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10| Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

10| Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

"Okay, so maybe we shouldn’t do this.” Molly comments, nervously biting her lip as she observes the car we are planning to destroy.

Bree waves her hand in a dismissive manner. “Nah, I think he deserves this. What do you think Ava?”

I don’t immediately reply, my mind too focused on Max’s car in front of me. I’m so going to be killed if my parents find out about that I even planned to do this.

“Uh...” I trail off, unsure of how to answer. On the one hand, it did feel good. Really good. But...on the other hand, I’m be murdered for this. My parents are going to flip, kill me by accident and then will invite the wrong people to my funeral. I bet they will even put the wrong flowers out and they will probably end up going down to the local pub to ‘celebrate’ my life.

You may think I’m overreacting but I’m not. Really, I’m not.

“Well,” I clear my throat, “it would be nice to get revenge but you see...the thing is...I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Bree gives me a look of disbelief whilst Molly raises her hand up as if to say ′thank you for making sense.′

“Oh come on! What’s the chance of your parents finding out?” Bree raises an eyebrow.

“Pretty high,” I mutter with a sigh. My parents are really good friends with their parents and I bet if they see each other again, they would rekindle it. Thus, they talk and walla, my parents find out.

“How would they find out?” Molly curiously asks me.

“They’re really good friends with Max’s parents,” I tell her. Molly’s mouth makes an ‘o’ shape whilst Bree kicks a pebble on the ground.

“Well then...maybe we shouldn’t?” Molly unsurely glances at me and then Bree. Personally, I want to do more than reck Max’s car but I don’t want my parents finding out. They might finally send me to that Switzerland school that Aunt Rosie was always going on about.

“It’s up to Ava, after all, it will affect her the most.” Bree shifts the attention to me. Now, I have been known to be that person who makes the worst decisions. So, for me to be the one to decide what happens is not a good idea. I don’t think the decision being revenge on the guy who broke my heart and messed me up should be something I decide.

I really, really want to get some payback but I’m also terrified of the effects. Do I want to take the revenge?

Yes? No? Yes? No?


Fuck it, you only live once. YOLO!

Ugh, I'm so lame.

“Let’s do this,” I say determinedly, my eyes staying on the vehicle.

Bree squeals whilst Molly sucks in s breath anxiously. I know this isn’t her thing and she won’t want to back out in fear of humiliation but I don’t want to be that friend who puts peer pressure on other friends. I’m not that type of person.

“Hey Mol,” I whisper to her whilst Bree starts getting the fish out. “You sure you want to do this? I’d understand if you wanted to leave, Bree too.”

Molly bits her lip, glancing at the car and me. She has an apprehensive look on her face, as she starts running a hand through her dark hair. “I want to do this, for you.”

I nod my head my heart soaring at the fact that this girl who has known me for one day wants to help me out.

I open Max’s door and grab the baby oil out of my bag. I wipe it all over his steering wheel with pride. I don’t feel a tad amount of remorse for doing this, we deserve this.

Once I’ve finished with that, I get out my spray paint. Might as well let Max know who did this, he would work it out eventually.

I spray Payback’s a bitch on his car, smirking at my masterpiece. Molly comes around the car to look at it, her brown eyes wide in shock. Bree comes around the other side and rests her arm on my shoulder.

“Nice work.” She compliments. “We should probably get out of here now.”

With that, we all sprint away from his car and hop into my car.

“Wow, that was...” Molly starts.

“Exhilarating, amazing, the best kind of revenge you’ve ever done.” Bree finishes the sentence, sending a cheeky smile to Molly over her shoulder.

Molly shrugs. “I was going to say rushed but okay. Same-ish thing.”

I roll my eyes and speed out. I feel like such a rebel right now. I don’t regret doing it though, this was long overdue.

“Right, who lives closer?” I ask them. Time to go home.

As I walk through my new school the next day, I notice pupils whispering to each other. They’re all wearing worried looks and all of them keeping glancing at the main doors.

I spot Molly and the rest of the gang and head over there.

“Ava! So lovely to see you again.” Luke cheers, approaching me for a hug. Quickly noticing what he’s about to do, I dodge his advance causing everyone to laugh whilst he gives me a pout. “That’s not very nice, I was only trying to be friendly.”

“Sure...” I sarcastically drawl. “Anyway, what’s got everybody watching the main doors like hawks? Is a celebrity visiting or something?”

“Oh, Max’s car was vandalized last night so when he turned up to school today, he was furious. He’s been snapping at everybody who tries to talk to him. Everyone’s anxiously waiting for him to step into school.” Josh explains. My eyes widen, along with Molly’s and Brees.

