantly it clicks. I know who did it.

I called a buddy of mine who works at the group home as a janitor. Okay, so I have a lot of janitor friends for some reason.

“Hello” he answers.

“Hey yeah Tristan, it’s Mason” I say.

“Oh dude what’s up how are you?” he asks

“I’m fine thanks for asking but I wanted to ask you for a favor if that’s okay,” I say

“Uh yeah sure man what is it?” he asks.

“There’s a new girl at the group home her names Alexis, goes by Lexie. She’s my buddy’s girlfriend. She doesn’t really speak or eat much. Can you watch her until we figure out a way to get her out?” I ask.

“Yeah man no problem I know this place doesn’t have the best rep, I’ll make sure she’s safe” he says.

I texted Peyton to tell him.

Lexies Pov

“Who the hell are you?!” Asked a nicely built green eyed angry boy. He was shirtless and with a towel wrapped around his shoulders.

I didn’t respond.

“Are you deaf? Who are you? Answer me!” He said.

I took some paper and wrote him.

“I’m Lexie I’m your new roommate” he read out loud.

“Why don’t you speak? Lost your voice or something?” He asked curiously, eyebrow raised.

“I don’t speak much, really” I wrote again.

He took the paper out of my hands and read it then he smirked.

“You don’t speak at all hmm..” he said.

He sat on the bed beside me a little too close to me.

He took the towel off his shoulders and threw it across the room.

“My my roommates with a mute girl, how do I take advantage of this situation I wonder?” he says starting to freak me out.

I move over a bit and he moves closer. I look away and I feel something. He moved his hand to my thigh. I look at him in a questioning face and he smirks at me. Oh no. This couldn’t possibly be happening no not to me. I got up and moved to the widow he followed behind me. He moved his hands to either side of me. I felt him start to play with my hair.

I ran to the bathroom and tried closing the door but he was too strong. He pushed it open and I fell on the floor. He locked the door behind him and turned the lights off. I started crawling backward trying to get as far away from him as I could quietly so he wouldn’t hear me.

I could see little in the dark then I felt his breath on me. I tried pushing him back but he over powered me. I heard him move around. He had removed his swim shorts, then felt his hands on my pants. I started to scream but he covered my mouth.

“Scream and I’ll make this much worse then what it has to be” he said.

I silently cried. He removed my pants and then my shirt. I kept trying to move away but my back was against the bathtub now. I was in just my underwear and I felt his cold hands removing them off my body.

I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and tried to get away. I only managed to get to the bathtub when he grabbed me as slammed me on the floor. I hit my head really hard I started to black out.

I woke up on the bathroom floor the next morning with a crazy headache, still naked. I got up and showered, I was numb trying to fight back memories of last night. I just wanted to forget.

I wish someone would just take me away, away from all of this. I wanted Peyton here I hate this place! I grabbed a towel and walked out. There he was, smirking at me licking his lips. He got up and walked towards me slowly I was too scared to move. He took my hand and pulled me along. He locked the door behind him as he pulled me into the bathroom. I began trembling.

He moved me against the wall. I turn my face from him.

“Hey roomie, I hope you enjoyed last night, that’s if you remember any of it” he whispered.

I began to cry. What had he done to me? I cant remember anything.

“Shh it’s nothing to cry about welcome to your new home. This is my room and my bathroom what I say goes okay?” He asked me knowing I couldn’t answer.

He took my towel off and this time I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could. I screamed over his hands covering my mouth I just screamed.

A guy with medium length blonde hair walked in and grabbed my roommate. He pushed him against the wall.

“You little pervert get out of here now” he yelled at him

My roommate walked out and slammed the door. I fell to the floor moved my knees up to my chest and cried. The guy who walked in grabbed my towel and wrapped me in it, then he took me to another room.

Tristan’s POV

I was on my way to the new girl’s room when I heard a scream. Mason had called me about it last night so this morning I decided to check on her. It came from her room, I ran into the room didn’t see anybody so I checked the bathroom.

This damn perv Collin had her against a wall, naked. I grabbed him off her and told him to get out. After he left, who I assumed to be Lexie dropped to the floor crying her eyes out, poor thing. I grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it.I took her to my room because staying in that room was not going to work. I’m a janitor here part time but I get a room here of my own. Every room has bunk beds so I figured she’d be able to sleep on the bottom and I on top.

I sit her down on the lower bunk and got her some clothes.

