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14 | Ava Vs Cheerleaders

14 | Ava Vs Cheerleaders

“—tomorrow night,” I catch the end of Molly’s sentence. Everybody—the gang—nod their heads in excitement except for me. Instead, I give them a confused look.

Molly sighs and raises an eyebrow, “were you even listening?”

I shake my head with a smile. “Nope,” I say, popping the ‘p’ just to annoy her.

Molly rolls her eyes. “So we decided that tomorrow we can go to the movies to watch the Incredibles 2!” Molly repeats, squealing.

My mouth makes an ‘o’ shape. “But its only Wednesday...”

“So?” Bree asks, moving closer to Molly.

“Sure, why not? I literally have nothing better to do with my life,” I reply, laughing at how that actually sounds. “Damn, they made me sound like such a loner.”

Everybody laughs at that.

“It really did,” Josh says.

Luke slings his arm over my shoulder and pushes me closer to him. “Its okay babe, I don’t think you’re a loner. I will always be here for you.”

I try to refrain myself from rolling my eyes at Luke’s comment and instead shrug his arm that is casually on my shoulder off. Its like, no matter how many times I tell Luke that I’m not going to get with him, he won’t listen. Does it go in one ear and out through another? Does he zone out when I tell him?

Maybe if I record myself saying it and put it on repeat when I’m with him, it will go through his head. Now that could work...

But it sounds a bit too mean. Which is something I’m totally not...

“So tomorrow it is then.” Molly reiterates and we all nod our heads.

It's strange, all of this. I met these people yesterday and I already feel like I’ve known them my whole life. They make me feel at home again, that I belong here. I don’t feel like an outsider.

“What’s tomorrow?” A deep voice asks from behind me. Instantly, I recognize it. My body reacts to it—goosebumps erupt on my skin and I shiver. Its so unfair how his voice is so attractive and deep. Its so unfair how manly he sounds.

I swivel around to see a smirking Max.

From my peripheral vision, I can see everyone’s shocked faces. I mentally curse Max for coming over here, now I’m going to deal with their inquisitive questions. Only Molly knows right now about me accepting a friend.

“Nothing Max,” I tell him with a scowl; his brown eyes flash with amusement. His pink and perfect lips curl upwards into a smirk. The fact that he finds my lack of answer amusing has me feeling unsure.

Its like we are playing a chess game. And right now Max is the one in the lead. The worst part is that he know’s he’s got a lead.

“Oh really?” He practically taunts, crossing his muscly arms over his broad chest. “Judging by your answer, I think not.”

I mentally kick myself for acting like that. Max used to know me better than myself. Apparently, he somewhat still does.

“Its none of your business Max,” I say and turn back around to face the rest of the gang in the circle we have formed by Molly’s locker.

Ignoring their gazes on either me or Max, I watch a group of cheerleaders at the opposite side of the corridor gossiping about a younger girl.

Before I make a move to go and help her, another arm slings around my shoulder. From the electricity shooting down my arm and spine, I know its not Luke but Max. My heart thumps in my chest and my head begins to go crazy at the proximity.


“Sweetheart, you are always my business,” Max whispers into my ear, his lips brushing against my ear. It takes a lot of restraint to keep myself from wanting to grab his face and smash his lips against mine.

My whole body freezes. Max seems to notice my state and smirks. I so want to hit him on the head or something right now for his cocky behavior. He really does take great pleasure in this.

Is this even what friends do? Because it really doesn’t feel like something they would do. I friend zoned Max—sad, I know—so surely we should be acting like friends. This feels intimate, too intimate.

Eventually, I manage to get out of this state and compose myself. Clearing my throat, I knock Max’s arm off of my shoulder. “Max, you are invading my personal space, which is something I do not like. I feel violated so please can you take a few steps back.”

Max doesn’t say anything. He puts his hands up in mock surrender and grins.

My eyes go to the gang who are all staring at us still. Molly has a smirk on her face, Bree has a look of disbelief and the look like they have no idea what to make of this.

“So you friend zoned him too?” Luke asks, incredulously.

“Nah, I just let her believe that mate,” Max mutters to him, loud enough for me to hear. I bet he did that on purpose as well.