Now, this is the part I’m not going to enjoy.

“On a scale of one to ten, ten being very, very angry. How angry would you say he is?” I nervously ask them. I’m happy I haven’t bumped into him but I’m dreading it when I do. I can almost imagine how bad that encounter is going to go.

“Oh, a definite ten,” Josh answers with certainty. Great.

Faintly, I hear a door bash and open and some gasps. Oh god, I know what’s going to happen.

From my peripheral vision, I see a very angry Max storm over to me. The others give me curious looks, except for Molly and Bree who know all about it. They seem a bit scared too but know Max has no idea they joined in. He only knows it was me.

People part for Max as he marches over to me, his eyes staying on me.

He stops a few inches away from me, close enough for me to be able to smell his cologne. I’ve always liked his smell, weird but its rather appealing.

“Sunshine, can we talk in private?” He surprisingly asks calmly, a contradiction to his current facial expression. I don’t what I’d prefer, an angry Max or a calm one. They’re both equally scary.

I glare at the pet name. “No.” I stubbornly say, lifting my chin up slightly.

Max gives me a frustrated look, clenching his jaw. “Now.”

I shake my head. “I’m not going anywhere with you. Now leave me alone.”

“Ava, I’m losing my patience.” He grits out, stepping a bit closer.

Aww, poor you,” I smirk at his warning look. “Now go.”

“This is your last warning babe. If you don’t come willingly, then I’ll find another way for you to come.” I ignore his wicked smile and stand my ground.

Max’s eyes light up at my response. One minute he was all temperamental and now he’s all smiles. What is he up to?

“Fine then, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“What—” I start but I’m interrupted as Max bends down and grabs my knees.

Hoisting me into the air like I weigh nothing, I’m thrown over his shoulder.

“Max!” I screech, thrashing in his hold. He can’t seriously be doing this? In school! He’s mad! Bonkers.

Max begins walking away, with everyone watching gawking at the situation. I look at them, pleading them to help me.

Nobody does, I guess they’re frightened by Max’s harsh glare that he’s giving them. Don’t ask me how I know he’s glaring, I just do.

“Put me down right now,” I demand angrily.

Max’s shoulders shake as he chuckles. He’s laughing. Freaking laughing. Unbelievable.

Nobody would think he’s carrying a girl over his shoulder unless they saw it. Which they are and yet, they aren’t doing anything. What has society come to?

“This is kidnapping.” Yes, I have resorted to that. Its the only other solution I can think of since my demands are not going registering in his head.

“Well if it is, I’m your knight in shining armor.” He jokes and I smack his back.

“Oh please, your the ugly, evil villain who is kidnapping the innocent young girl,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

Max laughs at that and then he turns fake gasps. “How dare you! I’m not ugly! I’m very handsome and sexy.”

I purse my lips together. Of course, that’s what he gets all defensive about. Doesn’t mention how he is kidnapping me. A semi—innocent girl.

“Still as conceited, egotistical and narcissistic as you were two years ago,” I mumble under my breath.

Finally, Max comes to a halt. He opens a door and walks us into it, without any lights on. Shutting the door, he drops me onto the ground and turns on a light.

My eyes wander around the small closet and I give him a glare. He brought me to the freaking janitors closet! How original.

“Why did you bring me here?” I ask, crossing my arms. “Do you want to introduce me to the janitor or something? Oh no wait”

Max leans against the wall, observing me. He has that same smirk on his face that he had the day we met. It’s not as good as his smile but its good enough to get my heart thumping in my chest.

“Still over—thinking things I see,” he comments. I shrug and lean against the opposite side of the wall.

“Why did you bring me here?” I bring the important matter back. Max rolls his eyes at my question again and then gives me a ghost smirk. I glower at him, making him raise his hands up in mock surrender.

Max sighs. “You know why. You recked my car. A car I love, not as much as you but one I still love.”

I snort. “That’s cringey.”

“But true,” he sighs.

My stomach does a U-turn as it drives crazy. He can’t just say that so...casually. Like he’s saying he had Pizza for tea last night.

“If you want me to apologize. News flash, it's not going to happen.”

“I know.” He says. “I know you better than you know yourself.”

He thinks he knows me better than myself but he doesn’t. He might know the old me but this me, he doesn’t know. I’ve changed. Ava from two years ago is very different from Ava today. In all honesty, I don’t even know myself.

“You don’t. Now let me go.” I command.

“Not until we talk.” It appears we are going to be in here for a long time. A very long time.

{A/N: yay! I updated early! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. My next update will be next Thursday. Have a great week! }

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