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13 | I Know For A Fact Ghosts Exist

13 | I Know For A Fact Ghosts Exist

"Hello! And welcome to Cal’s Diner, what can I get you two?” An overly cheerful woman greets with a bright smile.

“Uh...can I have burger and fries with a strawberry milkshake please?” Max asks the woman, giving her a small smile.

She beams at him and writes down the order. She then lifts her head up and brushes a bit of her dark brown hair out of the way. “And what can I get you, honey?”

“I’ll have the same please,” I politely tell her and she nods, walking off to the kitchen.

As soon as she leaves, we are left in silence again. I don’t think I can say its a painful and awkward silence because its not. This type of silence is more comfortable.

Max’s brown eyes gaze at me in adoration, once again. I noticed the whole car journey here, he would glance at me. I bet if he wasn’t driving, he wouldn’t have turned away from my face. I also noted how his hands would twitch on the steering wheel.

Two years ago, whenever we would get a lift from one of our parents or when we would get the bus, Max would be holding my hand. When I questioned him about it, he would claim it was because he feared he would lose me if I wasn’t holding his hand. Of course, my heart would thump in my chest and I would blush.

Now, it still happens. A massive part of me feels angry at myself for letting me still feel so affected by him. I tried so hard to get over him yet I’m still feeling like a lovesick fool.

You’re giving him a chance. I once again remind myself. Maybe one day, when I finally feel like Max’s punishment is up, will I open my heart for him to see. I already have a feeling I’m doing that.

“So Ava, what made you move here? Is it because you missed me?” Max jokes, giving me his trademark smirk. I still can’t phantom Bree’s words on Max being all closed off after our break up. Max seems so carefree again, well around me at least. Earlier, he wasn’t as much but that was because he was trying to ‘win me back’.

I roll my eyes at Max, “no. We moved because my dad was offered a better—paid job. This is all a coincidence.”

“Or fate.” I hear Max mumble under his breath.

“You’re still on about that? Feeling superstitious, are we? Tell me, Max, have you seen a ghost yet?” I ask Max whilst trying to refrain myself from smiling.

Max catches onto what I said and grins.

You see, not too long after we started dating, I invited Max round my apartment so that we could watch a movie. He obviously agreed. So there we were watching a film in the dark, with only the TV on. And then we hear a bang and Max ends jumping off of the couch and drops onto the floor. I frowned and asked him what was wrong to which he replied nothing shakily.

He then ran out of the living room and went into the bathroom. I rushed to him and found him searching the bathroom. Eventually, he told me he was searching for a ghost. I nearly laughed, thinking he was joking but when I caught onto his very serious face, I stopped myself. Max told me he has a fear of them, even though he knows they aren’t real.

I comforted him and told him that it was alright; that one day, he may actually find evidence of their existence.

"For now though, I will protect you,” I had whispered into his ear whilst hugging him. Max’s response was to snuggle more with me and bury his head in the crook of my neck.

“Oh, you can bet that I’ve been keeping watch. I swear, I nearly caught footage of their existence.” Max claims, leaning further back into the booth.

“Right...” I drawl out, totally believing him.

The waiter from earlier than brings our food out. The smell hits me like a wave and makes my stomach growl. We both thank her and she heads off.

I waste no time in digging into my food, nearly moaning at how good it tastes.

“This is so good,” I moan, closing my eyes. I need to add this diner to my list of places to eat in emergencies.

I open my eyes and look at Max, only to see him staring at me in lust. Honestly, right now Max looks like a man who has been deprived of lust or

“Ava, please don’t make noises like that. It makes me feel...” Max trails off, his brown eyes staring off into the distance.

I give Max a confused look, tilting my head slightly to the side, “what Max? What does it make you feel?”

Max doesn’t reply straight away. I nearly repeat my question to him but before I can, he answers. “Desire. Happiness and sadness. Sadness for what I missed, for what I ruined.”

Well, I didn’t expect that.

Max has always been honest though. Despite my doubts earlier, I know Max is an honest person. When it comes to emotions and feelings, he may be more reluctant to tell me but he will. He will because he knows I appreciate it.

The fact Max feels guilty sends a pang to my heart.

Max isn’t the only one who thought about where we could be now. If we were still together, I imagined that right now we would still be going strong, despite our separation. I always imagined we would meet in the holidays; talk on the phone or skype each other every day. I wonder if Max ever thought the same way as me.

“I honestly don’t know how to reply to that,” I tell Max, eating a chip. Max watches me, drinking in every detail.

“You don’t have to. I’m just going to remind you that I want you back. Every second we spend together, I’m going to make you the happiest, I’m going to prove to you that not only do I love you but I am the right man for you. You recall those amazing memories from two years ago? You remember how I always made you laugh or smile? Well, I’m going to continue doing that because I love you and because I want you. I’m not giving up on you Ava.” Max says, his voice laced with truthfulness.

My heart is hammering in my chest at his words, at the honesty in his eyes.

How am I supposed to take this whole forgiving process slow when Max gives monologues like that? At this rate, if he continues, I will be melted ice cream in his hands by next month. Maximum.

“Wow,” I mutter out, lost for words. “D—do you mean all of that?”

Max bobs his head up and down to confirm it.

“Of course I do, I’m never going to lie or deceive you again. I’m not going to lose you.” He explains.

Aww, that is so sweet. I swear, I’m feeling all mushy.

Since Max, I haven’t wanted to get in a relationship. Sure, I’ve gotten drunk at parties and kissed guys and stuff but I have never been back in a relationship. Guys have called me gorgeous, stunning etc but they have never said words like that to me.

Love is hard to find. Its hard to find a decent and honest guy out there in the real world. We girls fantasize about guys, about how they are the perfect people who literally drop to their knees for you but we know that its very rare that you find somebody like that.

Now that I know the truth about two years ago, I know that Max is a guy who I should fight for. He’s one of the decent ones.

“Who knew you could be sentimental?” I tease, smiling at him. I catch Max’s brown eyes light up at my smile as he returns it. The very fact that he feels pleased and proud of himself for getting me to smile, warms me to the core.

“Only for you Miss Ava,” he teases back, genuinely smiling at me.

Momentarily, I’m stunned by the full beauty of his smile. I blink and then give him a nervous smile. I hope he doesn’t notice the effect he has on me—otherwise, I will never hear the end of it.

“Well, if you are bringing formalities into it then I hope you being a gentleman will pay for my food since I didn’t bring any money with me,” I tell him, faking a posh British accent.

Max grins, “why of course. I hate seeing a damsel in distress.”

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