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12 | To Forgive Or Not, That's The Question

12 | To Forgive Or Not, That’s The Question

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"Because I’m finding Ava, I’m finding you,” He truthfully answers, his brown orbs staring into my blue orbs.

“Y—You can’t just say stuff like that Max. Its not fair to me, you’re making me feel confused.” I tell him whilst trying to comprehend what he said. Doesn’t he understand that the old me is gone? I disappeared the second he broke my heart.

Max releases a frustrated sigh and tugs his hand through his brown hair, “I know but I wanted to be truthful. I want you back Ava.”

I don’t reply to his comment.

Shortly after that, Max left, promising he would find me. I don’t know how long I stayed in the janitors closet thinking but when the janitor angrily came in and shouted at me for being here, I scrambled out. I guess he didn’t appreciate me being in his ‘private’ space.

I check the time and nearly face plant the floor. I missed the first period! Max, you asshole! My biology teacher isn’t somebody you mess with if yesterday was anything to go by. She is actually going to strangle me or chain me to the table and make me do everything I missed.

The second period has already begun so I decide to skip it and go off to the library. I could do with some study time.

I hum as I head over to the library at the end of the building and sneak in. There are a few other students here revising, some of them look up and some ignore me. I shrug and sit down at an empty table far away from everyone else.

And with that, I start revising.

A text message knocks me out of my dedicated study time. I fish out my phone and unlock it.

From: Molly

To: Ava

Where are you? Been looking 4 you. Meet me in Maths period 3.

Crap! I have two minutes until Maths starts. I groan, annoyed with myself for not setting a timer. If I had, I wouldn’t be rushing right now.

With my speedy typing skills, I send a reply to Molly telling her I will be there as soon as possible.

I sprint through the hallways, grunting every time I bashed into somebody. Some would protest and others would just give me annoyed looks. Teenagers.

Eventually, I see Molly leaning against the door outside of the classroom. Her hands are crossed over her chest as she stares at me.

“Hello,” I greet with a smile, my face no doubt flushed from running.

Molly raises an eyebrow, “what happened to you? And why weren’t you in biology earlier? Were you with Max?”

Damn, straight to the point.

I sigh and walk into the classroom with Molly behind me. I find a seat in the middle of the classroom and Molly sits next to me. After getting her folder out, Molly turns to fully face me.

“Ava, what happened? After Max kidnapped you, I didn’t hear anything else from anyone.”

“Well, Max locked me in the janitors closet,” I tell her. Her brown eyes widen in shock and worry. She opens her mouth ready to fire questions at me but I cut her off, “its fine. We just needed to talk. He told me what happened two years ago; then he started begging me to give him a second chance.”

Molly gasps, “really?”

I nod my head, “yeah so in other words, I told him that I don’t do second chances. Then he proceeded to tell me that he’s going to ‘find’ me and get me back.”

“Aww, that’s so romantic,” Molly awws, a soft expression on her face.

My mouth opens in surprise. Molly is supposed to be on my side with this! She’s supposed to be against him doing all of this!

“Molly!” I hiss, “you’re supposed to be on my side.”

She rolls her brown eyes and sits back in her seat.

“I am, as your new best friend I’m supposed to look out for you and make sure your best interests are at heart. This is exactly what I’m doing. Its clear as day he still has feelings for you and I know somewhere in that rock hard heart you have feelings for him too. Plus you two are so meant to be.” She explains and gives me a smile.

Stunned at her logic, I fall back into my chair. Do I actually still have such feelings for him? Pff no, of course, I don’t.

You’re lying to yourself and you know it. My conscience says. Deep down I know I am but I’m only looking out for myself. I need to put on a strong front. I know to prove to myself and others that things like this don’t affect me anymore.

“Ava, you do love him. There’s a little twinkle in your eyes whenever he’s close by or mentioned. I know you’re scared of being hurt again and that’s completely understandable but you two, you are meant to be. Anyone can tell that there’s a connection there, even you. I’m not saying forgive him straight away, all I’m saying is give him a chance.”

Molly then opens a blank page in her book and starts doodling. She knows I need to think this through.

The teacher then makes an appearance, five minutes late. He tells us to complete the algebra questions on the sheet below. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else, its freaking algebra. So instead, I decide to think about what Molly said.

Maybe you should give Max a chance, you can obviously see how bad he feels about what you did. My conscience reasons. Its true, Molly even told me that Max has never been the same since that day. He’s never approached a girl and hardly interacts with everyone.

I can see the remorse in Max’s eyes, the regret is as clear as day. But I’m not going to be guilt—tripped into forgiving him, I am so much stronger than that.

“Molly,” I whisper quietly. Molly’s head lifts up from the book and gives me a curious look. The class is relatively quiet, most people are reading the book whilst some others are having hushed conversations. Our teacher is on his phone, not being very discreet about it.

“Yes?” She asks.

“D—do you really think I should give him another chance?” I stutter out. Its always good to have someone else’s opinion, especially someone who you trust.

Molly frantically nods her head, “definitely. You won’t regret it.”

I mumble thanks to her and bite my lip. Won’t I regret it? I better not.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to give Max a second chance.

“You are dismissed,” our Maths teacher mutters and sits back down at his desk. Once again disregarding us.

I sigh and pack my things up. When I’ve finished, I link arms with Molly and we both head out of the classroom.

“Sunshine,” Max calls out from the hallway. He confidently strolls over to us and gives me a small smile. Some people openly gawk at us, or should I say, Max. I recall Molly telling me how he never properly interacted with girls and this must be a shock for everyone.

Max also seems less angry. I’m glad he’s quite the whole rampage act—even if it didn’t last long.

“Max,” I greet and hug my folders closer to my chest.

“So its lunch and I—I was wondering if you...maybe...“Max stammers and coughs. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out and get lunch with me.”

Now I would have normally instantly declined his offer but then I remember my new promise. Give him a second chance.

Plus, he looks really cute when he’s nervous.

With that in mind, I give Max a genuine smile and accept.

“Ava, listen. I know you hate me and all but I would really like to tr—hold on, did you just accept my offer?” Max cautiously asks, having to do a double take. I giggle at him. He really didn’t expect me to say yes.

I think I broke Max because his face is gobsmacked.

“You—you just giggled. It was the same laugh you did from two years ago, the one I fell in love with.” And to my embarrassment, I blush at his words. Molly nudges me and wiggles her eyebrows.

Ignoring her, I nod. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Max doesn’t say anything, he just stands there staring at me with amazement.

I clear my throat before his staring gets too creepy. He looked at me like I was the only girl in the world, that I was the most special thing ever. As sweet as it is, I have to remind myself that its going to be a long time until I even think about dating him again.

Baby steps.

“So where are you taking me?” I ask Max, knocking him out of his state.

Max gives me that signature smirk from two years ago and speaks, “you’ll just have to wait and see.”

Playfully rolling my eyes, I start walking out of the school with Max stood right next to me.

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