“Hey, Lexie” I said nicely

She looked up at the mention of her name.

“It’s okay I’m a friend of Masons” I say.

She nodded, no emotion though.

“Here are some clothes you’re soaking wet, dry off and put them on please, the bathrooms right there,” I said pointing at it.

What had this idiot Collin done to this poor girl she looked so out of it. She came out in a few minutes my clothes were huge on her but I wasn’t going to risk going back to her room and leaving her there alone.

“Thank you” she mouthed the words at me.

“That’s right you don’t speak much,” I say.

She nodded.

“Are you okay?” I asked her seriously worried.

She shook her head and then started crying. I took her hand in mine and held it to comfort her. She looked me in the eyes and I gave her a sad smile, I wasn’t a threat to her.

“Please tell me what happened? Were you in the shower and he walked in on you? Did he hurt you or touch you this morning?” I asked still holding her hand.

She shook her head. If nothing happened this morning then why was she so up-

“And last night?” I ask.

Her grip on my hand tightened and the crying became more violent. She nodded.

“Can you tell me?” I ask, she shook her head.

“Please Lexie, I need to know if your okay or not and if anything has happened to you,” I say.

“H-he slammed me and I-I blacked-d out.. he was going to ...I woke up t-this morning.. I think he did something to me” she sobbed.

I rubbed her back as she cried. Damn it I thought, I’ve always hated the fact that guys can share rooms with girls here. I'd gotten there too late.

“T-this morning he tried to again I-I think.” She said through tears.

“Shh that’s enough Lexie I understand, don’t worry I won’t let anyone touch you or hurt you, I promise,” I say.

“You can’t go to school today we need to have you checked out by a doctor, come with me” I said taking her hand

She whipped away her tears and followed me. After going through three people in the office I took her to the hospital and called Mason as I waited for the doctor to tell me if anything was wrong.

“Dude come to the hospital, it’s Lexie.” I say.

“What, what’s wrong?” He answered

“Her roommate, he tried to rape her and he hurt her last night and tried to again this morning but I walked in when I heard a scream. I’m having a doctor check her, I’m sorry man” I say

“Thanks, man I’ll see you in a little bit” he says.

Peyton’s POV

Mason called me, that’s when I found out. I found out someone had hurt and attempted to rape Lexie, they were not sure yet.

Every time I thought about it anger surged through me and sadness. Mason and I didn’t speak on the way to the hospital. It was better if I stayed quiet or maybe it was because I didn’t have any words.

We get there and we see Tristan in the waiting area talking to a doctor. They finish and Tristan turns and sees us.

“How is she?” Asks Mason.

“The doctor said she hit her head when Collin slammed her ” he said before he looked up at me.

He didn’t want to say what had happened to Lexie even though I knew.

“She’s in the room by the plant, I’m sorry,” he tells me.

I nod and walk to the room. I enter and I see Lexie shes in clothes that are too big for her. Her hair is drenched and her eyes are puffy red. She looks at me then turns and faces the window.

“Lexie” I start.

“Lexie please look at me,” I say.

I heard her crying and immediately walk over to her and hold her in my arms. At this point, I want to murder this Collin guy but being strong and there for her is what mattered right now. She’s trembling and crying really hard.

“Lexie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe it happened to you. I wish I was there to stop him. I wish I could’ve done something. Lexie how can I take your pain away?” I ask not knowing what to say.

She didn’t answer she only grabbed on to me even harder. I sit on the hospital bed with her and hold her from behind. She’s got her knees up to her chest crying. I kiss the top of her head and hold her until the trembling stops.

“Lexie, what are we waiting for now, when can we leave? ” I ask.

“The doctor has to come back and tell me if I was”she starts trembling again.

That bastard. Wait until I get my hands on him. How dare he hurt my girlfriend, if he’d done more he’d pay with his life. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I took her hand in mine and kissed her on the cheek.

“Beautiful, when you’re done here Mason is taking you back to my house you can’t stay at the group home until this is all figured out and it’s too dangerous for you to go back and I won’t allow it. I’ll be home in a little bit after I have to go take care of something okay?” I say.

She nodded. I lifted her chin with my finger and looked her in the eyes.

" I promise no one will get away with hurting you Lexie. I’m sorry so much has happened to you. but I won’t let anything else happen to you.” I say trying to make her feel just a tiny bit better.

I kissed her forehead and left. I told Mason and Tristan the same as her before I left.

I need to kill someone.

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