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20 | Jealousy, Space Bowls, and Some Sunshine

20 | Jealousy, Space Bowls, and Some Sunshine

When the weekend finally came, I was more than happy. Just five days at school was enough to physically and mentally drain me. Also, seeing Max after two years definitely contributed to my exhaustion. I feel mentally drained from his presence - and his cockiness.

My parents both noticed my state and decided to leave me alone for the weekend. Its now Saturday and I spent the whole of the morning sleeping in my comfy bed. I don’t need any man, not when I have my bed who will always be here for me.

My mom informed me that they are both going out later today so I’m pondering whether I should invite the gang round or not. The dilemma is that Max will hear about the party because I know Molly is dead set on getting us back together and will come. I don’t know if I want him coming to my home. We agreed we are friends but I don’t think we are at the ‘you can come and hang out at my house’ bit yet.

I could always spend time with myself and binge watch something on Netflix. There’s a TV show called Money Heist that sounds quite interesting.

Before I can come to a decision, my phone rings. Eagerly, I pick it up and answer, not bothering to check who it is.

“This is Ava speaking, how can I help you?” I answer, my voice sounding a lot higher than I expected.

“Well hello Ava, I know you’re going to hate me saying this but the sound of your cheery voice has already made my day a lot better.” A deep voice that I recognize greets me on the other side of the line.

Instantly, I straighten my posture at the sound of Max’s voice. How did he get my number? Unless someone gave it to him...somebody who has made it her mission to have me back with Max. Molly.

That little minx.

“Max,” I sigh, tiredly. “I must say, I shouldn’t be surprised that Molly gave you my number. It appears my friends are already plotting against me.”

Max snorts on the other side of the line at my statement. His perception of this current situation is very different from mine. Whilst he thinks me having his number is a blessing, I see it as a curse.

“Me? plotting?” Max questions, in a voice of disbelief. “Never. I love you too much to do such things.”

Whilst my heart hammers in my chest at his flirting, my brain thinks something very different. He claims he couldn’t do something horrendous yet he did - he broke my freaking heart. A big part of me wants to snap at him for saying that but I refrain myself from doing so. We are making some progress towards peace, if I went and blurted out my thoughts, we would move ten steps back.

Oddly, that’s something I don’t want to happen.

“Whatever you say, Max. So do you want to tell me why you called? Come to harass me again?” I inquire. I’m actually interested as to why he’s called me. If it’s for a chat, I guess it wouldn’t do any harm.

“Well Sunshine,” Max clears his throat dramatically. Once again, my heart constricts in my chest at my old nickname. The one he gave me on holiday two years ago. The one I pretended to despise but really loved. “I’m here to ask if you are free later. We can meet up, just the two of us... or we could meet up with your new group of friends?”

And now I’m back to the dilemma.

Do I want to hang out with him alone or with the rest of the gang?

“Oh - uh.” I splutter. I honestly don’t know what I want. If this were a movie right now, I would have the cliche mini-me dressed as a devil on one of my shoulders, whilst a mini-me dressed as an angel on the other shoulder. They would both be weighing the advantages and disadvantages to me accepting to meet with him alone.

I can almost imagine what would happen. The devil me would say life is all about taking risks, about being confident and not thinking about anything else. The devil would be on team going out with Max alone.

However, the angel side of me would say that its too soon, Max could make a move on me.

But then there’s a small part of me that is screaming I am just reading too much into everything. It’s not like I’m debating whether to marry Max or not. It’s only meeting up for a while, to do normal teenage stuff.

“Ava? You still there?” I hear Max’s voice in my ear, bringing me back to reality.

Max knows what I want and despite his mistakes, he wouldn’t do something I’m not comfortable with. He knows if he messes up, I will never speak to him again. I don’t think he’s willing to make a stupid mistake.

I trust Max. I know I do.

“Alright, I’ll go out with you.” I eventually answer his first question. “What do you have in mind?”

“Oh Sunshine, that’s for me to know and you to find out,” Max replies, his voice laced with cockiness. Even though I can’t see him, I can imagine him grinning ear to ear right now. “I’ll be at your house in one hour.”

“But you don’t know where I li -” Max cuts me off by hanging up on the phone. I purse my lips at his rudeness and roll my eyes. I predict that in forty-five minutes, I’m going to get a text message asking where I live.

“You look gorgeous.” Max compliments as soon as I open my front door.

I flash him a grateful smile, ignoring my stuttering heart. “Thanks. I’m surprised you managed to find my house.”

Max smirks at my confusion and curiosity. “I had help.”

“Oh,” my eyebrows raise up. “And who decided to help you?”

I think I can already tell who helped him. “My magical, very helpful fairy godmother who goes by the name of Molly.”

I chuckle at his response. That’s definitely one way of describing the brunette who is helping more than I assumed.

“You ready?” He asks me and I nod my head, taking the keys off of the wall and my clutch. Shutting and locking the door, I make my way down the path to Max’s black BMW. Like the gentleman he is, Max kindly opens his door, offering a hand to help me in. Gladly, I accept his help and get into my seat.