“Hey!” I protest, “I did friendzone you mate."

“Sure, sure.”

I swear to god...

“So, who wants to tell me where you are going tomorrow?” Max asks the whole gang.

“To the cinema.” Comes Harry’s reply.

I give him a glare, unhappy that he so easily gave it away. Harry only gives me a sheepish look, shrugging his shoulders. Thanks, Harry, thanks.

“Great,” Max smiles and claps his hands together. “I love going to the cinema.”

“Woah, hold up buddy. Nobody invited you.” I assert.

“You didn’t have to honey, I invited myself,” Max announces, grinning ear to ear. Gosh, does he want a punch in the face because I swear, he is asking for it. Its like he has ‘punch me’ stamped on his cheek.

“If Max is going, then I’m not going.” I declare.

Two can play this game.

Max’s face falters for a second but he quickly masks it. It appears I’m the only one who noticed it though.

“Well, if you’re not going, I won’t either. How about I keep you company instead and let the rest of them go?”

I give Max a glare at the suggestion. “I’m not going because of you!”

“Aww baby, you’re hurting my feelings.”

My fingers twitch as I try to control my anger. I want to rip my hair out right now or strangle something. Max is doing this on purpose, he’s trying to get me to react and prove that he gets to me.

I have a short temper. Anyone who has known me for a while knows I get angry easily. Its not my fault I have a short fuse, I blame it on my mom. Max also knows it. I bet he wants to see me explode to get a kick out of it.

Max always liked to get on my nerves. It was his specialty.

“Ugh fine! You can go!” I yell, lifting my hands up in defeat. Stupid Max.

He grins to himself, his brown eyes lighting up in success. Ugh.

“Damn, the sexual tension between those two is enough to leave me feeling hot and bothered,” Bree comments to Molly in a low voice. I send her a scowl to which her lips lift upwards for a second.

“Right so what time tomorrow?” Max asks and I zone out.

My eyes go back to where the three cheerleaders were earlier with the young girl. I now notice that the young girl has pressed herself up against the lockers as all three of the taller cheerleaders surround her.

The frightened face the young girl makes breaks my heart.

I hate bullying. Like so many other people, I despise it. I think people who do it are low. Sure, they probably have problems of their own but to take it out on somebody else who is weaker than you is just plain wrong. It makes me sick to my stomach on how many people do it.

The leader of the group—the girl in the middle who has this aura of order and control—says something to the girl that has her shaking in fear.

Without a second thought, I storm over to them.

Stopping behind them, I tap the middle girl’s shoulder. She turns around, wearing a displeased expression.

Briefly, her eyes widen at me but she covers it up. “Yes?”

“Hi! I’m Ava and I’m new here. You must be the schools resident bully, correct?” I ask her in a sickly sweet fake voice. My voice has gone like two octaves higher; has me cringing. Ouch, it hurts my poor ears.

The leader, who has red hair and hazel eyes, frowns. “Uh...yeah?”

I nearly smirk at her confused voice.

“Good. I’m here to warn you to leave this poor girl alone. Bullying is wrong and low. You should feel ashamed of yourself for doing such a low thing. Its—”

“Who do you think you are?” The girl screeches, putting her hands on her bony hips. I wince at the tone of her voice.

“Right now I’m your worst nightmare.” I give her an innocent smile, flicking my hair off of my shoulder in a sassy way for the hell of it. “Now scram.”

Without a second thought, she stumbles away with her posse. Honestly, I thought she would put up more of a fight or would yell at me more but apparently not. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to waste any more of my energy on her.

My head turns to the young girl who is shaking in fear. Her petrified face only angers me more. I absolutely hate bullies.

“Hey,” I softly say to her hoping to calm her down. “Its okay now, they won’t bother you again, I’ll make sure of that.”

The girl frantically nods her head and rushes off. My eyes stay on her until she slams the main doors open.

I turn back around to the group who either look stunned by my heroism or are in awe. I blank all of that out and wave to them. Home time is my favorite part of the day—actually, I think its everyone’s favorite part of the day. Not that I blame them or anything.

And with that, I turn on my heel and march out.

{A/N: bit of a filler chapter. Sorry. My next update will be on Thursday. }

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