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16 | Silly Games Or Shakespeare?

16 | Silly Games Or Shakespeare?

After what happened with Rosie, I tried to finish my homework. However, I just couldn’t concentrate. Rosie’s words echoed in my head on repeat. I can’t believe she would hang up like that. I understand she’s mad, I really do. But I thought as a supportive friend, she would be there for me.

After many hours of zoning in and out of my homework, I managed to complete it. I decided I would try and call Rosie now. I’m hoping she’s calmed down from earlier on and will be more reasonable to talk to.

With that in mind, I stumble over to where I chucked my phone and dial her number. Luckily my phone didn’t smash when I threw it in anger. The phone rings for a few seconds until it suddenly cuts off. Frowning, I pull the phone away and see that she’s declined my call. Great.

I try again but once again, my attempts are left nothing successful. Clearly, Rosie is being stubborn. She won’t answer the phone until she thinks I will have come to my senses. It could be days or weeks before she answers my calls again.

Sighing at that thought, I dump my phone on my bed and turn my tablet on. Netflix will cure me.

“Hello!” Molly happily chirps when I see her by my locker. Bree is stood next to her with her things already.

“Hi,” I mumble unpleasantly and pull my locker open. The whole night I tossed and turned with me and Rosie’s argument invading my thoughts. I couldn’t sleep a wink because of it. And when I don’t get a good amount of sleep, I’m moody as hell. Literally, I’m a groggy mess who you don’t want to be around.

“Woah, what’s got you all cranky this morning?” Bree asks, taken back by my very unhappy state.

“Friend. Phone. Max. Sleep.” I reply, rather incoherently. My brain is a jumbled up mess of everything. The fact that I have to go to lessons is not something I want.

They both give me confused looks but I don’t choose to elaborate. Heaving my heavy bag in my locker, I get my books out and slam the locker shut. Both of the girls jump back in fright at it.

“Are you okay Ava? You seem rather...” Molly trails off. She seems unsure of how to describe my current mood. In fact, I suspect she’s scared of my reaction to what I say. In this state, I’m rather unpredictable. I don’t even know how I would react.

“Not really,” I truthfully answer and turn my back to my locker so I can lean against it. Tiredly, I run my free hand down my face whilst my other hand holds my two books for the next couple of hours. “And you can say whatever you wanted to say. I won’t go berserk on you, I promise.”

Molly sighs and then finishes her sentence. “Temperamental.”

“Do you want to tell us about it?” Bree asks me softly, placing her pale hand on my arm for comfort. I give her a small smile at the warm gesture. Little does she know, knowing someone is there to back you up and listen is a big thing for me.

“I told my best friend from Cali that I saw Max again and that I befriended him. She got mad because she’s rather protective of me so we got into a massive fight. Before I could explain myself anymore, she hung up on me. And now she’s refusing to answer my calls.” I rush out so quickly my mind can’t even keep up with what I’m saying.

“Oh,” comes from Bree.

“I’m sorry Ava.” Molly sympathetically says, “I’m sure everything will work out in the end.”

That’s what I’m hoping for.

The bell rings and we quickly walk to our separate lessons. I nearly groan when I step into the loud English literature classroom. If there’s one thing my head can never comprhened, its old texts like Shakespeare. I get that he’s an important part of the world and that he did something truly magnificent but teaching it to teenagers who just don’t care really isn’t a good idea.

The only reason I revise it is because I want to get into a good university. Having a good grade from English literature under my belt will help me.

Sitting down on a desk in the middle of the classroom, I open up my book. This is my second time in this class and from what I’ve gathered from my teacher, he’s a little too enthusiastic for this subject. Not that its a problem but, for a bunch of seniors, its not the best.

“Okay class, let’s begin today’s lesson shall we?” He asks whilst dumping his bag on his desk. “Can you open your books to page—”

Mr. Andrews, our teacher, is cut off by a loud bang. Every head in this classroom snaps towards the door. Standing there, with a cocky smirk on his handsome face is Max. He strolls in, blanking out the gawking eyes from the girls and gives our teacher a small apology for being late.

Mr. Andrews rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath. With an annoyed sigh, he orders Max to find a seat. I didn’t know Max was in this class. He must have bunked the previous lesson I was in.

Max’s eyes scan the classroom and stop when they see me. With a grin, he confidently heads over to the empty seat beside me. I cuss myself for choosing a desk that wasn’t surrounded by people.

