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2| The Move

2| The Move

2 years later

I groan as I finish packing the final box. Everything is done, everything is packed.

I can’t believe we are actually doing this, moving to somewhere new. I love my life here, I love the friends I have. Moving away means leaving everything behind, something that I hate.

“Ava, are you done?” My mom shouts from downstairs.

“Yeah,” I shout back and lift the lightest box up.

Mom and dad are both taking stuff to the moving truck when I finally made it downstairs. I give the box to one of the men whilst I look around my living room for one last time. It is empty, everything ready to be taken.

The mantlepiece doesn’t have any of the photos my parents have taken of me, the TV and the table are gone, the ornaments around the room gone as well. It makes me sad, seeing my home like this.

“Come on sweetie.” My mom says, taking my hand. “You’ll like the new home, I promise.”

“Sure,” I mutter under my breath as she drags me to our car. As soon as I am seated, I plug my headphones in. The best way to drown my sorrows is by listening to my favorite music.

My dad gets into the driver’s seat and starts the car. I look at my house for the last time, capturing the last moment of it.

The lawn is neat with the flowers growing, a sold sign was pitched on the grass. The actual house looks new and ready to be loved again. Just not by me this time.

I sigh as I begin my journey to my new life, already missing my old life.

6 hours later

I hate traffic. No, I despise it.

Of course, we get stuck in traffic after a major accident. I honestly don’t think luck is on my side right now. We had to wait at least two hours to get out of the chaos and let me tell you, it was a nightmare.

I’m not the only impatient person in my family, my dad is just as bad as me. He spent majority of the time cursing at the cars in front of us and then blamed the GPs for making us go onto that particular highway.

“Well, would you look at how beautiful the house is?” My mum cheerfully says as we stop at our new house. When I say house, I mean mansion. I honestly don’t know why they bought a house that looked like it was built for about ten people.

“Sure.” I agree, opening the car door and stretching my limbs. I went through several moments of pins and needles due to sitting down for too long.

The mansion—I mean house—had a color theme of white, with all of the bricks being white, the doors painted white etc. The garden is pretty though, perfectly lawned, with flowers sections in the middle and in front of the house.

There are three steps that lead to the double doors, with two statues standing at the front. If you ask me, it looks like we are walking into a celebrity home.

Inside the house, there is a staircase, with the living room to the right and the kitchen to the left. The dining room is behind the kitchen and the laundry room was situated after the corridor that passed the basement door and the dining room. The rooms are all massive, way too big for three people.

“Why don’t you go and choose the best room sweetie? I believe there are four to choose from, excluding our room.” My mom sweetly asks as she takes her sunglasses off.

I nod my head and head up the staircase. The house smells like lavenders, which I find odd. Why would someone try and make the house smell of lavenders?

On the landing, there is a mini table that would be filled with one of my mom’s precious ornaments. There are two corridors going in opposite directions. One way leads to three rooms, one being my parent’s room which has an en-suite. Another being the spare bathroom and a study room.

I start walking the other way, passing the extra cupboard that would be filled with blankets. The walls are painted a beige color and some paintings of natural places hung where there was room.

The first room I pas doesn’t really take to my liking. It is a tiny room that would be used either as a guest room or my library. The second room is a bit bigger but I still don’t like it. It is a rectangular room that has a walk-in wardrobe, a desk, and a double bed. That would be the main guest bedroom.

The last room is my favorite. It is going to be my room.

It has a double bed with two windows situated either side, both leading to a balcony that looks out over the massive garden that has a pool. There is a walk in wardrobe to the left that has room for a shoe section, a dress section, and a normal clothes section. It also has a mini desk inside that would be used for my jewelry.

On the right, there is an en—suite, with a bath, shower and a tap with a mirror. It looks modern and just plain fancy.

To the left of the door when you enter, is a massive desk that has a notice board over the wall. Draws are also put against a wall for some of my photos.

Overall, I fall in love with the room.

I fall onto the bed and sigh. Perhaps I could grow to like this room. I mean, once I set everything up and put all of my books in my library, it would feel better. After all, home is where you make it, not where you come from.

“Ava, do you want to take some of the light boxes up to your room?” My dad asks as he steps into my room carrying a heavy box. His eyes exam the room and flashes with approval. “Nice choice kiddo.”

“Dad,” I whine. “I’m not a kid anymore. I’m 18.”

“But you’ll always be my baby girl.”

I playfully roll my eyes, a small smile forming on my face that I try to hide.

“Your mother is making me put all of her stuff away, she’s complaining that she has to observe it being put there to make sure its okay.” My dad says.

“Sounds like mom,” I reply, knowing too well what my mom is like.

“Well.” My dad starts. “Have fun, dinner should be done around nine.” I nodded my head and opened the box my dad brought up.

Might as well start here.

It takes longer then I thought. But it is worth it because my room looked pretty neat. Better than my previous room. I check the time and see I have half an hour until dinner so I decided to catch up on some Netflix. More specifically, The Vampire Diaries.

I have been obsessed with the Salvatore brothers for ages, they are just so hot. What I would do for a guy like that...

Anyways, I put on another episode and relished in the hotness. What? You can’t judge a girl for well, being a girl.

“Ava!” My mom shouts from downstairs thirty minutes later. I pause the episode and get off of my bed. As I rush down the stairs and stumble into the dining room where I can smell the food. And boy, did it smell good.

My mom has always been an amazing cook. I wish I had inherited her cooking skills but unfortunately, I hadn’t. Me and my dad can’t cook to save our lives. We discovered this when we tried to make a meal for my mom on her birthday. Let’s just say it didn’t end well, mostly because we had to make a 911 call.

Yeah...lets just not relive that moment.

“Smells good mom.” I compliment her as I sit down in our new dining room.

“Thanks honey.” My mom gives me a warm smile and dishes out some of the food.

The meal was delicious. I enjoyed every second. In fact, I nearly had an orgasm from its perfection. Extreme but true.

“So tomorrow you’ll have some free time but after that, you’ll be enrolling in school.” My dad informs me, putting his knife and fork on his plate.

I mentally groan, wanting to die. Starting at a new school was going to be dreadful.

“Do I have to?” I asked him, giving him my puppy eyes.

“Yes,” I open my mouth to refuse. “No more discussions on it.” Closing my mouth, I slump in my seat as my dad gets up to take the plates out.

My mom stays and gives me a soft smile. “It won’t be that bad, you’ll fit in.” And with that, she gets up to help my dad with the dishes.

“That’s what you think,” I mutter aloud to no one.

Moving here was not a good idea.

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