Max runs around the front of the car to the driver’s seat and gets in. He buckles up and starts the ignition. The car roars to life, the engine sounding beautiful. I hum in delight and lean back in the leather seat. God knows how he can afford this car.

My eyes wander around the car, taking in its interior. I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous of Max right now. I dream of having a car like this.

“So where are we heading?” I question Max.

Max glances at my face, his brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “I’m not going to relent Ava. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

I huff and cross my arms stubbornly. Max grins in triumphant and accelerates out of his parking space. Whilst I aimlessly stare out of the window, marveling in the scenery.

Thirty minutes later, Max pulls into a free parking space. Anxiously I sit up in my seat, gazing out of the window to try and understand where I am. I gasp as I see the sign for a water park. Out of all the places Max could have taken me to, he takes me to a water park without ordering me to bring a swimming costume. Thanks, Max.

“Really?” I mutter with a sigh and get out of the car. The soft breeze blows a few strands of my hair over my face. Before I can brush them away, a tanned finger does it for me instead. My blue eyes flicker up to Max’s brown eyes. He maintains eye contact with me as he tucks the strand of hair behind my ear slowly. Briefly, his hand makes contact with my ear, causing an assault of electricity to hit me.

Wordlessly, Max places his hand in mine and leads me to the building. I don’t comment or give Max a snarky remark about holding my hand because friends do this too, right? They hold hands all of the time - like Rosie and I used to do it all of the time.

A twinge of guilt hits me at the thought of my best friend. I feel like I’m betraying her for doing this - spending time with Max. She would be biting my ear off is she heard about this. But since we’re not even on speaking terms right now, I don’t think I’m going to get a scolding anytime soon.

Max opens the doors and I step in. My nose is overcome with the strong smell of chlorine and my ears hear the screams of girls. There’s a short cue that we have to line up for.

“Max, I don’t have my swimming costume, I can’t go swimming,” I tell him, eyeing the bags everyone else has.

I hear Max sigh and let go of my hand. I open my mouth to ask him where he’s going but when I see the rack of swimming costumes he’s walking over to, my mind connects the dots. Does he even know my size though? I swear if he gets a costume that’s too big for me, I will be furious.

Max snatches a one suit costume for me and a pair of trunks for himself, along with two towels and some shampoo. By the time he makes it back, we are next in line to pay.

“Two adult bands please,” he asks the woman politely. She smiles flirtatiously at Max and types something on the keyboard with her long, manicured nails.

I must admit, Max is undeniably handsome. There is no doubt in my mind that he receives looks from women like the receptionist all of the time. I know that women want to be with him. Hell, I hear the girls in my new school talking about how hot he is in the corridors.

My blood boils at the thought of Max being with another girl. I only feel one thing at the very thought of it. Jealously.

And I hate it.

“Here you are,” the young woman hands us the bands. Her hand lingers on Max’s hands, whilst her grey eyes flicker up to his. I suddenly have the urge to rip her fingers off of his skin and slap her cheek. But it appears Max doesn’t like what she’s doing either because he yanks his hand away and glares harshly at the woman.

She visibly gulps and sits back at her seat, turning her attention away from him. Max smirks victoriously and grabs my hand again, dragging me to the changing rooms.

Without a word, Max gives me my costume and ushers me into the free cubicle. I get changed into the outfit and look at the costume. I’m shocked that Max not only got the right size but he got a costume that doesn’t show off too much. My cleverage isn’t hanging out, its snuggly in the costume. The costume fits my body like a second skin, showing off my curves.

I bite my lip in wonder at the thought of Max possibly liking my outfit. Would he be pleased with how I look or does he prefer girls with more boobs and butt? Just because he loves me, doesn’t mean he likes my body...

Its stupid how I think like this but every single person has her insecurities. Deep down, I know Max loves me and how I look yet I still fear he doesn’t.

With a deep breath, I come out of the changing room and dump my clothing in a locker. I’m glad I shaved and showered last night. Having hairy legs would be awkward.

Max soon joins me and dumps his stuff in the same locker and locks it. I attach the bracelet with the key around my wrist and follow Max out of the changing rooms to the water park. I gasp in excitement when I see the thrilling waterslides I’m going to go on.

“This place looks amazing!” I squeal and happily clap my hands. I probably resemble a little kid right now but I don’t care.

Max chuckles at my behavior and places a hand on my waist. I take no notice of it, too absorbed by the waterpark.

“What do you want to go on first?” Max whispers in my ear with a low voice. My eyes dart from each water slide. I have no clue what I want to go on first.

“ about that one?” I point to a slide called The Space Bowl. The slide is like a space bowl where you slide down it and then spin in a large bowl before dropping into a deep water tank. It looks really exciting.

“Let’s go then.” He says and I walk over to the steps that lead to the line.

Deciding to go out with Max was the best decision I made so far since I came to this town.

{I hope you enjoyed this! I tried to make it a lot longer. My next update will be Thursday! Have a great morning/evening.}

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