I keep my head facing forward and listen to Mr. Andrew’s instructions. When he has given out the task to do, he sits down in front of his desk and starts marking. That’s everyone’s cue to begin talking.

From my peripheral vision, I see Max swivel around in his chair to completely face me.

“Psst, Ava,” Max whispers and pokes me. Yes, pokes me.

I ignore Max and start my Macbeth work. Explain, using subject terminology and quotes from the play, how Shakespeare portrays Macbeth’s madness.

I groan at the question and run a hand through my hair. Why does Shakespeare have to be so hard to understand?

“Yo Ava.” An annoying voice prods again.

Just ignore him. Just ignore him. Pretend he’s a figurement of your imagination. I chant in my head over and over. Friend or not, I am in no mood to talk to him again. I just want to get this day over and done with.

“Did you know ignoring your friend isn’t very nice. You’re not making a good impression.” Max remarks.

Don’t reply. He’s trying to wind you up. Its an old trick of Max’s.

Out of nowhere, Max knocks the back of my head, hard. I flinch forwards from the action and throw a glare his way. I rub the now stinging bit of my head with an irritated expression on my face. The asshole!

“What the hell Max?” I ask him with a scowl.

Max only smirks at my reaction. “You wouldn’t answer so I had to find another way to get your attention.”

“Well, you don’t hit your friends head.” I scold him. “It’s not nice.”

“Sunshine, you shouldn’t have ignored me then,” Max replies, using the nickname he used to call me. I feel a sad pang in my heart at it.

I send Max another scowl.

“You have my attention now so what do you want?” I begrudgingly ask him.

“Well, since I’m on a mission to find my sunshine, I think we need to play a small game.” He announces, his brown eyes sparkling.

I’ve never seen Max so hyped by the prospect of a game. He really does look excited to do this.

I nearly forgot about the whole ‘finding Ava’ mission he created. The whole friend’s ordeal has blocked any of those thoughts. Now that he’s brought it back up, I’m curious as to what he has planned. If he thinks he’s going to find that shy and naive girl, he’s wrong. Not even I know where she’s gone.

“This is a lesson, Max. That means we have to do work." I emphasize ‘work’ so that he gets it through his head that I want to get this done today. I already have quite a bit of homework—which is crazy as its only my third day! You’d think teachers would be nice but apparently not.

Max shrugs and waves it off. “Who cares? This is more important.”

Well, I’m glad to see one of us cares about our education.

“Max, can you not do this later? Like at lunch?” I suggest. If I were to play this game, I would rather play it at lunch when I don’t have work to do.

“I’d prefer playing it now because I have your attention and its just us too.” He replies and winks at the ′just us′ part.

“Seriously?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

Max nods his head and shuffles in his seat to get comfortable.

“Right so the game is simple. I will ask you a question about me and you will answer what you think is right. Its based on the knowledge we had of each other two years—”

“Hold up,” I interrupt him. “Just to clarify, you are doing this see if we’ve changed since two years ago?”

“Ding ding.” He says loudly. I give him an unimpressed look.

“Do you need an example?”

“Uh...” comes my unsure reply.

Max clears his throat. “So, you ask me what I think your favorite film is and I will say The Notebook because that’s what it was two years ago. If I’m wrong, you will correct me.”

That makes sense I guess.

“But I still don’t understand how that is going to find the old me.” I reiterate my thoughts.

Max gives me a smirk. “It will show me and you how much you’ve changed. Plus, it will bring back memories. I think you’ve misinterpreted the ‘finding Ava’ thing. I know I will never completely get the old you back. And I don’t want to do that. I know you’ve grown stronger since that day. I don’t want you to forget about everything, you shouldn’t. What I mean by me trying to find Ava is that I’m trying to show you who you’ve become. You are more stubborn, more confident and headstrong. I don’t want to change you, I only want to show you how strong you’ve become. You don’t realize it but you are inspirational and amazing. I am so fucking proud of you.”

I’m left gobsmacked by Max’s words. My jaw has completely unhinged from my body and my eyes are practically bugging out of its sockets. I have never been complimented so much.

The purpose of this is to show me how strong I’ve become. I know I’m stronger now, I’ve built walls around my heart to protect it. But me inspirational? Pfft, please. I’m not exactly Gandhi.

I’m also baffled by how wise Max is now. He sounds so much mature than what he was two years ago. Perhaps if he’s accomplished his mission, I will tell him. We’ve both changed—for the better.

Before I can input any of my thoughts, Max is clearing his throat. “And now we can play the game.”

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