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23 | Parties And Kisses

23 | Parties And Kisses

My back is pushed against the wall roughly but I don’t care. His hands are placed on my hips tightly, keeping me against the wall. I grab onto his soft brown hair, tugging on it. He groans huskily into my mouth, his lips pushed against mine. Our kisses are sloppy yet passionate. We are both desperate for each other, to feel each other.

His hands move down to my thighs and effortlessly, he lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his torso, greedily and hungrily taking him in.

Max moves us from the wall and onto the bed, slowly lowering me. Eventually, we stop our kissing to breath. I suck in a handful of oxygen, letting my lungs breath again.

Max does the same, from above me. He stares at me with a fire in his brown eyes and that’s when I realize what is happening.

Shocked, I scramble away from him and sit on the end of the bed. Confused, Max sits down too, hurt in his eyes. My brain registers everything that just happened, how I made the first move and kissed him with such...ferocity.

“Oh my god,” I mumble under my breath, my head feeling a bit woozy. Exactly how much alcohol did I have? “Oh my god, oh my god,” I repeat, rubbing my face tiredly.

“Ava,” Max whispers, moving to sit right in front of me. Hesitantly, Max moves to hold my hand. When I don’t flinch away or slap him, he clutches it. The sparks I usually feel give me comfort at this moment.

“Please, quiet for a second. I need to gather my thoughts.” I murmur, attempting to grasp what I did.

My mind replays everything that happened, starting with earlier on today.

“Okay.” I hear Max say. And with that, my memories take over.

Five hours earlier

“I really like that dress,” Bree says to me, eyeing the sea-blue dress I’m putting above my clothing. I hum in agreement, loving the color and design of it. The dress will definitely complement and bring out my eyes. I got that dress as a present a couple of years ago from my auntie who I never see. She thought I was bigger than I was so she bought it in a bigger size. So I couldn’t wear it back then. But now I’m taller, I can wear it.

Molly searches my wardrobe for something to wear too. I invited both of the girls around my house so we could get ready for the party later. Bree said she might need help with her hair so I offered to do it for her. Molly also claimed she had no dresses that were ‘party-like’ so I said I would lend her one. Hence why we are at my house.

“Hey Ava, what about this?” Molly asks, holding up a black, sequin dress. I envision her wearing the dress and nod my head. It would show off those amazing curves she likes to keep hidden. I have a feeling she doesn’t like showing off her body because Josh is overprotective of her.

“You will look stunning in that. You have such an amazing body, you should never hide it out of embarrassment.” I tell her, truthfully.

I remember when I used to be like Molly. I was insecure about my body and looks so I tried to avoid going to parties. Then I met Rosie and she got me out of my shell and took me to parties.

After Max, instead of feeling defeated and worried about myself, I felt a bit better about myself. Sure, I don’t think I’m the prettiest girl in the world but who does? Everybody feels unsure about their looks.

Now, I will go to parties and enjoy myself. I don’t care if a boy is looking at me with lust or if the girls were giving me looks of disgust. They can go and look at me like that because they will never affect me the way they want to.

Huh, if Max were to hear this right now he would be like ‘see! I told you my plan was working!’ Maybe his silly speech is finally getting to me. I am stronger.

A couple of days ago, I stood up to cheerleaders. When I was with Max, I would rely on him to tell girls to bugger off when they approached him - asking for his number - because I was too afraid. But when I stood up to them, I did it because I knew they were being awful and I had the chance to stop them.

I even managed to forgive Max.

“Ugh, you guys all have super pretty dresses and I don’t. I bet I will end up going in jeans and a t-shirt.” Bree complains.

Laughing at her, I drag her to my wardrobe and help her find an outfit.

An hour later, we all pile out of Bree’s car and stare at the building. Already, I can hear the loud thumping of music and I can see the red cups littered on the grass.

“Holy moly, this party looks amazing.” Molly gushes, gawking at the party. I’m starting to get the impression that she doesn’t go to parties very often.

“Molly, how often do you go to parties?” I ask her, watching her out of the corner of my eye.

Molly shrugs, “if I go to parties, Josh has to be around me. He doesn’t trust guys.”

I give her a sympathetic look, honestly feeling so sorry for her that her brother restricts her from having fun.

“Let’s go then.” Bree hollers with a glint in her eye. Nodding in agreement, we all walk into the house.

When I step in, I look around the place to get a feeling of it. The party is a typical one, there’s a dance floor in the living room, a mini bar in the kitchen and a ping pong table set up in the games room. There are lights coming from the garden so I’m guessing something is going on there as well.

The whole house is packed with drunk teenagers, each looking for fun.

“Oh my god! Let’s dance!” Molly says, an excited look plastered on her face. Laughing, I let her hold my hand and drag me to the dance floor. Molly also takes Bree’s hand, pulling her too.

A new song starts, one that I recognize as Hung Up by Madonna. I remember the time when this song came on when I was at a party with Rosie. We danced like maniacs on the dance floor, kicking everybody else off. The both of us laughed like there was no tomorrow, getting wasted.

Swallowing the memory, I push that back and try to focus on enjoying tonight.

The three of us make a miniature circle and begin swaying our bodies to the beat, giggling. At one point, Lawrence heads over with drinks. We all down them quickly and continue dancing. The boys join in too, even Harry who is remaining sober tonight.

After several drinks and many weird dance moves, I can officially say I am drunk.

“Guys, I think that guy is looking at me.” Molly slurs, trying to point at someone, or more like something. Her body staggers; Josh is quick to grab onto her. I laugh when I can just about make out the cute teddy bear on the table.

Josh, who is only tipsy, whispers something into Molly’s ear that has her protesting in his arms. She tries to get out of his hold but he doesn’t let her.

“I don’t want to go. I want to go and flirt with the cute thing over there.” She claims, referring to the teddy bear. I burst into a fit of giggles, leaning onto Lawrence who wraps an arm around my shoulder.

“She’s totally drunk,” I say in Lawrence’s ear, laughing at what I said.

Lawrence chuckles at what I said and shakes his head.

“I think you are drunk too,” Lawrence tells me.

Pulling away, I pout. “No, I’m not. I’m only a bit tipsy.”

With that, I step away from Lawrence and lose myself in the crowds. They want to take me home now but I don’t want to. I want to party more. To me, it still feels really early. If Rosie was here, she would be the one encouraging me to party more.

At some point during the night, I end up dancing with some guy. I don’t recognize who he is but I’m pretty sure he is drunk. We sway to the music, his hands on my hips and mine on his shoulders.

His head lowers to mine and he captures my lips with his. His lips feel rough against mine as he fiercely mushes our lips together. The thing is, I don’t feel sparks like I want to. My heart isn’t going mad and my blood is rushing. I just feel...sad.

Before I can pull away from him, he’s ripped off of me by someone. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw Max standing there with a furious expression on his face. Yet, I was.

Max fists the guy’s t-shirt around his hand and pulls him closer. I watch Max hiss something in his ear and the guy nods his head with a scared face. Satisfied, Max lets the man go and turns his attention to me.

When I see the hurt in his eyes, I feel guilty. He has been trying to prove to me how he made a mistake and I messed up by kissing another guy. The worst thing is, I wished I was kissing Max.

Max heads over to me and picks me up bridal style, walking out of the hot and sweaty room and upstairs.

He kicks open a door that is slightly ajar and places me gently on the bed. When I’m safely deposited on the bed, Max stands up tall and crosses his arms with an enraged look.

“What on earth were you doing Ava?” He asks, anger clear in his tone. Gulping, I wonder how I will get out of this.

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